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TOP 70 Promo Chart Electronic +,…,-April 2014

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Some of the best tracks from albums,ep’s,compilations…arrived at our mailbox extramusicnew(at)
If you want your music at our promo charts-send your music!
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TOP 70 Promo Chart Electronic + ,…,-April 2014

Future Garage,Downtempo,Beats,Lounge,Jazz,Hip Hop,Drum n Bass,Glitch,Disco,Funk,Ska,World,Reggae,DUB…,

1.Sylvan Esso – Uncatena (4:16) INFO
2.D-Noise – Time Is (5:52) INFO
3.Rude Audio – LV On A Hill ft. Eucalypta LV (4:36) INFO
4.Machinedrum – On My Mind (3:28) INFO
5.sUb modU – Addis Neukölln (6:37) INFO
6.Thievery Corporation – No More Disguise (3:29) INFO
7.Chopstick & Johnjon -I Will Follow (5:51) INFO
8.Deep City Culture – Where the Road Ends (3:46) INFO
9.David K – Roots & Memories (7:33)INFO
10. Emil Germ – Tease And Burn (Original) (4:29) INFO
11. Arts The Beatdoctor – Ghost In The Machine (Bastard Sugar remix) (4:14)
12.Blitz The Ambassador – CALL WAITING ft. Angelique Kidjo (4:14)
13.NameBrandSound – Spell On Me (4:21)
14.Hypha, sAuce, DuBuddha – Royal Keef (4:41)
15.Around7 – Gaye Party (5:51)
16.Quentin Hiatus – Give Me All Of You (Original Mix) (4:04)
17. Latin Goes Ska Master (6:36)
18.Jay Flora – Get Lucky (Dj Disse Raindrop Re-edit) (3:49)
19.Spankinz – Love Spank (6:50)
20.Emeron & Fox – Cosmic Windup (3:44)
21.The New Mastersounds – Old Man Noises (2:51)
22.Elina Duni – Little love (4:00)
23.SideA-c it016wax (4:34)
24.Dusty – Cosmic Path (4:32)
25.Shawn Lee – Where’d He Go ? (1:04)
26. Movin’ on ft Ty , Breis & Peeda (4:20) worshippers AMENDED (3:12)
28.Kalbata & Mixmonster – Prisoner in Love (CRB Version) (4:14)
29.Wu Wei – Father Winter (4:29)
30.K15 – Ascension (3:56)
31.The Spandettes – Shine a Smile (5:53)
32.Sam Irl – Time (6:35)
33.Too Short, Oh Blimey, El Diablo – Weird Science (4:38)
34.Tim “Love” Lee – Zen Furious (2:09)
35.Paul Hazendonk- Canyon (feat. Sian Evans) (3:32)
36.Rook – Aquatic Robotic (4:06)
37.Kate Tempest – Lonely Daze (4:06)
38.Speedometer – Happy (3:40)
39.Calibro 35 – Vendetta (3:24)
40.DWNTWN (We Were Born Electric Remix) – Til Tomorrow (4:00)
41.Sleepy Time Ghost feat. Ras Demo – Rule Your Destiny (Ed West -Remix) (3:57)
42.2KM2 – 05 What’s Comin’- Born To Hate DJ Amor Remix (3:06)
43.Noel & Exit9 – Tonight (Original) (4:11)
44.Andypop – ANDYPOP Impeccable flows Withthefox rmx (5:11)
45. MoreSpaces – Saturn (Karl Loewenherz Rmx) (8:37)
46.Galak Spiritual – Over London [feat. Jago] (produced by Sleepy Time Ghost) (3:05)
47.Warp9 – 2 AstroDisco Master (4:10)
48.Antiplastic – BAD DOLL (orginal mix) (3:17)
49. Blue – Ray Lugo
50.Diapositive – Spring Affair – Hit The Curb Remix (3:54)
51. Rayko – Time & Space (Cosmic Club Version) (5:14)
52.Funkyloco – Just Relax (Original Mix) (5:20)
53. Agaric – Cross Sections (2:26)
54. Zarkoff – How Shall I Put It (2:56)
55.Hassan Hakmoun – Moulay Ahmed (Saint Ahmed) (5:41)
56.I Killed Kenny – Mercedes (3:32)
57. Pheek – Sortir de l’ombre (18:20)
58.Seba – Life is (6:59)
59.Transparent – Deep In My Soul (Original Mix) (7:04)
60.Beaton – Something From The Jungle (Original Mix) (4:33)
61.D.R.O.P.S – Utopia (Original Mix) (5:32)
62.Bria Skonberg – 12 Go Tell It (3:19)
63.None Decay – Gully (Original Mix) (5:14)
64.Gypsy Dreams Featuring Ferenc Illenyi – Bulerias (3:51)
65.Ruffie – Strife (Original Mix) (5:27)
66.Garnica – I Don’t Care About Winning, I Care About Playing (5:08)
67.krankbrother – Together (6:27)
68. The Kenneth Bager Experience feat. Sofie Gråbøl – What’s My Name (Extended Disco Mix) (7:05)
69. Nu & Jo Ke – Who Loves The Sun (9:21)
70.Arto Mwambe – Hum ALong (Move D’s Move Along Remix) (6:45)

