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Jon Convex ft dBridge EP on 3024(preview)

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Release date: May 23, 2012

Squarepusher – ‘Drax 2′ taken from forthcoming album ‘Ufabulum’ out 14th/15th May

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Warp is excited to announce the premiere of a short film by The Creators Project. The film includes an exclusive interview with Squarepusher and live footage from his highly acclaimed appearance at the Creators Project: San Francisco event in March this year. You can also listen to the complete studio version of ‘Drax 2’ taken from the new album ‘Ufabulum’ released 14th May.

Squarepusher explains about new track ‘Drax 2’

As a boy I had a Ladybird book about power stations that I used to re-read every day. I’m obsessed with electrical energy and especially in the vast quantities generated by power stations. The sound of the massive electric motor from a fairground Ferris Wheel has always stayed humming in my head and lots of my synth sounds refer to it, as they do in this piece. From there I tried to generate images of bizarre transitory phenomena that I imagined could be found in the huge furnaces of power stations.”

Squarepusher – ‘Drax 2′ taken from forthcoming album ‘Ufabulum’ out 14th/15th May

A full list of upcoming live dates follows below.

28/04/12 Electronic Beats Festival, Poland –

03/05/12 Donau Festival, Austria –

06/05/12 Simple Things Festival, Bristol –

12/06/12 Sonar Festival, Brazil –

15/06/12 Sonar Festival, Barcelona –

29/06/12 Le Rock Dans Tous Ses Etats –

07/07/12 Bloc Festival, London –

12/07/12 Dour Festival, Belgium –

14/07/12 Melt Festival, Germany –

9th cloud-43 sunsets remixes

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Artist : 9th cloud
Record : 43 sunsets remixes
Featurings :Machinedrum (Bonus track) / Richard Colvaen
Poborsk / Dnte / DJ Oil / Opti / Essa.M
Label : Monkey Moods Collective
Release date : 23 May 2012

Four months after the acclaimed release of his 43 Sunsets, 9th cloud proposes a selection of top level remixes made by producers he’s particulary found of.
Those reinterpretations, very personnal and sharp, compose an homogenous and evolutive EP, oscillating between Instrumental Hip Hop, Electronica, Uptempo and Ambient.

Florence and the Machine – Breath of Life(Stream)

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Florence and the Machine’s Breath of Life is on “Snow White and the Huntsman”‘s Soundtrack.
Breath of Life is out now. Snow White and the Huntsman will be in theaters June 1st.

Lorn – Ask The Dust

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Released 18/06/2012

Lorn returns with a new full-length album, his debut on Ninja Tune, and it’s a huge stride forward since Nothing Else (released on Brainfeeder, June 2010). Listening back to his first album, Lorn says it now seems “cold and strict.” Ask The Dust, on the other hand, is “haunted, oily, smeared,” and with this description he captures something of the intensely felt, visceral aliveness of the music.

If Lorn began his musical career as a poet of alienation, then Ask The Dust(named after the 1939 proto-Beat classic novel of the same name by John Fante) sees his music develop a more human energy. In particular, the use of his own singing voice (a process which began on the last track of Nothing Else, “What’s The Use”), which has added a new dimension to his often crunching and brutal but never less than beautiful electronic music.

Take “Weigh Me Down,” where Lorn comes surprisingly close to glitched-out soul music. It would be easy to overlook while reaching for muscular superlatives, but his music is also supremely melodic, where a tune like “The Well” (ostensibly “a soundtrack to being buried alive”) is memorable for a melody that nags at your brain long after the music has stopped.

“Dead Dogs” combines spectral choirs with explosive drumming, (one of three tracks with live drumming). “Chhurch” combines the feel of early electro with Lorn’s own highly developed aesthetic (originally written on tour, GonjaSufi came up with lyrics to accompany it, but never recorded them anywhere else save his iPhone). But it’s on a tune like “Ghosst” that he shows the sheer energy and raw drive he commands. It is exhilarating and slightly terrifying all at once.

Other highlights include, “This”, a wipe of a hand across a chalkboard, so to speak. A simple sequence to reset things, a mantra to calm the nerves. “Diamond”, was among the first written for Ask The Dust, while Lorn was still up in northern Wisconsin, the last surge in his isolation, over the expanse of the lake in the house his grandfather built

Since the release of Nothing Else, Lorn has toured the world alongside the likes of Mary Anne Hobbs, Amon Tobin, and GonjaSufi to name a few. He became a devout owner of a B5 A4, and much like his dedication to music and art, wasted no time tearing it apart in order to learn how to put it all back together again. Ask The Dust suggests he’s learnt to do much the same with his emotions.

