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Chromeo featuring Toro y Moi “Come Alive” (Stream)

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Midnight Magic new album + North American Tour with Holy Ghost!

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Midnight_MagicMidnight Magic release new album ‘Midnight Creepers’ + North American Tour with Holy Ghost!
‘Midnight Creepers’ out on October 4th via Permanent Vacation.
Tour Stops Include NYC, LA and Chicago!

A NYC ensemble bonded by an unwavering desire to make the listener and the rhythm become one.
Fall 2013 will see Midnight Magic link up with buddies Holy Ghost! for an extensive US tour! The tour will see Midnight Magic celebrate the release of their forthcoming ‘Midnight Creepers’ album on Permanent Vacation.

As if they were the secret love children of Donna Summer and George Clinton, Midnight Magic join the dots between funk, disco, electro and soul, stamping their own musical footprint on NYC’s revered dance music landscape.

Since releasing their interstellar dance floor mainstay “Beam Me Up” 12” in 2010, Magic Midnight have forged a family bond with Permanent Vacation. Released on October 4th the ‘Midnight Creepers’ album pools together a hot body of the bands music, deeply soaked in the rhythms of New York City.

- Tour dates… w/ Holy Ghost! -

10/12/13 Denver, CO / Bluebird Theatre
10/13/13 Salt Lake City, UT / Urban Lounge
10/15/13 Seattle, WA / Neumos
10/16/13 Portland, OR / Velvet Jones
10/18/13 Santa Barbara, CA / Velvet Jones
10/19/13 San Francisco, CA / Treasure Island
10/20/13 Los Angeles, CA / Fonda
10/21/13 Phoenix, AZ / Crescent Ballroom
10/22/13 Tuscon, AZ / Club Congress
10/24/13 Austin, TX / Emo’s East
10/25/13 Houston, TX / Fitzgerald’s
10/26/13 Dallas, TX / Club Dada
10/28/13 Atlanta, GA / Terminal West
10/30/13 Cambridge, MA / Sinclair
10/31/13 New York, NY / Terminal 5
11/01/13 / Washington, DC / 9:30 Club
11/02/13 Philadelphia, PA / Theatre of Living Arts
11/04/13 Burlington, VT / Higher Ground
11/05/13 Montreal, ON / Belmont
11/07/13 Columbus, OH / A&R Bar
11/08/13 / Pontiac. MI / Crofoot Ballroom
11/09/13 Chicago, IL / Metro

Late Night Tales by Röyksopp

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LateNightTalesRoyksopp-ArtworkThe new edition of Late Night Tales journeys to Scandinavia to invite Norwegian duo Röyksopp to delve through their record collection. Their Late Night Tales mix is eclectic, diverse and wonderful. Sliding from light folk to widescreen ambience to experimental rock to prog-pop (seasoned with the occasional guilty pleasure); it’s all in the spirit of the night.

Label: Late Night Tales
Cat no: ALNCD32
Released: Sunday June 16th, 2013


  1. Royksopp – Daddy’s Groove
  2. Rare Bird – Passing Through
  3. Little River Band – The Light Of Day
  4. Tuxedomoon – In A Manner Of Speaking
  5. Vangelis – Blade Runner Blues
  6. Röyksopp – Ice Machine
  7. Johann Johannsson – Adi Et Amo
  8. F.R. David – Music
  9. Prelude – After The Goldrush
  10. Richard Schneider Jnr. – Hello Beach Girls
  11. Acker Bilk – Stranger On The Shore
  12. Thomas Dolby – Budapest By Blimp
  13. Byrne & Barnes – Love You Out Of Your Mind
  14. Andreas Vollenweider – Hands And Clouds
  15. John Martyn – Small Hours
  16. XTC – The Somnambulist
  17. This Mortal Coil – Till I Can Gain Control Again
  18. Popol Vuh – Aguirre I (Lacrime Di Rei)
  19. Benedict Cumberbatch – Flat Of Angles (part 2)


Soul Clap presents: Dancing On The Charles – A Boston electronic music story

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SOULCLAP-ARTA Boston Limerick:

 There once was a scene up in Boston, where things weren´t nearly so awesome. So the kids went to Cambridge where people have knowledge and there the dance music did blossom!

Five years after our infamous Dancing on the Charles outdoor parties helped put Boston on the dance music map and launched our careers into the stratosphere, we’re returning to our roots on the banks of the Charles River.  Soul Clap presents: Dancing On The Charles is a part of the Boston dance music story that shines a spotlight on our hometown and unearths some incredible talent. Born from the same spirit and philosophy that has so powerfully shaped our DJ sets, this is a musically diverse compilation of artists held together by geography representing the wide spectrum found in our hometown.