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Phuture Doom unveil teaser video for their debut LP – ‘Nightfall’ ( Out 15th October on OWSLA)

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Phuture Doom
‘Nightfall’ LP
Release Date: 15th October 2013

Transmitting from the clandestine depths of post-industrial surreality, Phuture Doom are poised to expand on the Black Acid of their debut EP, Nightfall (released via OWSLA on 23rd  July) with their first full length. Coming October 15th, also on OWSLA, the 10 track recording is a highdriving collection of dystopian doom techno that nods to revered genres from IDM to black metal. 

Transmuted between aural and ideological dimensions, the LP leaves audiences whiplashed in a wake of occult mystery and warned of a not so distant merciless and mechanized future. In anticipation of the release, Phuture Doom has tipped the world off with a series of encoded hints into their enigmatic inner workings via their social media. The group is geared up to push their mystique beyond recording, having readied their sound to be unleashed upon live audiences as well. Prepare for the Black Acid reign, it is coming.
LP Track List:
1. La Grande Messe Noire
2. Burn The Knowledge
3. Black Acid Reign
4. Han Breaks
5. Mach 100
6. Doom Terror Corps
7. Rites
8. Paradise Lost
9. Funeral Phuture
10. Exodvs

Download The Wyld’s Debut Album ‘Preface’

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The Wyld are giving away their debut album, ‘Preface‘, for free onPigeons and Planes. Download ‘Preface’ for free here.

Most folks in the Northern Hemisphere hear ‘New Zealand’ and think of beautiful rolling hills, rocks jutting out of the sea, or maybe Peter Jackson’s epic Lord of the Rings. But Auckland hip-hop rock trio The Wyld makes the case that innovative, forward-thinking music should be on that list, too.
The history of the union between rock and hip-hop is muddied at best; with at least as much crap as worthwhile material released since Run DMC collaborated with Aerosmith and launched a thousand imitators. But it would be wrong to write the fusion off – it has produced its share of legendary material, from the Beastie Boys to Rage Against the Machine, from N.E.R.D. to Andre 3000’s late-period output. Over the last twenty-five years, incredible ideas have come out of the dialogue between hip-hop and indie rock.
That innovativeness, that lust to explore – that’s the kind of tradition the Wyld are drawing on. Not the stale formula of a rock beat + rapping, but the ingenuity and awesomeness that results when musicians of different stripes put their heads together to create something powerful and singular.
Since their formation, The Wyld have attracted a flurry of attention, drawing international interest from music blogs such as Pigeons & Planes, MTV Iggy and Cassette Couture. It’s all happened quite quickly for the trio, who only started working together in 2010.
Kiwi guitarist/producer Joe Pascoe had been kicking around ideas with Sudanese poet-turned-rapper Mo Kheir at university, bonding over their love of architecture, design, and classic tunes. When American singer/producer Brandon Black entered the picture, everything clicked.
In the time since, they’ve built their original sound into something truly impressive, fusing the vocal intimacy of Bon Iver with the power of the The Black Keys and a post-Kanye swagger. Combined with a healthy dose of soundtrack cinematics, their music sounds firmly future-oriented. Sonically dense and beautifully expansive, it is both of-the-moment and ahead of its time. Mo’s rapping is versatile, often hilarious, and always on-point, and unlike a lot of rappers trying this kind of thing, these guys can actually sing, and they know just how to balance their various influences.
So it’s not a question of if the Wyld will break out, but when. The band has already made waves in New Zealand. Working with local Auckland record label Dryden

