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SOULPHICTION – Featured Artist LP

Posted in Deep House, Nu Jazz, Tech House on February 11, 2010 by E.N.

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Philpot’s Soulphiction digs further into his deep house crease to pull out a heavy collection of pulse-slowed dancing gear for Sonar Kollektiv. The emphasis is split between psyched, slow-burning and Africanised house music through to jazzier club goodies, from the 110bpm throbo-jack of the NWAQ-alike ‘State Of Euphoria’ and the infectious ‘Prison Song’ to the Afrobeat slink of ‘Make It Slow’. For the jazzy crew make sure to check his remix of Eva B’s ‘No Memory Of Time’ and ‘Whizzdom & Understanding’ or the burning strings of ‘Soul Print’.(boomkat,listen,buy here)

SOULPHICTION – Featured Artist LP
Sonar Kollektiv
Released: Feb 2010
Catalogue Number: SK221

SOULPHICTION – Featured Artist EP

Posted in Deep House, Electronic, Nu Jazz on January 21, 2010 by E.N.

SOULPHICTION – Featured Artist EP
Sonar Kollektiv
Released: Jan 2010
Catalogue Number: SK217

Listen/Buy at Boomkat

zbeat- emn mix

Posted in Deep House, Dub Step, Funky, Glitch, Nu Jazz on January 16, 2010 by E.N.

EMN members mixes

zbeat for emn mix
1.cro magnon-swinger than doubt scruff-fresh noodles
3.flying lotus-sangria spin cycles
4.jose james-warrior
5.kode 9-black sun
6.andreas saag-rose rouge jazz perspective
7.juan mc clean-happy house
9.goldie-inner city life(sbtrkt edit)
10.meshell ndegeocello-tie one on

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Carl Craig presents Tribe: At Jazz à la Villette, Paris,

Posted in Concerts, Jazz, Live, Nu Jazz, Promotions, Shows, Video on January 14, 2010 by E.N.

September 10 2009, Carl Craig presents Tribe: Carl Craig. At Jazz à la Villette, Paris, France

Carl Craig presents Tribe
1. Track 1 00:08:54
2. Track 2 00:10:42
3. Track 3 00:08:19
4. Track 4 00:07:02
5. Track 5 00:05:39
6. Track 6 00:08:34
7. Track 7 00:08:57
8. Track 8 00:08:58
9. Track 9 00:08:39
10. Track 10 00:14:27
11. Carl Craig Speech 00:02:28
12. Track 12 00:09:02

Carl Craig is back on with yet another crossover project! This time, exit the classical ensemble and welcome into Carl’s world of jazz with TRIBE! Jazz à la Villette welcomed the mythical jazz label from Detroit, Carl Craig and for a night of jazz mayhem! Slide trombones, trumpets, and wild percussions – all looked over by the producer and musical mastermind Carl Craig. Many thanks to the trumpet-player Marcus Belgrave, drummer Doug Hammond, pianist Harold McKinney and so many others for the good vibes on stage.

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Quantic "Streams Of New Music Flow From Old Sources"

Posted in Brazilian, Broken Beats, Nu Jazz on November 28, 2009 by E.N.

Quantic “Streams Of New Music Flow From Old Sources” mix cd & t-shirt

Will Holland aka Quantic is one the most prolific and innovative working producers today. In 2007 Quantic moved to Cali, Colombia where he has been digging for lost unknown treasures of cumbia, salsa and latin funk. This t-shirt collaboration with Quantic entitled “Streams of New Music from Old Sources” includes a mix cd full which is the work of networking and digging on the front lines of Cali Colombia and what came together is nothing short of breathtaking. It is a mix of cumbia funk, African inspired salsa, and Colombian vocal tracks that put you front in center of Latin American musical history.


Nickodemus- "Sun People Remixed" on Thievery Corporation’s ESL Music+Free Mp3

Posted in Electronic, Events, House, Nu Jazz, Nu Soul, Promotions on November 16, 2009 by E.N.

“Sun People Remixed”
Digital Release Date: December 15, 2009
CD Release Date: January 19, 2010
ESL Music

Nickodemus’ critically acclaimed artist CD Sun People rises again with Sun People Remixed on ESL Music

Featuring remixes from Christian Prommer, Kush Arora,
Red Astaire, Tal M Klein, J Boogie, Earthrise Soundsystem and more!

***Free download of CD track***

at wom-pr

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Pablo ‘Turntable Technology’

Posted in Beats, Downtempo, Dub, Dub Step, Electronic, Hip Hop, News, Nu Jazz, Nu School, Promotions on October 8, 2009 by E.N.

