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EMN members mixes


‘Bassnectar’s Superstylin Smashup’ (No Label)
AC Slater – ‘Calm Down’ (Trouble & Bass)
Ikonika – ‘Please’ (Hyperdub)
Mark Pritchard & Om’mas Keith – ‘Wind It Up’ (Hyperdub)
Starkey – ‘Gutter Music’ (feat. Durrty Goodz) (Keysound)
Drop The Lime – ‘Hear Me’ (Monster 4×4 Dub) (Trouble & Bass)
Zomby – ‘Spliff Dub’ (Rustie Remix) (Hyperdub)
Pearson Sound – ‘Plsn’ (Hessle Audio)
Untold – ‘I Can’t Stop This Feeling’ (Hessle Audio)
Zomby – ‘Godzilla’ (Ramp)
Meat Beat Manifesto – ‘Children of Earth’ (Planet Mu)
Goth Trad – ‘Flags’ (Deep Medi Musik)
Jakes – ‘Rock The Bells’ (Hench)
6blocc – ‘Legalize It’ (East Coast Mix) (No Label)
Joker – ‘Psychedelic Runway’ (Kapsize)
Kryptic Minds – ‘Six Degrees’ (Swamp’81)
Fragile – ‘Into The Night’ (Creative Space)
SPL – ‘Lust’ (Hollow Point)
Nasty Jack ‘One Spliff a Day’ (Gold Seal)
Matty G – ‘West Coast Rocks’ (Caspa Mix) (Argon)
Silkie & Mizz Beats – ‘Test’ (Deep Medi Musik)



Spank Rock – ‘Put That Pussy On Me’ (Diplo Tonite Mix) Money Studies Records
Chromeo – ‘Bonafied Lovin’ (DJ Eli Remix featuring Pase Rock) No Label
DJ Class – ‘I’m The Ish ‘ Unruly Records
Bart Bmore – ‘Bingo Players Get Up’ (Diplo Remix) Secure Recordings
Starkey – ‘Frontin’ No Label
AC Slater – ‘Jack Got Jacked’ (Jack Beats Remix) Palms Out Sounds
Rye Rye – ‘Bang’ (featuring M.I.A.) Mad Decent
Amadou & Mariam – ‘Sabali’ (Uproot Andy Remix) No Label
Emvee – ‘Glitch Dub’ Wireblock
L-Vis 1990 – ‘Stay Together’ Coin-Operated
South Rakkas Crew – ‘Mad Again’ (Boy 8-Bit Remix) Mad Decent
Idiotproof – ‘The Deacon’ (Duke Dumont ‘live from Brooklyn ‘Remix) Made To Play
Blackfinger – ‘UMF’ (Supra1 Remix) Trouble & Bass
Mathhead – ‘Turn The Music Up’ (AC Slater Remix) Trouble & Bass
DJ Technic – ‘Gabryelle’ (D-Malice Refix) No Label
Bart B More – ‘Make Some Noise’ Secure Recordings
Blaqstarr – ‘Hands Up Thumbs Down’ (High Powered Boys Remix) No Label

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Azat-The New School(Free Download)

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More New School Beats from Azat(Made in Turkey),for all beats,downtempo,hip hop,glitch… lovers,for more Azat tracks at EMN use search!
Promotional Stuff arrived via email ,send your stuffs via e mail or soundcloud,promote yourself…!!!

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Pitchfork + XLR8R-music for our future (free compilation)

Posted in Dub Step, Electronic, Glitch, Hip Hop, Indie on January 13, 2010 by E.N.

Pitchfork Media and XLR8R have teamed for a free compilation


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All City Jan Releases – Om Unit & LA Series 1- Dibiase & P.U.D.G.E & Om Unit Showcase Mix+Promo MP3

Posted in Beats, Electronic, Funk, Glitch, Hip Hop, Promotions on January 12, 2010 by E.N.

New Extra Fresh amazing Beats from All City Crew!!!