Street, the trio released their debut album Preface in June 2012, featuring the singles ‘Revolution’, ‘Full Circle’, and ‘Rome’. It peaked at No. 4 on the New Zealand charts, and established the Wyld as a band to watch.
Moving on from Dryden Street, the band’s versatility has attracted the interest of major sponsors like Red Bull, who have roped them into a major forthcoming campaign; The Wyld are currently in the Red Bull Studios in Auckland recording their upcoming EP. As well as recording the EP, Red Bull will be filming and photographing the session, to create a documentary for the trio.
Furthermore, the band continues to extend its brand into other areas of the art world. Mo, for example, has been active in industrial design and on the comedy circuit.
The Wyld get the party bumping while consistently pushing the envelope. Theirs is truly progressive music from three true 21st century Renaissance men, and the world best get ready.

TOP 70 Promo Chart – December 2012

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Some of the best tracks from albums,ep’s,compilations…arrived at our mailbox extramusicnew(at)
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Happy Holidays

1. FLUME – Bring You Down (3:49) INFO
2. The watchers – mastodon resistor (5:45) INFO
3. DKS – I Know (4:55) INFO
4. Matmos – Mental Radio (3:40) INFO
5. Pop Campaign – Laptop Loyal (4:30) INFO
6. Ian Pooley – Swing mode (5:47) INFO
7. R/D – Snow Poem (4:09) INFO
8. The Others – Freeze The Frame ft. Geoff Smith (Baxta Remix) (5:00) INFO
9. Jay Haze feat. Big Bully & Sven VT – Soul In A Bottle (Jonas Woehl Remix) (9:04) INFO
10. Aleph – Oh So (3:42) INFO