Pablo ‘Turntable Technology’

Label: Soma
Released: 7th November 2009
UK Distribution: PIAS
Worldwide: Various
Cat no: SOMACD080

‘Turntable Technology’ is the highly anticipated exceptional double artist album from beat technician Pablo on Soma Records, stepping away from the staple label sound to unleash a synthesis of anarchic beats, soundscapes and medleys.

‘Turntable Technology’ is a diverse and mesmerizing album that defies all genre boundaries. Sounding like a reincarnation of The Avalanches crossed with De La Soul and The Cinematic Orchestra right through to Ennio Morricone and Jon Brion, Pablo fuses rare beats and breaks, hip-hop, soul and jazz together with soundtrack, classical, down-tempo to create an album unlike any you will have heard. Experimenting heavily with instrumentation, many of the parts are played by Pablo himself, including the Cuatro guitar, Puerto Rico’s national instrument.

Pablo is Michael Hunter, the Glaswegian musical talent that brought the dubbed-out goodness of Butches Brew to Soma’s sister label, Fenetik, under his Butch Cassidy Sound System alias. He has produced under his Pablo guise on Good Looking Records, Fenetik Music and Red Hook Recordings and composed the theme and incidental music for the computer game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas & Grand Theft Auto IV; music that has been heard by millions of gamers, all over the world.

The album commences with title track, ‘Turntable Technology’, a vocal introduction to turntable use and control set over a choice selection of glitched-out and skipping beats. Swinging into the primate sounds of ‘Sing’, with its truly infectious riff and freaky vocals charging up the energy before stepping into the dancefloor friendly ‘Fairchild: Live At The Lab’ and tripped out ‘Sky Is High’.

‘Turn The Page’ is a brief insight into the life of Pablo, discussing his one-room home and lack of sufficient footwear all through an audio-book format while ‘The Story Of Sampling’ delves into his topsy-turvey world with classical strings and lyricists stitched together with a ghetto’s worth of attitude.

Featured on Rough Trade’s end of year compilation, Counter Culture ’08, ‘Record Shop’ is filled with vintage goodness. It teaches a lesson on what Pablo spends his buttons on before shooting straight into the cosmic ‘Goes To Pluto’, with its funk’d-up bass, spiralling synths and whacked-out shakers and cow-bells.

‘Music Maestro’ mellows the tone with harps and gentle singing in anticipation for the dark and mysterious ‘Rooftop Chase’, crawling with eerie sounds that shoot cautious looks over your shoulder. Finishing CD1 is the divine, saxophone-led ‘High Jazz’, a blissful and sincere record that tugs happily at the heartstrings.

CD2 is a collection of instrumentals of many of the originals scattered amid additional original works including ‘The Cuatro Track’, a beautifully peaceful and sanguine guitar solo and ‘Into The Deep Blue’, a deeply passionate record provoking imagery of rolling Italian hills, olive trees and Mafioso. ‘Proceed With Caution’, ‘On The Trail’ and ‘Act of Persuasion’ share a menacing spirit with the earlier ‘Rooftop Chase’ while still blazing with magnetic mystery.

‘Journey’s End’ begins to wind the album down with melancholy and almost helpless sentiment before the dreamy and soulful ‘Reincarnation’ leaves the sweet taste of Pablo watering in your mouth.

From beginning to end this album moves, entertains and scares. As much at home within the world of cinema as it is for anytime listening, Pablo has concocted an utterly memorable masterpiece that lives and breathes.


CD 1
1. Turntable Technology
2. Sing
3. Fairchild (Live at the Lab)
4. Sky Is high
5. Turn The Page
6. Speed Check
7. The Story Of Sampling
8. Record Shop
9. Goes To Pluto
10. Music Maestro
11. Rooftop Chase
12. High Jazz

CD 2
1. Speed Check Instrumental
2. The Cuatro Track
3. The Story Of Sampling Instrumental
4. Into The Deep Blue
5. Turn The Page Instrumental
6. Sky Is High Instrumental
7. Act Of Persuasion
8. Turntable Technology Instrumental
9. Sing Instrumental
10. Puzzled Picture
11. Music Maestro Instrumental
12. Proceed With Caution
13. On The Trail
14. Journey’s End
15. Reincarnation


This is not good,since we are private,im not listening promos,not posting.Soma hm,techno or something like that!What a mistake.I even didnt read press or check what is all about!
This is a big big surprise for me!Amazing album,a lot of beats and pieces,all kinds of music from swing to dub,from modern classical to funk,…,Pablo reminds me a little bit dj shadow,dj krush,nightmares on wax…

Respect Soma for this!!!

FACT mix 87: Noodles

Posted in 2 Step, Dub Step, Grime, Headz, Hip Hop, Hits Remixed, Nu Jazz, Podcast, UK Garage on September 28, 2009 by E.N.