Some of these song we´ve been collecting for years and have become secret weapons in our DJ sets. Bon Johnson’s ‘From The Heart’, was written way back in 2007 and we included on our XLR8R Boston podcast in 2010. The mysterious ‘I Want Your Love’ (written by an anonymous Boston based artist) was passed to us by our friend Benoit Simon (Benoit & Sergio).  Curbington Digital’s ‘So Fresh’ was written a few years back by a high school friend who we used to play hip-hop parties with back in the day. There´s even a remix of a band called Mystery Roar that we did around the birth of the EFUNK sound, we´ve loved this one forever but the label never released it… luckily, now it’s ours!SCR logo vectors

Then there’s jams from up and coming Boston artists who have been building their international reputation over the last couple years like John Barera whose vinyl only cuts released as B-Tracks with Soren Jahan have caught the attention of the Berlin underground, even scoring them a gig at Panorama Bar. Chas Bronz, who does it again after writing one of our favorite jams of 2012 ‘Renegades Of New Age Funk’ (sounds about right). Our mentor, DJ Kon, who links up with Bosq (his partner in their Nitetime moniker and has an amazing solo album dropping on Ubiquity later this year) for a stellar remix of disco legend Matthew Larkin Cassell. Finally, we wouldn’t be doing our job if we didn’t unearth some fresh new talent likeRoldy Cezaire who debuted with us on EFUNK: The Album, Clifflight who may be the future of electro-pop and Caserta aka Joey C, a gifted Boston DJ who has a knack for making classic sounding deep4life house music. WHEW!

All in all we´re so proud of this compilation and all of the talented musicians that made it come alive. Thank you all for showing the world there´s more to Boston than the Red Sox and Dunkin Donuts!

Label: Soul Clap Records
Cat no: SCRCD01
Distribution: Ingrooves
Released: Monday May 13th, 2013


  1. I Want Your Love
  2. Matthew Larkin Cassell – Heaven (Bosq & Kon Remix)
  3. Caserta – Nobody ft. Saucy Lady & Kon
  4. Curbington Digital - ­So Fresh
  5. Mystery Roar -­ Mayhem (Soul Clap Remix)
  6. Roldy Cezaire ­- Lose My Mind
  7. John Barera ­ - Wait For It ft. Victor Flores
  8. Chas Bronz -­ Love Only You
  9. Clifflight -­ All The Things
  10. Bon Johnson ft. Dana - ­ From The Heart



Sure Thing – Holding You Tight (GF003)(Video)

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BBE Pres.You Know How We Dew by Johnick

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Released: 2012-08-27
For most people, especially outsiders, the story of New York is the story of Manhattan. But there are many other stories. There are the breakers and DJs that created hip hop in the Bronx. There’s the Wu Tang Clan over in Staten Island or the deep roots of jazz in Queens, where everyone from Louis Armstrong to John Coltrane lived. And in Brooklyn, just over the bridge from downtown Manhattan, lived a pair of Italian-American DJs, Johnny ‘D’ De Mairo and Nicky Palermo Jr, aka Johnick.

Brooklyn is an important part of the duo’s story and many of their closest friends come from the land across the Brooklyn Bridge, whether it’s Kenny Dope from Sunset Park or Todd Terry in Coney Island. “I always felt that even from going to school in Manhattan in the early 80s, a lot of the people there didn’t have deep roots,” explains Johnny D. “My family is three or four generations in Brooklyn. When you went to Brooklyn, up u! ntil recently, and you went to an Italian area, those homes were pretty much built for Italians and they’d lived there for years. But in Manhattan, people would come from all over the world and settle, so in Brooklyn there were a lot more roots you could trace back. I liked that about it.”

Johnny D and Nicky were both teenage DJs operating in Brooklyn at teen parties, block parties and various mobile gigs in the borough and beyond. Johnny began DJing at 12. “I was always obsessed with music and once I realised the turntables and mixer was how you put things together I really felt I would be good. In my head I always have medleys of two or three things going on at once, so I was very interested to see how it all worked, whether it was a double track or a phase or whatever. I thought it was incredible what you could do. So I was very interested in understanding the art of DJing.

The pair first met in their early teens. &ldquo! ;We lived two blocks away from each other but didn’t rea! lly know each other even though we both knew many of the same people,” explains Nicky. “In our neighbourhood, there were lots of hang out places and many DJs and we all used to go to each others block parties and that’s where I first really started talking to and hanging out with John. We used to go to each others houses all the time and DJ (as we both had equipment) and just listen to the new records that he or I had.”

“I lived at 162 President Street and he lived at 252 President Street,” adds Johnny. “Nicky still lives there. We used to hang out at this place called Phil’s Country Store. I knew of him, because my cousin was in his class, but in 1982 I think he started DJing and we started talking to each other. Then we started doing gigs together. We’d turn each on to music and things like that.”