L.A series #1 – Dibiase / P.U.D.G.E – out 20 Jan 10″ vinyl / digital
Download artwork & promo MP3 – >>click here<<
Info / Snippets – see below

Release Date: 20/01/2010 The first in a series of 10 10 inchs from LA based producers. Simple premise of 2 producers on each record every month starting from January 010. Cover art comes for the series comes from B+. Kicking it off are Dibiase and P.U.D.G.E.
Dibiase – Representing HollyWatts in South LA Dibiase has been making a name for himself beneath the surface over the last few years. Now coming overground he’s recently dropped 45s on Detroits OTW label plus Fat City.
P.U.D.G.E – Originally from Jamaica, Queens now residing in L.A producer / mc P.U.D.G.E . Released on Ramp and most recently on the recent Beat Dimensions 2 LP both producers collaborate on the “Smoke it Over†track

Dibiase / P.U.D.G.E, LA Series #1 on 10


Listen Now
PUDGE – Intro
PUDGE – Satta MariJuana
PUDGE – Blips Ahoy Mate
PUDGE – Afrilude
PUDGE – AwnMyDawn
PUDGE – ArabIncense
PUDGE – Smoke It Over (PUDGE & Dibiase)PROMO Download
Dibiase – wtf
Dibiase – thrilla time slime
Dibiase – spacely sprocketts
Dibiase – i pity the fool
Dibiase – axel bop

Om Unit, Lightgrids / Lavender on 7
Om Unit – Lightgrids / Lavender out 20 Jan 7″ vinyl / digital
Download artwork & promo MP3 – >>click here<<
Info / Snippets – see below

Release Date: 20/01/2010 Om Unit – Our first 45 of 010 comes from Om Unit aka London based producer 2 Tall. Already 2 LPs deep he has worked with Dudley & Georgia (Stones Throw/Ubiquity) for the “Beautiful Mindz” Project as well as dropping a solo LP “the Softer Diagram” last year. Om Unit is his latest moniker for this double A sided slab of chunky niceness. We’re hella proud to present his debut vinyl release as OU with ‘Lavender’ and ‘Lightgrids’. Both obese beat monsters which have already got the nod from the usual suspects – Mark Pritchard,Alex Nut,Benji B et al. Artwork is super fresh as always – full colour inner and outer sleeves.


Listen Now
1.Lightgrids (Download Promo)

30 min mix of various releases have come & soon come on the label – mixed by Om Unit..
Previewing some of the stuff we will be releasing this year on the label – a 45 every month, the L.A 10 inch series, a series of collaborative 12s plus LPs from Onra, Knxwledge & more..

Check out Om Units – Lightgrids 45 on sale from January..

Matthew David – Late Nite Lo Fi For dak
Pudge – Awn My Dawn
Tokimonsta – Park Walks
Heralds Of Change – Work That
Take – warm Ruin
Dimlite – Quiz Tears
Hudson Mohawke – ROot Hands
Pudge – Blips Ahoy Mate
Mweslee – Jamas Jame Jamon
Dibiase – Spacely Sprockets
Fulgeance – Mamie Thè
Heralds Of Change – Ridin Chrome
Musinah – Lose My Fuse
Tokimonsta – Last Nights Blurry Memories
Om Unit – Lightgrids
Snowman – Rise
Onra – Wee Out ft. Buddy Sativa
Krystal Klear – Tried for your love
Devonwho -Keepthefunkalive
Knxwledge – Wait

All City Showcase Mixed by Om Unit by allcitydublin

Visit for more

Promotional Stuff arrived via email ,send your stuffs via e mail or soundcloud,promote yourself…!!!

Gold Panda sound of 2010

Posted in Dub Step, Electronic, EP, Experimental, Glitch, IDM on December 27, 2009 by E.N.

Gold Panda is at longlist from bbc’s sound of 2010
Gold Panda is a left-field producer and remixer called Derwin who makes instrumental soundtracks to half-remembered, dreamy summer days. He scours charity shops for old records and VHS tapes to turn into distorted samples, and wraps them in minimal, warm beats.

He is obsessed with Japan and its culture, and once sold his entire record collection to pay for a Japanese diploma at the School of Oriental and African Studies, before moving there for a year.

Gold Panda – Before

1. Gold Panda – Lonely Owl
2. Gold Panda – I Suppose I Should Say Thanks Or Some Shit
3. Gold Panda – Heaps
4. Gold Panda – Bad Day Bad Loop
5. Gold Panda – Triangle Cloud
6. Gold Panda – Win-san Western

Gold Panda – Quitter’s Raga
1. Gold Panda – Quitter’s Raga
2. Gold Panda – Fifth Ave
3. Gold Panda – Police

Gold Panda – Miyamae here for more

BBC introducing HERE
myspace goldpanda

Download:A Decade of Flying Lotus (mixed by GLK)

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A Decade of Flying Lotus (mixed by GLK): Download


Hudson Mohawke -Essential Mix (BBC Radio 1) 28.11.2009

Posted in Dub Step, Electronic, Essential Mix, Glitch, Hip Hop on November 28, 2009 by E.N.

