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Other Echoes – Be Happy (Stream)

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Download:niceFingers-L4’s Exclusive Mix Series Vol. 2

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LevelUp_Vol2_niceFingers_finalHailing from Columbus, Ohio, the now Los Angeles-based duo, niceFingers, is back with yet another prized Level 4 release. This time, however, it’s in the form of a 50-minute mix. Comprised of members Nick Waterhouse and Dave Schneider, this duo has become a huge part of the Level 4 family since their first release with us back in January.

Starting things off in a laidback “Sunday in the sun” type-vibe with their remix of Eek-a-Mouse’s ‘Ganga Smugglin’, niceFingers takes things in a new direction for the second volume of our exclusive Level Up Mix Series. Blending the grungy synths of our staple West Coast bass style with tangy instrumentals from the sounds of a boat ride through the world’s coastal waters, this mix is pure ear candy.

Featuring original tracks from artists like Lotus, Moon Boots and Vlad Solovjov to remixes by Sublime, Kavinsky, Notorious B.I.G. and more, it’s perfect for laying in your hammock or dancing in the moonlit sand. With hints of tribal dips, funky jams, smooth gangsta smacks and even some sub-heavy kicks, it’s the perfect summer mix. Grab your piña coladas and hold ‘em tight because niceFingers is about to take you to the next level!


Phaeleh – Storm (Ft. Jess Mills) (Official Video)

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Robinn – Multiphonia (Compost Recordings),October 2013

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Robinn - Multiphonia (Compost Recordings)

Gilles Peterson – “Compost are the most consistent and forward thinking record label of continental Europe”

With an output of quality music that spans 15 years, Compost records are past masters in showcasing fine Electronic music. With a roster that includes artists like; Robert Owens, Motor City Drum Ensemble, Jazzanova, and classic releases, such as “Future Sounds Of Jazz”, Michael Reinboth’s imprint is a highly respected Electronic outlet. Look elsewhere and you see accreditations from electronic mags, like; Mixmag, De:Bug, Groove Mag all doffing their cap to Compost’s releases.

Multiphonia is the debut album from Compost’s new signing Robinn, AKA Tom Le French. Warm synths, off kilter jazz percussion and touching melodies escort the listener through the album. Adding to the audio delight is Nathaniel Pearn, also known as Natural Self from Brighton label Tru Thoughts, who provides thoughtfully felt and timed vocals.

Tracks like “Hall Of Mirrors” have a timeless quality. Never predictable and always thought provoking, tracks like this do not come around often. Descending basslines, subtle keys and layered vocals make for a delightful treat to the ears. Meanwhile, “Hawaiian Wedding” creates an interesting change in the LPs direction, with moody overtones and more aggressive drum stabs, but all the while maintaining the sleek and slick demeanour that we see throughout the album. The album rounds off the listener’s journey with ‘False’ an epic dubbed out nu- jazz/House workout, a must for both living room listening and Room 1 club grooving.

Download:Hourglass Sea ‘Another World’

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Hourglass Sea - Live From The Crematorium
NR.4 @ TOP 100 Promo Chart -June 2013
Download:Hourglass Sea ‘Another World’

Hourglass Sea – Live From The Crematorium

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Hourglass Sea - Live From The CrematoriumHourglass Sea aka Dean Bentley is a multi-instrumentalist with a bold maximalist approach to emotive electronics. Elegantly posturing from genre to genre, but making no apology for crow-barred samples or soaring sun-kissed guitar-licks, Bentley demonstrates a knack for complex rhythms and melody.
Emerging from Lidget Green – an otherwise ignored enclave of Bradford scarred by the demise of industry and robbed of its working-class pulse thanks to ‘progress’, his debut album reflects the landscape of the producer’s formative years. The major influence of growing up across the street from a cemetery and smoking crematorium is embedded deeply within the entire album and is also the point of origin for the album’s title.
The talented producer has just dropped his latest track, ‘Richard III’ as a free download.

Download:Mona (Sleep Tight Remix) – El Nino Andres

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Mona (Sleep Tight Remix) - El Nino AndresTrack taken from El Nino Andres’ forthcoming EP.


01. Mona
02. Hora Magico
03. Cazador
04. Mona (Sleep Tight Remix)

Following debut album from last year, El Nino Andres releases a new EP titled Mona. 12’’ red colored vinyl is home to 4 new tracks that follow El Nino’s flirting with all sub-genres and sounds of House music. New EP also introduces Sleep Tight, a producer from Ukraine whose bass driven LP is scheduled for release on Hija De Colombia in 2013.

More from El Nino Andres here: hijadecolombia

Psymbionic – PostWaveFutureCore Remixed

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Psymbionic - PostWaveFutureCore RemixedLove & Light set a futuristic soundscape with an understated psi-fi excursion into Dubstep realms, the mood picks up quickly after that with Samples crunching bits with a glitchy banger take on the tune ‘Inertia’. On the deeper side Aligning Minds provides lushed out landscapes of dubby atmosphere set to rhythmic urban beats. Knight Riderz then pound out a Trap slammer that has already proven to get dancefloors bouncing. Dov then comes in with a Drum & Bass version of ‘Apex’ with reworked horns utilizing dancehall influences and then dropping into an epic wobbly bassline drop. Hypha rounds things off with a gorgeous tune that goes even further ‘out there’ with a tune or what could also fall into ‘Future-Bass’ , ‘Slowfast’ or ‘Juke’ genre descriptions. All in all a thorough journey through some of Bass Musics sub-genres.

Dirty Projectors – The Socialites (AlunaGeorge Remix)(Stream)

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Dirty Projectors - The SocialitesDirty Projectors “The Socialites” Remix 12″ is out now featuring new remixes of the standout track from last year’s critically acclaimed Swing Lo Magellan album.

The white label 12″ vinyl features remixes from Joe Goddard, AlunaGeorge and FaltyDL, and is out now physically and digitally.

Domino Mart:

Download:George Maple – OPST

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George Maple - OPST
Download:George Maple – OPST


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