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Various artists ‘Dovercourt EP’ 3024(Preview)

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Dovercourt EP
Over the last year I’ve traveled to Canada frequently for gigs and got to know the small but healthy electronic music scene there. Cities like Montreal, Vancouver and Toronto have brought forth many established artists over the past few years, such as Egyptrixx, Azari & III, Basic Soul Unit, Jacques Greene, Lunice and Sixtoo, but 2012 has seen a new breed of no-nonsense house and techno producers come up via labels like Turbo Recordings and Naked Lunch.
This “Dovercourt EP” features four very talented producers: Kevin McPhee, Nautiluss, Gingy and fresh face Bruce Trail. Their tracks are a dedication to their hometown of Toronto. Being removed from the house/techno epicentres of Berlin and London, these four are much less interested in what’s fashionable or trendy, and more in bringing us straight to the point, no frails jacking house music. I’ve been playing these four extensively in my DJ sets, and I hope you will too. So out to Toronto, this one’s for you! Enjoy.

Filterwolf feat. Jimmy Edgar & Altered Natives Remixes – Brooklyn Via Montmartre

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Filterwolf releases the first single from his upcoming third album ‘Viva La Rave’, entitled ‘Brooklyn Via Montmartre‘. This single is intervowen with three state-of-the-art remixes from Jimmy Edgar (Warp, Hotflush), Altered Natives (Hyperdub, 3024) and Eduardo D’Alirio (International DJ Gigolos,Filigran).

The original track is nothing short of future house anthem with an elegant and catchy piano melody reminiscent of Detroit hit ‘Strings Of Life’, finest jazz percussions and vocoder action, which all serve to catapult this track into the new sonic spheres.
Jimmy Edgar, a wayward star producer from Detroit, now residing in Berlin, brings his new found club-oriented futuristic sleaze into his rework of the track, making it a giant dancefloor burner guaranteed to clock in over 10 minutes.
Altered Natives, a celebrated producer from London, whose last album was on many top ten lists of 2011, makes a rough and tumble remix, with grimy sub basses and incredible intensity in his original interpratation of the UK Funky style.
And finally, Eduardo D’Alirio adds new sophisticated layers and playful details layered on top of the original track, making it a perfect summer manifesto.

Jon Convex ft dBridge EP on 3024(preview)

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Release date: May 23, 2012

Martyn – Masks (BF024)(PREVIEW)

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Martyn – Masks (forthcoming Brainfeeder) ripped from Benji B Show june 30th, 2011

Martyn – Masks /Vipers EP +new Album “Ghost People” on Brainfeeder

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Flying Lotus has revealed his Brainfeeder imprint will release Ghost People – the much awaited second album from Martyn in October.
A taste of what to expect arrives via the double A Side single Masks /Vipers.Due out digitally in August, the release further demonstrates the 3024 dons deviation away from the refined dubstep that formed his debut album towards an incendiary, grinding techno sound. “Masks” is perhaps best described as kaleidoscopic techno thump that ripples with gleeful metallic menace. Alongside it are two variants on “Vipers” which are both flushed with darkness.

Accompanying the news of this release were the following wise words from Martyn which perhaps inform the reasoning behind the name “Masks” as well as what drives him musically.

“People just like a certain sound and then they want more of that. But then when you give them more, they suddenly think you’re boring or one-dimensional. The best way to handle it is to not really listen to people, and just dictate what you want to do. Everyone has their angle, and puts on their mask forward. People use a shell to show who they want to be.”

Martyn will be in London next month, appearing at the seminal U Stream party known as Boiler Room on July 26 before guesting on Benji B’s Radio One show the following night.

Brainfeeder will release Masks /Vipers by Martyn digitally on August 1 with the vinyl to follow on September 5.


1. Masks
2. Viper (Ghost People Edit)
3. Viper (London’s Arches Edit)

(Juno report)

Download:Martyn oki-ni presents IMPLUSIEF

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Embracing spontaneity, Dutch dubstep ace Martyn woke up one bright spring morning and put together a mix of all the songs that were floating around in his head. Aptly titled IMPULSIEF – the Dutch word for impulsive – the mix blends Miles Davis and The Pet Shop Boys with contemporary greats such as Caribou.

Martyn The label boss of 3024, Martyn is somewhat of a living legend within dubstep and his career mirrors the success of the genre. This mix, however, is a move away from the music that made Martyn’s name and is instead a spontaneous collage of jazz, electro-pop and punk – as Martyn explains:‘I do like spontaneously recorded moments, so I woke up, saw that here in the sleepy suburbs of Washington DC it was going to be a beautiful day, and decided to do a mix as if it were a spring afternoon radio show, with a few jingles and music from across the board that I love dearly.’

‘Contrary to my DJ gigs in clubs, I actually danced hard to these songs during the recording, and I found out there’s no shame in knowing all the lyrics to West End Girls. Hope you enjoy the music!

