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Laurel Halo Chance Of Rain

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laurel-haloIn a few short years Laurel Halo has demonstrated an unnerving ability to question established idioms in electronic music. Throughout her body of work the Michigan-born producer has expressed musical representations of merged dualities — spirituality in the inorganic, space in the claustrophobic, hope in dread. As a result there’s something uncanny about Laurel Halo’s sound — the sonic templates may change, but the challenging of divides remains.

Laurel Halo returns to LP format after two critically acclaimed EPs with the driving, meditative ‘Chance of Rain’. Evolving from earlier works, it’s a cerebral exploration of the intersection between rhythmic and ambient music, drawing together moments of movement and stillness, psychedelia and presence of mind. On ‘Chance Of Rain’, rhythms melt with unpredictable structures, ambient drift and deep harmonic passages, while keyboard-based interludes reinforce both the far-out and contemplative aspects of the record as a whole.

Artist: Laurel Halo
Title: Chance Of Rain
Cat: HDBCD021
Label: Hyperdub
Format: Double LP / Digital / CD
Date: 28 October 2013

01. Dr. Echt
02. Oneiroi
03. Serendip
04. Chance Of Rain
05. Melt
06. Still/Dromos
07. Thrax
08. Ainnome
09. -Out

Filterwolf feat. Jimmy Edgar & Altered Natives Remixes – Brooklyn Via Montmartre

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Filterwolf releases the first single from his upcoming third album ‘Viva La Rave’, entitled ‘Brooklyn Via Montmartre‘. This single is intervowen with three state-of-the-art remixes from Jimmy Edgar (Warp, Hotflush), Altered Natives (Hyperdub, 3024) and Eduardo D’Alirio (International DJ Gigolos,Filigran).

The original track is nothing short of future house anthem with an elegant and catchy piano melody reminiscent of Detroit hit ‘Strings Of Life’, finest jazz percussions and vocoder action, which all serve to catapult this track into the new sonic spheres.
Jimmy Edgar, a wayward star producer from Detroit, now residing in Berlin, brings his new found club-oriented futuristic sleaze into his rework of the track, making it a giant dancefloor burner guaranteed to clock in over 10 minutes.
Altered Natives, a celebrated producer from London, whose last album was on many top ten lists of 2011, makes a rough and tumble remix, with grimy sub basses and incredible intensity in his original interpratation of the UK Funky style.
And finally, Eduardo D’Alirio adds new sophisticated layers and playful details layered on top of the original track, making it a perfect summer manifesto.

burial – loner/kindred(stream)

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burial – kindred

Burial – Ashtray Wasp (Rinse FM rip Listen)

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Kindred EP, out soon via Hyperdub.

Diskotopia Various Artists Volume One (Diskotopia)

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Released date: 6th February 2012
Format: CD / Digital

Coming at the start of a second year of releases, ‘Diskotopia Various Artists Volume One’ is a showcase of the Diskotopia sound.

The label has been grouped together with labels like Night Slugs, Numbers, Hessle Audio, but Diskotopia take a more borderless approach to electronic dance music. Not just for the club, but also made to be appreciated in any setting, the artists represented on this compilation reference a variety of styles from house, techno, UK garage, post-rock, boogie, R&B, grime and even jazz. Although standing shoulder-to-shoulder with the most current and cutting-edge music around, the Diskotopia output has a strong sense of timelessness, meaning that as well as being very “now”, the sound has a longer shelf-life. The label has rapidly been gaining great support and high praise from likes of Addison Groove, Hyetal, Om Unit, Rinse FM, Boomkat, XLR8R, Fact, Numbers.