They make a good team. Johnny is your typical in-your-face New Yorker, effusive, enthusiastic and w! ith the drive of a souped-up Hummer, while Nicky is more happy to stay in the background. By his own confession, Johnny lacks patience, so it would frequently be Nicky who put the SP1200 through its paces in the studio or did the lion’s share of the programming. “Production was just the natural progression for us,” explains Nicky.

They got their studio start through Kenny ‘Dope’ Gonzalez. “It all came about from hanging with Kenny,” confesses Johnny. “He was creating incredible magic in his bedroom. It was really raw and he was really being ghetto. His stuff was incredible sounding. In 1992, he said, “Why don’t you get a drum machine and sampler and I’ll teach you how to do it.” So Kenny taught me how to use the stuff and then I taught Nicky.” Adds Nicky: “Kenny showed Johnny the basics, Johnny showed me the basics and there it was. And, to be safe, I took many notes on a yello! w pad. It also didn’t hurt that we used to go to Kenny&r! squo;s h ouse often and the Bass Hit Studio often to watch many Masters At Work sessions.”

While Nicky would be happy to programme the drums from scratch, Johnny would look for a loop to speed up the process. Johnny: “My brain was working a lot faster than most engineers so I’d lose interest in making records, because I want it to be fast.” The arrangement worked well, though. By the early 1990s, Johnny had moved to Atlantic Records from his original job at Vince Pellegrino’s SIN promotions company, so was working during the day (Johnny’s incredible contact book never did them any harm either). “Nicky was much more patient on the production side. So I’d come home and add my parts to what he’d been programming while I was at work. It was beginning to be a little crazy. I wanted to get more into remixing but we never really had the proper setup in our house.”

“I have always been proud of ! the records that we have made. It comes from the love that we both have for all kinds of music. I always consider our tracks a tribute to what was before, but with a modern twist. We worked in various ways. Johnny or I would come up with an idea and we’d just build on it from there… Sometimes I’d have drums and a groove, he would add a hook and we’d mix it together. Sometimes I’d have the whole thing ready but I couldn’t mix it down because I had listened to it so much, so Johnny would do the final pass. There were even occasions when I’d give him a demo and he’d just put it out like that, missed punches, bad EQ and all! The way we work is very different: live, rough, and raw; not over-produced or polished. It makes us and our sound very unique.”

Much of the work, of course, came out on Johnny’s own label, Henry Street, although one of their best productions, under the name The Faces’ ‘Everythin! g I Got’, came out just before the label began. That rec! ord, wit h its judicious use of old disco samples, set a template for the style of music the pair preferred: disco house. Their music had a raw quality, helped by Kenny’s training on the SP1200 and a love of their raw Chicago-style tracks produced by peers like Terry Hunter and Maurice Joshua. It was not just disco samples, but disco methods they drew on for inspiration. As per the analogue era of production, they would run tracks live and work the desk as the track played, rather than pre-programming as is the modern norm. “We used to do our records live and do live mutes. So if there was a fuck up, we’d either do it again, or we’d leave it in.”

In fact, their productions were instrumental in restating disco’s position at the centre of house music history; as Frankie Knuckles stated of house: “Disco’s revenge”. Indirectly or otherwise, they provided the blueprint for a lot of the early French Touch scene (check out ! any of the Daft Punk early productions of Cheek’s ‘Venus’ for evidence).

Their biggest tune came out in 1995 on Johnny’s Henry Street. Based on First Choice’s ‘The Player’, it dramatically lengthens and teases out the samples with gentle filtering and some thunderous drum programming, before letting the strings fly. Like much of their output, it still stands tall today. “When I sampled the parts for it, I didn’t have a CD player with pitch control,” chuckles Nicky. “That is why the record is so slow in speed: I had no choice. Nonetheless, it has been played at its normal speed – 119.5 BPM to be exact – and at +6 on the pitch controls by everybody. I still get calls about it to this day.” Licensed to various compilations, it still sounds as fresh today as on its original release.

Half the fun of listening to Johnick’s music expansively laid out on this pair o! f CDs is sample spotting. They’re all over the tracks, o! f course . Test out your disco chops and see how many you can get. And while you’re doing it, rejoice in the sound of Brooklyn: fresh house from the raw 1990s.
Bill Brewster

Eik – Love Storm (Original Mix)(stream)

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Eik – Undetected

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Eik are Per Kåre Limmesand (keyboards and effects) and Kristoffer Carlsen (drums). Both live and on their album, the duo are joined by guest vocalists who deliver their melodic and catchy songs, inspired by artists such as GoldfrappRöyksoppGroove ArmadaJamie WoonJean Michel Jarre and William Orbit.
Undetected’ was produced by the Norwegian electronica guru Knut Sævik, who has reached international acclaim with his own electronica project ‘Mungolian Jet Set’. Sævik has also worked with renowned artists such as Lindstrøm, Mari Boine and Nils Petter Molvær.
1.  All That You Said
2.  Love Storm
3.  Seems To Be real
4.  Background Music For Documentaries
5.  74 *
6.  Thinking Of
7.  Utopia *
8.  Golden Sky *

Vulgar Refund of Proverbial Shock (stream)

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Vulgar Refund Of The Proverbial Shock is a peculiar new electropop “dance” formation who recently sailed across the sea to the artistic haven of Brooklyn, NY.