11. Reblok & Dj Schwa – Williamsburg (6:02)
12. Loadstar – Black & White ft. Benny Banks (Breakage Remix) (4:39)
13. Wilkinson – Need To Know ft. Iman (4:26)
14. A Guy Called Gerald – Groove Of The Ghetto (6:13)
15. Guy J – Vaga (7:21)
16. Leon & Pirupa – Bassline (7:09)
17. Eskimo Twins – Apikoros (Tomas More Remix) (6:46)
18. Scuba – Hardbody (7:17)
19. Kruse & Nuernberg & Nathan G – Took My Love (7:25)
20. Pedro 123 – Slush (Checan Remix) (6:39)
21. Mike Shannon – Sunrise (6:08)
22. Rob Sparx – New Life (4:48)
23. Henry Saiz – Uncharted (8:32)
24. Rekoil & Symbiotic – One Last Time (feat. Maksim) (5:03)
25. The Frim –  Error (3:39)
26. Djunya, Janover – Vast (4:08)
27. Broke & Repeat Pattern –  Heart battery charger (1:47)
28. Drone – Membrane (X-ecute remix) (7:48)
29. Jay Haze – 2012 (6:30)
30. Staygold feat. Spank Rock – Imagination (4:12)
31. Apollo Campbell & David Vangel-Measure of Progress (2:45)
32. Bunny Sigler – By The Way You Dance (Julien Jabre Remix) (5:39)
33. Flashmob – Ninety Five (Argy ’95 Mix) (6:34)
34. Toka Project – Back To My Loops (Jay Marks Remix) (7:13)
35. Club Bizarre – La Mort Du Petit Cheval (Chloé’s Open Late Mix) (8:47)
36. Marco Bernardi – Dibadabi (Clatterbox Remix) (6:49)
37. Philthkids – Push (3:38)
38. Slackwax – Nightout (Jonas Woehl Remix) (9:22)
39. David Kassi – Pray For Love (6:26)
40. Elias Tzikas – Still Around (8:03)
41. Never Let You Go – Inkswel & Kid Sublime Remix (ft. Charli James) (3:41)
42. Hashback Hashish – Bruce Banner (Clatterbox Remix) (5:37)
43. Panaché – Sweet Jazz Music (7:32)
44. EinKa – Yamuna (Daso remix) (6:56)
45. Theophilus London – Wine & Chocolates (andhim Remix) (7:36)
46. H2 – Chase The Sun (5:11)
47. Chieftain – Kriegspiel (7:49)
48. Submotion Orchestra – Blindspot (Opal Block remix) (6:10)
49.Franck Roger- WHEN YOU TOUCH (8:07)
50. Deep’a & Biri feat. Gene – Used Love (6:48)
51. Jon Sine – Take it Back (7:01)
52. Pneumatics – Dark Nutrients (7:09)
53. Dope DOD – Combust (3:07)
54. Rollz – Isotonic (4:15)
55. Alex Flatner&LOPAZZ -Freedom Of My Heart( AlexNiggemann Remix) (7:31)
56. Chubby Dubz – See It Thru (Original Mix) (7:15)
57. James Dexter – In & Out (7:29)
58. Fearful – Gorilla (Original Mix) (6:01)
59. Positive Flow – My Prediction feat. Omar (4:18)
60. Lemieux – No Holding Back (8:13)
61. Climbers – Equal Responsibility (Inxec vs. Droog Remix) (6:56)
62. MiM & Ntek Feat K-mi Forfront (Original Remix) (2:40)
63. Marco Faraone & Luca Agnelli – Break Dose (7:51)
64. H2 – Russian Dolls (5:43)
65. Tapesh – Time After Time (6:51)
66. Hot Since 82 – Like You (7:18)
67. Leav – Your Perfume (6:58)
68. Just Be – Dusty Fingers (8:32)
69. Almamy – Digital Love (Dub Version) (4:10)
70. You Are The One 4 Me (Soul-Strumental)Dennis Hercules feat Elvana (7:44)

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Martha Wainwright New Album “Come Home To Mama” October 16th

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Produced by Yuka Honda (Cibo MattoSean LennonYoko Ono), and written by Martha WainwrightCome Home To Mama(MapleMusic Recordings) is an emotional roller coaster that dazzles throughout.

Recorded earlier this year in New York City, mostly at Sean Lennon‘s home studio, Come Home To Mama has the passionate angst of her 2005 self-titled debut coupled with the twisted pop of 2008’s I Know You’re Married But I’ve Got Feelings Too.

In the past, Wainwright worked with husband Brad Albetta, but this time out chose Honda to add a feminine touch. Honda’s husband, Wilco guitarist Nels Cline, provides the musical thread throughout this captivating disc. Guest musicians on the new album include Thomas Bartlett (Doveman), keyboards;Brad Albetta, bass and drummer Jim White (Dirty Three).


“Making this record was a totally different experience,” Wainwright says. “Yuka’s approach was very open. Sometimes I would just demo the song, singing in the closet which served as the vocal booth, then she would build the track around that. In other instances we would jam with a few musicians and try to get a live take.”

“This record is a culmination of my life experiences so far. Everything changed for me a couple years ago and this record is a representation of that and a return to the reason I started writing songs,” she adds. “I can’t wait to hit the road with my family and new band in tow.”


Tracklisting for Come Home To Mama


1.) I Am Sorry

2.) Can You Believe It?