Set up by UK ex-pat Matt Lyne (A Taut Line) and Japanese female DJ Am Rhein in Osaka in 2005 as a DJ and visual collective, Diskotopia ran frequent events for four years before moving to Tokyo in 2009. BD1982 joined the crew in late 2010, and helped evolve it into a record label. The ethic behind the label comes directly from the premise of the Diskotopia events: a barrier-free approach to quality music. In 2011 Diskotopia released singles and EPs by A Taut Line, Hong Kong In The 60s, BD1982, Visionist, Greeen Linez and Slackk. Diskotopia remixers have included Optimum + Ikonika (Planet Mu, Hyperdub, Night Slugs), Starkey (Ninja Tune, Planet Mu), 80s legendary post-punk act Dominatrix, Royalty, BNJMN (Rush Hour), Photomachine, Murlo, Pacheko.

01) BD1982 – Sunshine
02) Visionist – Tropics
03) Savage – I Want It All (BD1982 Refix)
04) RLP – Kreep
05) Optimum – Ghost House
06) Shy One – 40,000
07) A Taut Line – Clouds At Night
08) Hong Kong in the 60s – You Can Take A Heart (Diskotopia Dub)
09) Awa – She Sea
10) Greeen Linez – Sallot Ski
11) Bun / Fumitake Tamura – Ri
12) LDFD – Wumpa Fruit
13) DJ Maar – Acid Clapperz (Diskotopia Dub)
14) Greeen Linez – Feel The Pressure (The Phantom Remix)
15) Lamin Fofana – Nia Long
16) 80kidz – Miss Mars (Diskotopia Dub)
17) Greeen Linez – Feel The Pressure (Nites Remix)
18) BD1982 – VHS Nite (Starkey Remix)

King Midas Sound: Goodbye Girl (Kuedo Reversion)

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    Taken from the single HDB054 King Midas Sound Kuedo and Mala Reversions, a prelude to the album ‘Without You’ due for release on Hyperdub in late 2011.

new Four Tet -‘Locked’ from ‘FABRICLIV​E 59(STREAM)

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‘Locked’ is the next release on his Text label and taken from his forthcoming ‘FABRICLIVE 59‘ compilation.
12″ out September 2011.

Four Tet – FabricLive 59

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Four Tet (aka Kieran Hebden) adds something special to the FABRICLIVE series, with this the 59th compilation. The mix has a distinct narrative to it and unearths music that hasn’t previously had a great deal of exposure. This project for Kieran has become more than just the mix itself; it’s been an adventure into the past as he sought out not only classics, but searched for rarer tracks he may have missed at the time when he was immersed in the original 90s 2 step garage scene. The music is important, but the experience of finding so many forgotten records and producers became an intrinsic part of the story – meeting specialist record dealers, months of email exchanges with old friends and acquaintances, twittering, nights on discogs, dead ends and confusing leads. In the mix, forgotten gems reside next to current tracks that are dear to him and a number of his own tracks made specially for the CD – something he’s been doing for his DJ sets for many years. He’s also explored the idea of the club itself, sending his audio engineer friend Sasha Lewis to make field recordings from Fabric, which feature as a highlight and pause, breaking the mix into different parts – as if you’re moving within the clubs space to hear different DJs. In fact, the mix is somewhat topsy turvey, starting out fast and then slowing down.

The music ranges from experimental electronics, like Michel Redolfi’s ‘Immersion Partielle’ on INA-GRM that Kieran feels “isn’t the type of techno you get on a mix CD” to the wonderfully titled Crazy Bald Heads’ ‘First Born’ a great lost 2 step/ garage record. “It still sounds so fresh that if it came out next week everyone would flip out. I bought it from Sounds of the Universe in the 90s, it was sold into the shop direct from the producers. A label in London was trying to sign them at the time and got me to do a remix for a possible single. Everything fell apart though and the team of producers never did the deal and didn’t put out more records together as far as I know… so the remix never got released. Gilles Peterson had an acetate of it that he played on his radio show at the time”, and this unreleased Four Tet remix features later in the mix. Tracks like Persian’s ‘Feel the Vibe’ are preciously rare, a brilliant track that only came out on white label. “I don’t have a copy of this record and can’t find one anywhere. Persian wasn’t even able to sort me out with a vinyl rip or WAV of the track! In the end I found a guy on discogs called DaWreck who has a copy and he very generously ripped the vinyl for me so it could be used on the comp.” Classic grime came with its own set of problems, with Kieran buying up every copy he could find of Music Mob ‘Pulse X’ to find one clean enough to use for the compilation.