George La Font and Brice”Brith” Therill are both the driving force of this, crunchy, symphonic, brute and captivated soundscapes, with rhythms that fly apart. Thickened with ruff vocals Public Different has signed a winner here.

For the debut album”aka” it’s definitely a striking start. The Single”Addiction” have proven to make even the most portentous get up and dance.

Something Different from Public Different,…, Fade to Grey vs letthemusicplay

Public Different Official Trailer


Future Disco Presents: Poolside Sounds(Listen Mini Mix)

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Future Disco takes a well-deserved summer holiday and invites us poolside for its side series Poolside Sounds. Future Disco’s Poolside Sounds guides you through those long hot summer days, where the parties begin early and finish late. Taking you from lounging by the pool under the clear blue sky to sundown house, perfect for any laidback occasion, this is set to be the essential summer soundtrack which features amazing artists such as Maya Jane Coles, Lovebirds, The 2 Bears, The Rapture, Yacht, Crazy P and many more.

Since it’s first release four years ago Future Disco has achieved a cult following across the world of music and fashion. Awarded iTunes album of the year 2009, Future Disco have crafted a winning formula exploring the boundaries of contemporary house and disco music over five inspired mixes. While the traditional series maps the current trends and sounds of dancefloor’s worldwide, the sixth addition to the Future Disco family is designed as the ultimate summer listen.

Poolside Sounds carefully selects the hottest artists and remixes on the planet for the mix whilst making sure each one has that unique poolside feel. Big album artists such as the 2 Bears, The Rapture and Crazy P, sit alongside huge dance acts such as Maya Jane Coles, Lovebirds and Flight Facilities and combine to create a seamless mix of the finest house and disco. The aim of the album is to capture the atmosphere of a hot day by the pool and lead the listener through sunset and into the night. The tempos rise and the party gets started, and this is the perfect mix to start or end the night with.

Thus Poolside Sounds is the perfect soundtrack to the summer and brings another dimension and fan base to the Future Disco story, which continues to go from strength to strength with another summer residency on the sunset terrace at Space in Ibiza 2012 and its ongoing monthly radio show. Outside of its Ibiza residency Future Disco throws events at some of the world’s most lauded party spots including Ministry of Sound, xxx and Croatia’s Garden Festival, performing with such heavyweights as Greg Wilson, Crazy P and xxx.

Future Disco Presents: Poolside Sounds
Various Artists

Format:2 x CD
Label:Needwant Recordings
Catalog No:NEEDCD008
Release date:12 Aug 2012 (USA)

Tracklist – Mixed
01. The White Lamp – It’s You (Ron Basejam Remix)
02. Soho808 – Get Up Disco
03. Yacht – Psychic City (Classixx Remix)
04. Poolside – Do You Believe?
05. Rampi Feat. Miss Bee– Feel It Burn (Ray Mang Remix)
06. Jeremy Glenn – New Life (Perseus Summer Of 83 Remix)
07. Bonar Bradberry – You Were Away
08. Lovebirds Feat. Stee Downes – Want You In My Soul
09. Mam – Crushed Ice
10. The Rapture – Sail Away (Cosmic Kids Remix)
11. The Mekanism – Can’t Believe
12. Flight Facilities – Foreign Language Feat. Jess (Will Saul & Tam Cooper Remix)
13. Crazy P – Changes (Mario Basanov Remix)
14. Maya Janes Coles – The High Life
15. The 2 Bears – Bearhug (Maxxi Soundsystem Remix)
16. Robag Wruhme – Donnerkuppel
17. Lula Circus – Fake Blood True Wound
18. Mario Basanov – We Are Child Of Love (The Mekanism Remix)

Tracklist – Unmixed
01. The White Lamp – It’s You (Ron Basejam Remix)
02. Poolside – Do You Believe?
03. Jeremy Glenn – New Life (Perseus Summer Of 83 Remix)
04. Lovebirds Feat. Stee Downes – Want You In My Soul
05. Mam – Crushed Ice
06. The Mekanism – Can’t Believe
07. Flight Facilities – Foreign Language Feat. Jess (Will Saul & Tam Cooper Remix)
08. Crazy P – Changes (Mario Basanov Remix)
09. The 2 Bears – Bearhug (Maxxi Soundsystem Remix)
10. Robag Wruhme – Donnerkuppel
11. Mario Basanov – We Are Child Of Love (The Mekanism Remix)


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