Download:Martyn oki-ni presents IMPLUSIEF

Miles Davis Tutu
The Family High Fashion
Tom Tom Club Shock the World
Toro Y Moi Causers of This
Pet Shop Boys West End Girls
Games Strawberry Skies
Carl Craig Goodbye World
Das Ding H.S.T.A.
Paris Grey Don’t Make me Jack
Son of Sam Nature makes a Mistake
Austin Peralta Renaissance Bubbles
Caribou Kaili
Visage The Damned don’t Cry
Oppenheimer Analysis The Devils Dancer
Daphni Ye Ye
L.A. Synthesis Agraphobia
Nosaj Thing IOIO
Sheila E Dear Michaelangelo

Addison Groove-‘It’s Got Me’ /’Minutes Of Funk’ (Preview)

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Release date 2 May

3024’s West Country themed takeover climaxes with the 2 previously unheard tracks from one man genre Addison Groove. Marrying hyper kinetic drum programming and dusty-crate dwelling loops to gauzy electronic textures and introspective breakdowns has marked the artist formerly known as Headhunter out as exactly the kind of resolutely unclassifiable Producer 3024 set out to support, and the below tracks are the strongest evidence yet of the increasing refinement of the Addison Groove sound.

‘It’s Got Me’ opens with broken window Rhodes twinkling & primal toms locked into an increasingly intricate call & response routine with whiplash snares. Multiple vocal splices break the surface as each voice is submerged under constantly shifting synth drones, Roland sonar blips and Swiss watch percussion before bursting back through with metronomic bludgeon.

Flipside ‘Minutes Of Funk’ inverts the disorientating murk of it’s predecessor by anchoring proceedings around an instantly recognisable refrain and drizzling humid analogue fuzz over the top, while the shared engine of pounding toms, machine gun hats and well concealed 808 hits provide 5 minutes of relentless interstate momentum.

Wrapped around the physical version is probably Erosie’s most elaborate sleeve design yet, with the chromatic splicing a perfect partner for the contents it flamboyantly protects.

Download:Ikonika -FACT mix 206

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The London artist will shortly bring to an end the busiest year to date of her musical career, a year that saw her release her debut album Contact, Love, Want, Have on Hyperdub, deliver a string of remixes for labels like Planet Mu, Night Slugs, Thisisnotanexit and LuckyMe, constantly tour and, last but not least, start up Hum & Buzz, the record label she runs with Optimum.

Download:Ikonika -FACT mix 206

1. Ikonika – Rope (Hum+Buzz)
2. Don Morris – In Da Groove (Bok Bok Remix) (Deep Teknologi)
3. Martyn – Shook Up (3024)
4. Ikonika – Off Mode (Hum+Buzz)
5. Karizma – The Damn Dub (R2)
6. Ikonika – Dance There & Back
7. Egyptrixx – Liberation Front (Night Slugs)
8. Distal – Feed Me
9. Ikonika – Fleas
10. Optimum – Light Year (Hum+Buzz)
11. Terror Danjah feat. Baby Face Jay – Breaking Bad (Hyperdub)
12. Ikonika – They Didn’t Bury You Deep Enough (The Last Of The Bleeps)
13. Girl Unit – I.R.L (Bok Bok Remix) (Night Slugs)
14. Optimum – Max Power (Planet Mu)
15. Nu Design – Subsonicfreedomskyank
16. Africa Hitech – 93 Million Miles (Warp)
17. Dro Carey – Candy Red (Hum+Buzz)

Martyn – Left Hander / Shook Up (3024-010) (preview)

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After a year dominated with collaborations (the Great Lengths remix double pack), fresh blood and inveterate genre renegades (Illum Sphere’s Titan EP & Altered Natives ‘The Bitch/Crop Duster’ respectively) We at 3024 came to the conclusion a new Martyn release was perhaps overdue. Not so much an album preview as a standalone document of a year spent expanding dance floor horizons over (a great many) seas. 3024’s milestone 10th release arrives in November with 2 brand new Martyn tracks as ‘Lefthander’ clatters in on heavily filtered drums, flickering high hats & garbled radio transmissions before a carousel synth melody breaks through the percussive murk accompanied by a roaming bass line that prioritises restraint over bludgeon. Dubbed out ambience rapidly takes root in the gaps between concrete snares & dissonant brass stabs as bass and synths elevate themselves for one last round of call & response sparring before dissolving back into barely audible dialogue. Steam age industrial monolith ‘Shook Up’ swaps slink for haunted metronomic brutality, snapping quickly into focus first with relentless kicks before bass akin to an Atari2600 playing Berghain looms over the clouded horizon. Offsetting the claustrophobia is the first hints of melody as an impossibly slight piano phrase creeps in, countering rhythmical pummelling with ghost in the machine delicacy. Classically spastic 808 tendrils are underpinned by soaring synth strings as proceedings draw to a juddering close. Capturing 3024’s musical progress with typical accuracy Erosie’s latest sleeve design is perhaps his best yet, echoing the back to basics theme with beautifully austere monochrome geometry curdling into something altogether more volatile at the edges.

Martyn – Left Hander // Shook Up (3024-010)
Released by: 3024
Release/catalogue number: 3024-010
Release date: Nov , 2010


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