Favourite producers of the moment like Floating Points, Burial and Ricardo Villalobos sit next to UK funky classics like Apple’s ‘Mr Bean’, bought from a record dealer called Julien who specialises in UK garage, grime, funky, jungle… “He got me a nice mint copy of this. Apple then turned out to be really difficult to find to clear the track. We had loads of DJs and producers trying to find me contact details, the 4th email address finally worked, so thanks to Brackles and Funk Butcher for sorting it.” ‘Webers’ is an old Dan Snaith (Caribou) production, originally released under his Manitoba guise, “I remember us both being into tracks like Sticky – Triplets and So Solid Crew – Dilemma at the time and this track he did then that had a similar sound.” Making space between the music is Four Tet ‘Fabric’ “a collage of field recordings of sounds from in and around the club”. Going back to the 70s, ‘The Continuing Story Of Counterpoint, Part Nine’ is by early moog user David Borden, a man ahead of his time. C++ ‘Angie’s Fucked’ was a recommendation from “Trevor Jackson (one of my favourite DJs) at a club called Love in NYC a few years ago. Trevor released all my early records on his label, he was the first DJ I went to see play in a club and a big influence on me as a DJ.” Others like Active Minds ‘Hobson’s Choice (Tune For Da Man Dem)’ he heard on youtube and then tracked down the producer Jess Jackson, who’s now living in the USA as a successful hip-hop producer, but “I think the sound of this track is like a blueprint for so much music that’s around now… the way the bass and vocals are used.” The final tune is Four Tet’s own beautiful ‘Locked’, typical of his deep melodic sound and the perfect way to send us out into the bright morning light of EC1, or where ever you may find yourself listening.

Interestingly, the entire mix is constructed on computer, more in the way you would create a film score than a DJ mix. Yet every track is vinyl, with Kieran cutting acetates of all his own music for the mix, to ensure that the sound quality and vibe is consistent. It’s then mastered with no cleaning or leveling, to retain the hiss, pop and crackle of the wax. It’s these slightly obsessive details that highlight why we have this Four Tet mix. For Kieran, to do anything in these days of overload – especially of DJ mixes, there must be a purpose, something unique to offer, and it’s these details that are so crucial to him. We hope that you delve deep into the music and take as much pleasure from this trip as we do.

This mix is not about my DJing. It’s about London and Fabric and nights out and my take on all that. The memories and the influences. I used old and new music, I used recordings of Fabric, and I made new tracks of my own for it. I hope people play it fucking loud and lose their minds in it and remember or imagine what it’s all about.”
– Four Tet

artist: Four Tet
title: FABRICLIVE 59.
label: Fabric Records, UK.
date: 19.09.11 (18.10.11 USA)


01 Intro
02 Michel Redolfi – Immersion Partielle [INA-GRM]
03 Crazy Bald Heads – First Born [On-Tick]
04 Persian – Feel Da Vibe [Same People]
05 KH – 101112 [unreleased]
06 Youngstar (Musical Mob) – Pulse X [Inspired Sounds]
07 Crazy Bald Heads – First Born (Four Tet Remix) [unreleased]
08 Floating Points – Sais (Dub) [Eglo]
09 Apple – Mr Bean [Appsolute]
10 Manitoba (Caribou) – Webers [Leaf]
11 Big Bird – Flav (Urban Myths Remix) [Nice n Ripe]
12 Genius – Waiting [Kronik]
13 Four Tet – Fabric [unreleased]
14 David Borden – The Continuing Story Of Counterpoint, Part Nine [David Borden]
15 STL – Dark Energy [Something]
16 Percussions – Percussions One [unreleased]
17 C++ – Angie’s Fucked [Music For Freaks]
18 Burial – Street Halo [Hyperdub]
19 KMA – Cape Fear [KMA]
20 WK7 – Higher Power [Power House]
21 Ricardo Villalobos – Sieso [Cadenza]
22 Four Tet – Pyramid [Text]
23 Red Rack’em – How I Program [Bergerac]
24 Active Minds – Hobson’s Choice (Tune For Da Man Dem) [white]
25 Armando Gallop & Steve Poindexter – Blackholes [Muzique]
26 Outro
27 Four Tet – Locked [Text]