FACT Mix 87 comes from the man behind 2step legends Groove Chronicles and the associated DPR label, Noodles.

Steven Jude to those who know him best, Noodles is one of our favourite DJs and producers in the UK, and his FACT mix only puts him higher in that hierarchy. He founded Groove Chronicles in 1996, and it quickly established itself at the vanguard of UK club music, releasing a series of phenomenal tracks engineered by El-B. A distillation of R&B, jungle, broken beat and house influences, their 1998 single ‘Stone Cold’ is widely regarded as the creative high watermark of UK garage, and Burial speaks often of his admiration for it.

Noodles continues to operate the Groove Chronicles/DPR label, releasing new music alongside archive classics [we asked him, and 'Stone Cold' is getting re-issued on vinyl, before you ask - Ed]. His FACT mix features material from himself, MJ Cole, Menta, Sunship, Architeches and more ghosts of UK garage past. We’d suggest you download it, so long as you like stuff like dancing and fun.

Download: FACT Mix 87 – Noodles
(Available for three weeks)

1. 4hero – Hold It Down – (Wookie Remix)
2. Zed Bias – All Night Jam (Steve Gurley Remix)
3. Brandy & Monica – Boy is Mine (Architeches Remix)
4. Sugababes – Run for Cover (G Force Remix)
5. Headtop – The Matrix
6. East 17 – Each Time (Sunship Remix)
7. Frankie Paul – Kissing Game (Large Joints Remix)
8. Troublesome – DJ Luck & Shy Cookie Remix
9. After Party (Promo)
10. Zoom & DBX – Comin Again (Promo)
11. If Your Girl Knew (Promo)
12. Confetti (Promo)
13. G.O.D (Promo)
14. Dub-a-holics – Just in Case (Promo)
15. Roots manua & MJ Cole (Promo)
16. Steve Gurley – Lessons in Love (Promo)
17. Midnight Caller (Promo)
18. Ghetto Lovin’ (Promo)
19. Lynden David – Hall (Artful dodger Remix)
20. Menta – Sounds of Da Future (Promo)
21. Groove Chronicles – 1999 (Promo)
22. Sunshine Anderson (Promo)
23. Headtop – Madshit (Promo)


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Floating Points Ensemble BBC Maida Vale Session Clips

Posted in Beats, Broken Beats, Nu Jazz on September 14, 2009 by E.N.

Floating Points Ensemble BBC Maida Vale Session CLIPS by floatingpoints

Post Suite
Recorded at BBC Maida Vale studios, London 15/08/09

Voice – Fatima
Trumpet/Flugel – Freddie Gavita
Alto Sax – James Bateman
Violin – Tsze Yenn Yong
Violin – Mariko McTier
Viola – Matt Kettle
Cello – Magda Pietraszewska
Cello – Michelle So
Guitar – Billy Adamson
Bass – Olly Buxton
Keys/Composition – Floating Points
Drums – Josh Blackmore
Percussion/Vibraphone – Chris Marshall
Bei Bei, Shawn Lee & Georgia Anne Meldrow – Make Me Stronger (Floating Points Ensemble Remix) CLIP by floatingpoints


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"Activity" new release in Breathe Compilations

Posted in Jazz, Nu Jazz, Promotions on July 7, 2009 by E.N.

Artist: Capisconne Electro Unity
Album Title: Activity
Label: Breathe Compilations
Catalogue: brhnet04
Format: MP3 320 kbps.
Style: jazz, electrojazz, nu jazz
Time: 20, 16 min
Size: 47mb
Written and performed by Capisconne Electro Unity
Artwork & Design by Fabrik
Produced by Capisconne Electro Unity
Published by Breathe.
License: Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 Unported License.
Date: July, 2009.
Official DR value: DR15

Download all music and artwork in zip mp3 format

01 Capisconne Electro Unity – Oregon
02 Capisconne Electro Unity – Quebec
03 Capisconne Electro Unity – New London
04 Capisconne Electro Unity – Philadelphia

Capisconne Electro Unity is a band from Zagreb, Croatia.This music is product of different tastes into a harmonic collective improvisation. This sound is relaxing, chillout and jazzy..The playing from these guys is pure live experience, without overdubbing.They have gigs in many places in Croatia and the near Balkan area.The band leader is Capisconne aka Ivan Kapec, jazz guitarist and founder of the experimental band TrianguliZona, which had released an EP Flossy, for Portugal Netlabel Test Tube.He collects young Croatian musicians who were graduated on the Jazz school of music in Graz, Austria.Activity… Every place, every song bring his own picture..Artwork by Fabrik

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