Hudson Mohawke @ Essential Mix (BBC Radio 1) 28.11.2009 or here
01. Loops Haunt – Dusk Mechanics [Fortified Audio]
02. Machine Drum – Sakatak [Unreleased]
03. Red – I Should Tell Ya Momma On You [Damfunk Remix] [Stones Throw]
04. Hudson Mohawke – Bopgunn V1 Instrumental [Unreleased]
05. Dorian Concept & Lil Flip – I’m A Balla [Patchwork Pirates Edit] [Unreleased]
06. Hudson Mohawke – Fuse [Warp]
07. Tiago – Babelfish [Beat Dimensions]
08. Rustie – Nekoo [Unreleased]
09. Starkey – Ok Luv [Planet Mu]
10. Hudson Mohawke – Ice Viper [Unreleased]
11. Hudson Mohawke – Overnight Celebrity [Unreleased]
12. Hudson Mohawke – Star of A Story [Unreleased]
13. Hudson Mohawke – Are You Feeling Hot [Unreleased]
14. Hudson Mohawke – Take My Hand [Unreleased]
15. Hudson Mohawke – Still On It [Wireblock/LuckyMe]
16. Hudson Mohawke – Pipes [Unreleased]
17. Hudson Mohawke – Chorduroy [Unreleased]
18. Hudson Mohawke – Photo 2 [Unreleased]
19. Hudson Mohawke – Waldo’s Gift [Unreleased]
20. Harmonic 313 – Scar (feat. Wiley) [Warp]
21. Princess – Say I’m Your Number One [Teldec]
22. Markis Sage – Creature Of Lagoon [Harmonia]
23. Redinho – Mo Brap [Numbers]
24. Krystal Klear – Boogie Wan [Unreleased]
25. Midnight Star & Usher – Touch That Midas Girl [Unreleased]
26. Becoming Real – Get Hype [Tough Love Records]
27. Free School – Grey Goose (feat. Kelis) [Whatcha Sippin On]
28. Ludacris – How Low Can You Go [Disturbin' Tha Peace]
29. Redhino – Banger [Numbers]
30. Hudson Mohawke – Stay Fresh [Unreleased]
31. Lazersword – Trapperkeeper [Numbers]
32. Lil Wayne – I Feel Like Dying [Flying Lotus Mix] [CDR]
33. KGB Man – Africa [Unreleased]
34. Ply Girls – I Could Give You Reasons [Unreleased]
35. James Pants – Lickin’ Stick [Stones Throw]
36. Hudson Mohawke – Twistclip Loop [Warp]
37. Carl Cox – Let’s Do It [Bass Section Recordings]
38. Apple – De Siegalizer [Numbers]
39. DJ Seduction – Imp002 [Impact]
40. Becoming Real – New Kids [Unreleased]
41. Manix – Head In The Clouds [Knights J1]
42. Jjak Hogan – Frequency [FrequeNC]
43. Machindrum – Carry The Weight [Unreleased]
44. Fatima Yamaha – What’s A Girl To Do [D1 Recordings]
45. Nacho Patrol – Futuristic Abeba [Hudson Mohawke Remix] [Rush Hour Records]
46. Slum Village – Dirty (feat. ODB) [Capitol Records]
47. The Pharcyde – Passin Me By [FlyAsPie Remix] [Delicious Vinyl]
48. Cloud One & Madlib – Unknown Interlude Track [CDR]
49. SciFi Stu – The Will (feat. Vast Aire) [Unreleased]
50. Terror Danjah – Bipolar [Unreleased]
51. Joy Orbison – J.Doe [Doldrums]
52. Lone – Sharpest View Of The Sun [Dealmaker]
53. Mwëslee – Eurocarne Snips Track 4 [Unreleased]
54. Hudson Mohawke – Monde [Uneleased]
55. Mike Slott – Snow Birds [LuckyMe]
56. Dimlite – Cotdam (feat. Pharrell) [Unreleased]
57. American Men – AM System [LuckyMe]

listen at

credits- deepgoa,no rockstars

Paul Pre x Moovmnt mix

Posted in Beats, Broken Beats, Dj Mix, Glitch, Headz, Hip Hop on November 18, 2009 by E.N.