3.) Radio Star

4.) Proserpina                    

5.) Leave Behind                        

6.) Four Black Sheep

7.) Some People                        

8.) I Wanna Make An Arrest                        

9.) All Your Clothes                       

10.) Everything Wrong


For more information go to

Michael Kiwanuka Debut Album “Home Again” Out Today via iTunes(Album Preview)

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Michael Kiwanuka today released his debut album Home Again in the US exclusively on iTunes through Cherrytree Records. The album will be available digitally elsewhere on May 8, and July 31 will see the physical release of the album. Furthermore, iTunes is making the single “Home Again” their free single of the week starting May 1. You can download the song free at the link HERE

You can watch Michael’s new music video of Home Again’s newest single “I’ll Get Along”
Michael Kiwanuka – I’ll Get Along

Michael Kiwanuka Tour Dates

June 9 — Atlanta, GA Smith Olde Bar
June 10 – Nashville, TN @ 3rd & Lindsley
June 13 – New York City, NY @ Highline Ballroom*
June 14 – Brooklyn, NY @ Prospect Park*
June 15 – Philadelphia, PA @ World Café Live (Downstairs)*
June 16 – Washington, DC @ Rock and Roll Hotel*
June 18 – Allston, MA @ Brighton Music Hall*
June 19 – Toronto, ON @ The Phoenix Concert Theatre*
August 14 – Los Angeles, CA @ The Music Box (supporting Alabama Shakes)

*with Bahamas

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Michael Kiwanuka Announces July 31 Release of Debut Album “Home Again”

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Michael Kiwanuka Announces Release of Debut Album Home Again
Out on July 31 on Cherrytree/Interscope Records

British artist Michael Kiwanuka is pleased to announce July 31 as the US release date for his debut album Home Again. The album will be released through Cherrytree/Interscope Records. Home Again follows Michael’s 2011 EPs ‘Tell Me A Tale’ and ‘I’m Getting Ready’, released on Ben Lovett’s (Mumford and Sons) Communion Records. The album was produced by Paul Butler from The Bees in his home studio on the Isle of Wight. The partnership takes Michael’s effortless melodies, observant lyrics and smooth voice and builds them into timeless and rootsy folk-inflected modern soul recordings. The majority of the instruments played on the record are by Michael and Paul, with the pair inviting other musicians from the island to contribute as well.

Born and raised in North London by Ugandan immigrants, Michael’s ’60s soul and introspective lyrics are drawing comparisons to Otis Redding, Bill Withers and Marvin Gaye. He topped the BBC Sounds of 2012 list, joining the ranks of previous winners including Adele, Corinne Bailey Rae, 50 Cent, Ellie Goulding, and others.

You can watch the music video for “I’m Getting Ready,” one of Home Again’s tracks:

Last December, Michael sold out headlining shows in both Los Angeles and New York City following a run of supporting dates with Adele in the UK and Europe. Time Out NY called his two New York shows the best events in entertainment that week, and The LA Times deemed Michael “underrated,” noting: “What grabs you first is that voice, a delicately sandpapered, yearning instrument that recalls Bill Withers over a shuffling, breezy funk rhythm. Once the Afrobeat horns and “What’s Going On?”-era strings come in, you’re hooked and ready to hear more.” Esquire proclaimed, “This time next year, you’re going to be tired of people telling you about Michael Kiwanuka.”

For more information on Michael Kiwanuka:

MiM0SA set to release his full length debut album “Sanctuary”+Tour+Free Download

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MiM0SA set to release his full length debut album “Sanctuary”
October 25 (False Idol Musik)
North American Tour Announced

Dates include: Very Special Guests October 29 @ Fillmore Auditorium – Denver, Colorado
Webster Hall NYC, Reno, Miami, Atlanta, Boston, Oregon and more dates tba)

“23-year-old Tigran Mimosa thrills audiences with his vibration-laden sonic endeavors and charismatic stage presence. His set at this year’s Lightning in a Bottle is the stuff of legend, although he calls playing for a sold out crowd of 10,000 at Colorado’s Redrocks Amphitheatre “the most epic moment of my musical career.” Sound: MiMOSA produces hip-hop infused, deep bass dubstep constructed with expertly arranged synth-crunch layers that build to explosive moments of sonic boom.
-Huffington Post