LV ‘Routes’ (Keysound)

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LV ‘Routes’ (Keysound)
R.D. 23.05.11

Keysound present ‘Routes’, the debut album from London production trio LV. ‘Routes’ was written and recorded in intensive bursts over a 12 month period, and heavily features London vocalist Joshua Idehen, who first collaborated with LV on their 2010 Keysound 12” ‘38 EP’. The album picks up some of the themes set out in the EP – Idehen’s lyrics explore the euphoria and accompanying alienation in his relationship with the city via multiple fragmented journeys. Whereas on the ‘38 EP’ Idehen’s vocals were a focus throughout, here they are often twisted, processed and bent out of shape, assimilated or swallowed up by the sound. At other points Idehen’s performance takes centre stage as a conspiratorial witness, a ghostly accomplice, or a disarmingly frank guide through the metropolis. The music itself reflects the schizoid, unpredictable nature of these journeys, incorporating everything from restless pirate-radio rhythms to intimate twilight melancholia. ‘Routes’ is a remarkable album, characterised by freshness, wit, coherence, a sense of humour and intriguing narratives, both actual implied. LV is Will Horrocks, Simon Williams and Gerv Gordon, who have been making music together since meeting at university about 10 years ago. Between them they play a variety of instruments; they like dusty old synths and kept in perfect only-just-working-order. LV is, at the moment, a studio project not a traditional band but ‘live’ playing is still key to the sound – as is serendipity. Their first release as LV was the ‘Globetrotting’ / ‘Takeover’ 12” on Hyperdub in 2007. Although it was not something they were previously involved in, it positioned LV in the ‘dubstep’ scene – although they admit they don’t see their music as belonging to any one genre. Since then they have released three further 12”s on Hyperdub, including last-year’s kwaito-funky dancefloor phenomenon ‘Boomslang’, and have also recorded for other influential labels including Hemlock, 2nd Drop, Ramp/Brainmath, and Soul Jazz.

01. I Know
02. Tough
03. Northern Line
04. Lean Back
05. Never Tired
06. Talk Talk
07. Melt
08. Primary Colours
09. Deleted Scenes
10. Past Tense
11. Murkish Delights
12. Last Night

Download:Shigeto -XLR8R Podcast 195

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Download:Shigeto XLR8R Podcast 195

01 A Setting Sun “33 (JDSY Remix)” (Moodgadget)
02 Deru “Between You and Me” (Hymen)
03 Shigeto and Devonwho “Cirlces” (All City)
04 Simple “Barely Together”
05 Zack Christ “Fox Prawn” (Tall Prawn)
06 Mount Kimbie “Would Know” (Hotflush)
07 Pajaro Sunrise “Old Goodbyes (Charles Trees Remix)” (Lovemonk)
08 Shlohmo “Forgot Where I Was” (Friends of Friends)
09 Burial “Broken Home” (Hyperdub)
10 King Midas Sound “Lost (Flying Lotus Remix)” (Hyperdub)
11 Devonwho “Holup (Hi Res’ Refix)” (Klipmode)
12 Take “Neon Beams (Dibiase Remix)” (Alpha Pup)
13 Dabrye “With a Professional” (Ghostly International)
14 3LLL “Melt”
15 Shigeto “Children at Midnight (Saturn Never Sleeps Remix)”


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