Another brand new mix from Paul Pre . This time for the incredible moovmnt crew.

“Paul Pre is on a killin’ spree. Last week he dropped a mix with Musique Large, this week he’s dropping this Moovmnt mix and who knows what he’s dropping next week. Paul describes this mix as a relaxed mix for the autumn mood. Nice selection and hope you all enjoy this one. “

Paul Pre x Moovmnt

01. J Dilla – King
02. Lone – Sea Spray
03. Ad Bourke – TT
04. Erik L – Electric Dreamland
05. Low Limit – Turf Day
06. Suzi Analogoue – For Revisit
07. Mndsgn – Etcetera
08. Devonwho – Fedoraworm
09. Cupp Cave – Quarzh.
10. Shlomo – Sweatpants
11. Muhsinah – Gogh (Daru’s pt2 Remix)
12. Morgan Zarate – Satin White
13. Electric Wire Hustle – Longtime
14. Little Dragon – After the Rain (GB remix)
15. Mux Mool – Eagle Fantasies
16. Sir OJ – Dirty Funk
17. Shafiq Husayn – Lil Girl feat. Fatima
18. Bei Bei & Shawn Lee – Make me stronger feat. Georgia Anne Muldrow (Floating Points Remix)
19. Mono/Poly – For Progressive Minds
20. Floyd the Locsmif – Fuzzy Navel
21. Dam Funk – On & On
22. Sa Ra creative Partner – Souls Brother
23. KenLo Craqnuques – LLL’s feelosophie
24. iisijii – Useme
25. Mike Slott x Distant Starr – Boxed In
26. Mndsgn – Transport

Ghosts on Tape’s Bay Heat Mix-XLR8R Podcast

Posted in Bass, Electro, Glitch, XLR8R Podcast on November 13, 2009 by E.N.

As part of the kick-off for our brand-new City Guide page and mobile application, we’ve invited some of our favorite artists to put together special editions of the XLR8R podcast highlighting the artists and sounds that make their hometowns unique. We begin with San Francisco’s Ghosts on Tape, whose Bay Heat Mix combines his own tropical turbo-crunk productions—many of them unreleased—with bass-heavy electro, glitch, cumbia, reggaeton, and more from a legion of fellow Bay Area dancefloor smashers.

Ghosts on Tape’s Bay Heat Mix
01 Low Limit “Out the Club”
02 Asobi Seksu “Familiar Light (Lemonade Remix)”
03 Ghosts on Tape “Mogadishu Night Life” (Wireblock)
04 Hernan Bulles “Chela (Sneaky P Remix)”
05 Los Rakas “Esa Mulata”
06 Lemonade “Sunchips (Ghosts on Tape Remix)” (True Panther)
07 Ghosts on Tape “Equator Jam” (Wireblock)
08 Ghosts on Tape “Woofer Cooker” (Numbers)
09 Kid606 “Umbilical Bullets” (Tigerbeat6)
10 Ghosts on Tape “Shake Remix”
11 Banana Clipz “Push Am (Left, Right)”
12 Too Short “I Need a Freak” (Priority)
13 Talking Heads “Psycho Killa (White Girl Lust Daft Mix)”
14 Boys Noize vs. Toy Selectah “Arcade Roboton (This is Raverton Remix)” (Bersa Discos)
15 Lando Kal “Sex Beast”
16 Rainbow Arabia “Omar K (Ghosts on Tape Remix)” (Manimal Vinyl)
17 Ghosts on Tape “Predator Mode” (Wireblock)
18 DJG “Birds Of Prey”
19 Señor Stereo “I am the Beat (Salva Remix)”
20 Ghosts on Tape “Gangsterplayer”

Download Mike Slott – 40 Winx

Posted in Beats, Glitch, Hip Hop on November 11, 2009 by E.N.

Download: Mike Slott – 40 Winx
(Available for seven days)

Mike Slott has a new ‘micro-album’ on the way, Titled Lucky 9teen, it represents the biggest collection of Slott’s work to date, varying between ambient passages and full-on flattened hip-hop bangers.

Lucky 9een is out this month on LuckyMe.



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