“It’s hard to tell where exactly a MiMOSA track is going to take you; Tigran does some non-traditional things when it comes to syncopation and mixed meter, and at Zoo this year, he mixed up his heavier, grimy bass beats with interjections of top-40 in unusual ways.” – 5 Acts to Watch: Flavorpill

“I’m not sure he belongs in the dubstep genre, because I’m not sure he belongs in any genre. He doesn’t follow the normal rules of music. One question: “Does it have enough bass to rattle your brain around inside your skull? Good.” Of course” -Earmilk

Sanctuary Track List:

Ice Box
Way Back To You
Flourescence (Moombahtone Remix)
Tiger Blood
Last Night iN Town
Jewel St
Castle iN The Sky
Rose Water

MiM0SA and False Idol Musik presents MiMOSA’s September 2011 mix
DOWNLOAD HERE 1) Jamie XX – Far Nearer (MiM0SA’s Last Night iN Town Remix)
2) Addison Groove – It’s Got Me
3) LDFD – Twerk It
4) Brandy – FM Fox’s Nature Boy Rerub
5) MiM0SA – Stupid Rhydm
6) Pixelord – Iron and Cream Part 2
7) Wiz – Straitjacket
8) Chris Brown – Look At Me Now (RL Grime Remix)
9) Hudson Mohawk – Cbat
10) SexyTime – BadMothafucka (Next Episode Acapella)
11) DZ – In The Cut (Original Mix)
12) Rustie – Unknown (MiM0SA Glitch)
13) John Blu ft. Gucci Mane and Twista – Cologne Instrumental (Too Short – Shake That Monkey Acapella)
14) Redinho – Edge Off

MiMOSA Fall Tour dates, More dates TBA

September 22 Pygmalion Festival Urbana, IL
September 23 Earthdance Festival Vallejo, CA
September 24 Powellapalooza Page, AZ
September 29 The Office Baton Rouge, LA (Performing as SexyTime)
September 30 Florida Theatre Gainesville, FL
October 1 Engine Room Tallahassee, FL (Performing as SexyTIme)
October 7 1015 Folsom San Francisco, CA (Performing as SexyTime)
October 8 Nocturnum Nightclub Eureka, CA (Performing as SexyTime)
October 15 Cactus Courtyard Lubbock, TX
October 20 Ace of Spades Sacramento, CA
October 21 Reno Events Center Reno, NV
October 22 Oregon Convention Center Portland, OR
October 27 Pershing Center Lincoln, NE
October 29 Fillmore Auditorium Denver, CO
November 4 Royal Oak Music Theatre Royal Oak, MI
November 5 Midland by AMC Kansas City, MO
November 8 Soundstage Baltimore, MD
November 9 Theatre of Living Arts Philadelphia, PA
November 10 Royale Boston, MA
November 11 Webster Hall New York, NY
November 12 Pearl Street Northampton, MA
November 13 Higher Ground Burlington, VT
November 14 Westcott Theater Syracuse, NY
November 16 Newport Music Hall Columbus, OH
November 17 Bluebird Nightclub Bloomington, IN
November 19 Barrymore Theatre Madison, WI
November 20 Headliners Louisville, KY
November 22 The Ritz Tampa, FL
November 23 The Fillmore Miami Beach Miami, FL
November 24 Firestone Live Orlando, FL
November 25 The Masquerade Atlanta, GA
November 26 Orange Peel Asheville, NC
November 29 The Varsity Theatre Baton Rouge, LA
November 30 Warehouse Live Houston, TX
December 1 Texas Music Theater San Marcos, TX
December 2 La Zona Rosa Austin, TX
December 3 Cain’s Ballroom Tulsa, OK

YOU LOVE HER COZ SHE’S DEAD – Self Titled Album – Released on CD on 31 October on Glasstone Records(Stream album+free download)

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Brighton-based duo YOU LOVE HERE COZ SHE’S DEAD’s album on Glasstone Records is out now digitally and available on CD October 31st 2011.