The Bug – ‘Can’t Take This No More’ feat. Daddy Freddy(preview)

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Preview edit of ‘Can’t Take This No More’ feat. Daddy Freddy, taken from The Bug’s 7″ single ‘Can’t Take This No More’, released on Acid Ragga / Ninja Tune in June 2012.

Buy on 7″ vinyl at the Ninjashop:

Shed “The Killer” (preview)

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Shed “The Killer” (50WEAPONSCD/LP08) – Out on July 27

Brendon Moeller-Works

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LABEL Electric Deluxe
ARTIST Brendon Moeller
RELEASE 8th May 2012
Electric Deluxe
are proud to announce Works, the ninth studio album from dub techno purveyor Brendon Moeller.

Conceived in late 2010 and inchoately developed during a spell in Amsterdam with EDLX head Jochem Paap overseeing the project, Works flaunts Moeller at the height of danceabilty whilst remaining true to his steeped lineage as a maker of textured, atmospheric and subaqueous electronic music.

I began thinking hard about what kind of album I was trying to make. After much pondering I decided the best way forward would be to make an album that reflects both my own idiosyncrasies as well as try and capture what I believe to be the spirit of techno.”

After the experimental Subterranean—a near beatless record comprised from a single live mixdown of sounds collated over the course of a year—under his Echologist moniker, Works shifts focus back to the dance floor with a collection of propulsive techno tracks, saturated with the visceral groove that has come to define Moeller’s discography. From the submerged and spacious “Writing Wrongs” and bleepy, strung-out antics of “Far Out” to the house-kissed “Take A Dive Into The Sound” and darker, chugging cuts that close Works, the album pools together the threads of a prolific production history, spanning almost two decades, into a single succinct long player.

“It was the final stages of putting together the album where I went into a sort of manic obsessive behavior. I knew the clock was ticking and I desperately wanted to be sure that every track, every mix of every track was as good as it could be. Jochem’s feedback and tactful suggestions helped shape these tracks into what they are now. I’m super proud of these and simply cannot wait to hear them on different sound systems all over the world.”
With a particular nod to his other Beat Pharmacy alias—affiliated exclusively with Francois K’s Deep Space Media label and New York party— Moeller’s expansive output has fused dub and techno with jazz, afrobeat and psychedelic pastiches to carry on as much as refashion Basic Channel heritage into his own distinctive patois. But what makes Works a truly unique product of his is Paap’s influence over the record. “Off The Grid”, “Wanderer” and “Adjust To The Fading Light” are as some of the toughest bass-driven efforts from Moeller to date, balancing some of the album’s brighter tracks like “In Pursuit” with techno’s pounding industrial heartbeat. The result is an eclectic imagining of the genre—showing the many sides and emotions of techno, and Moeller himself.

Ana Tijoux – Sacar La Voz (ft. Jorge Drexler)(Video)+US Tour Dates

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Ana Tijoux’s brand new Video debuting Thursday 4/26,from La Bala album check below.
La Bala is Ana Tijoux’s new album, the highly anticipated follow-up to her 2010 GRAMMY nominated breakthrough debut 1977. La Bala recently debuted at #2 the Billboard Latin Rhythmic Charts and #1 on the iTunes Hip-Hop y Reggaeton charts.

Tijoux made her U.S. debut performing at SXSW in 2010 and has since toured the U.S. and Europe, with stops at New York’s Central Park Summerstage, San Francisco’s Outside Lands and Chicago’sLollapalooza, plus a very special live performance during GRAMMY weekend with The Roots as her backing band.
See below for dates for her upcoming US tour:

May 4 – Las Cruces, NM – New Mexico State University
May 11 – San Antonio, TX – Echale at Pearl Amphitheatre
May 12 – Austin, TX – Pachanga Festival
May 15 – San Francisco, CA – The Independent
May 17 – Los Angeles, CA – The Echo
May 18 – Salt Lake City, UT – Living Traditions Festival
May 19 – Miami, FL – PAX

Also check
Ana Tijoux’s previous single “1977” (with 2 million views on YouTube)
Recently interviewed on NPR’s All Things Considered.


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