YOU LOVE HERE COZ SHE’S DEAD’s album release follows an iTunes featured ‘Hot Picks’ debut EP, singles, remixes & compilations on Kitsuné, EMI & Glasstone, and music appearing on films (Teen Wolf) and TV Shows (Skins).

The album is a collection of 10 tracks (some re-worked and some brand new) that Elle & Jay felt made sense together and are a good representation of their collaborative creative efforts.

The album was entirely produced and mixed by YLHCSD and mastered at The Exchange in London by Nilesh Patel (Daft Punk / Justice / Mr.Oizo / Björk / Underworld).

LISTEN to the entire album

YOU LOVE HER COZ SHE’S DEAD have been warming up live this year with acts like SLEIGH BELLS, UFFIE (Ed Banger), HUORATRON, FLUX PAVILION & BLOOD RED SHOES at various UK shows & European Festivals.

Makoto ‘Souled Out’ new Album October10th (preview)

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Label: Human Elements // Release Date: 10th October 2011
Formats: CD / Vinyl / Digital

The sophisticated Japanese producer Makoto is set to unleash his 3rd album on his imprint Human Elements this October. ‘Souled Out’ is a collection of various genres and styles, highlighting Makoto’s incredible diversity and skill.
With renowned releases like ‘Golden Girl’ and ‘Release The Bird’ already part of his extensive repertoire, ‘Souled Out’ is proof that Makoto is still very much at the top of his game.
Featuring on the 12” album sampler, ‘Tower Of Love’ is destined to become this generation’s soul lovers’ anthem. Makoto’s delivers in style – and there is plenty more where that came from with ‘You’ve Got Sumptin’ also featuring Paul Randolph. Also on the 12’’ is ‘Keep Me Down’ featuring Angela
Johnson, with its rolling drums and slow motion breakdowns supported by the likes of Hype, Marky, Bassline Smith and many more.

‘Magic Hour’ opens with an encircling bass-line that has style and class, which sails throughout the track with ease, releasing pleasure and desire along the way. Its down tempo disposition reaches a turning point towards the end when suspension is set.
Manhattan singer/song writer Christian Urich has sung for New York City & Metropolitan Opera as well as featuring on projects with Pete Tong and many more. Featuring on ‘Girl I’m Running Back 2 U’, Urich adds his own flavour and groove to ‘Souled Out’ giving it a retro feel, complementing Makoto’s
modern style.
Makoto and Deeizm are no strangers to one another, and they come together once again on album tracks ‘Woe’ and on a new remix of ‘Untold’. With ‘Woe’s rhythmic trickery and futuristic backdrop, it has a touch of flair whilst remaining laidback and seductive.
‘Turning Points’ is commanding and immersed with power and masculinity, which is emphasised by the sound of a Moog.
Floating vibes and happy melodies – ‘Bubbles’ encourages enthusiastic smiles while ‘Flight Time’ is tinged with a hint of jazz. Featuring Root Soul, we can expect nothing less; this piece is splitting at the seams with energy and elegance.
A beautiful piano introduction, with strings and much more, closing track ‘Room Enough’ featuring the unmistakeable Cleveland Watkiss is rich, impressionistic and rousing, but both fun and boundless.
From a very young age Makoto has been influenced by a large variety of styles,ranging from classical through to soul. ‘Souled Out’ explores the genres he loves while showcasing his flair as a modern drum&bass artist in an accessible and contemporary way.

Makoto – ‘Souled Out’ LP
Track List
2.Magic Hour
3.Tower Of Love ft Paul Randolph
4. Girl I’m Running Back 2 U feat Christian Urich
5.Keep Me Down ft Angela Johnson
6.In Between
7.Hi Tech (Interlude)
8.Woe Ft Deeizm
9.Turning Points
10.Untold (Remix) feat Deeizm
12 You’ve Got Sumptin’ feat Paul Randolph
13.Flight Time feat Root Soul
14.Travel (Interlude)2
15.Room Enough feat Cleveland Watkiss

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