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Dream Koala ‘Odyssey’ video and EP streams

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Ocean (feat Soko)

Yndi Ferreira aka Dream Koala is only 19 years old and just released the first Dream Koala EP, Odyssey, on September 23rd. Already with over 200,000 plays on Soundcloud and support from the likes of Rob Da Bank and Gilles Peterson, last week saw the video premiere for the title track’s gorgeous 3D video (created and directed by Adrien Peze and Albin Merle) that transplants the viewer to an alternate reality with a breathtaking landscape inspired by Terrence Malick’s film Tree of Life.

Ocean (feat Soko)

Odyssey comes from the travels of Ulysses – his fear of never coming back home & never reaching his ambitions,” Yndi said of the EP’s title track. “It’s a track about deception and the fear of death, the fear of never accomplishing your goals. “

Watch the “epic 3-D soundscape” [Vogue] video for

Dream Koala LIVE @ Le Bain at The Standard, NYC 10.20.13

Discuss – Will Release ‘Synesthetic Landscapes’ Sept. 17th

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Discuss - Will Release 'Synesthetic Landscapes' Sept. 17thThe new EP by Discuss is titled ‘Synesthetic Landscapes’ and it will be available September 17th on all digital stores. The album goes down a sensory path where it stimulates the listener to see the colors in each track. The songs create a perfect multi-sensory environment worthy of being enjoyed by everyone. Discuss wanted to demonstrate a unique relationship between color and sound.

Discuss, commonly known as Andres Ortiz-Ferrari, established himself with the self-titled album in 2006 experimenting with sounds that went from IDM to the more indie-rock and electro-pop. He settled himself in Pittsburgh before moving to Puerto Rico and created his own unique sound full of synthesizers, vocoders, warm beats and guest vocalists. The innovative electronic artist had a breakthrough in 2010 with his remix for the SUN GLITTERS track “The Wind Caresses Her Hair.”

After several independent releases, mini-tours and performances, Discuss took a time to rethink his music and develop a new sound. ‘Synesthetic Landscapes’ is the first EP under Sonovibe Records and it clearly demonstrates the ability of this artist to recreate and portray a colorful landscape with music.

Discuss has shared stage with Amon Tobin, Daedelus, Onra, Prefuse 73, School of Seven Bells, Flashbulb, The Books, Tokimonsta, Damn Funk, KRTS and Moreira.

Ard Bit – Yelleen, a new Lowriders release

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Lowriders is proud to present this new release Yelleen by Ard Bit. After previous releases on Symbolic Interaction and Shipwrec and appearances on n5MD, Onrecords and Thin Consolation he finds a warm nest at Lowriders.

The Yelleen EP consists of 6 tracks. Cribble and Vixen were made in collaboration with Jor Mesin (part of the beatrotateproject). The two tracks are a step further away from the IDM straitjacket but it stays in the touch and feel of the latter. The transparency and openness is what gives it its unique character.

Cribble moves strongly into the dubby glitch sound with references to Pole and Plaid.
The detailing on Vixen is beautiful, hectic, Warp-ish. A massive blowing bass horn provides the lead and contrast.
Yelleen is something entirely different. It’s a warm, light and seductive roller. Perfect for the dancefloor To top it off Alphabets Heaven, Julien Mier and Strand are on the remix duties.
Alphabets Heaven combines sounds of the other tracks within the Yelleen setting. It treats us on a kitchensink feel, organic and housy.
Julien Mier takes the housy elements to the Chi-town freakness and makes you go all the footwork way.
Strand brings on some electro-funk boogie in the Skweee corner of madness. Analog twists with Yelleen details.

Distribution by Clone

Autonomous Music Releases: Our Chimes/Our Piano by Marley Carroll(free download)

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Autonomous Music releases Our Chimes/Our Piano,
a FREE digital 12″ from Marley Caroll,
on November 1, 2011

Pleased to announce that on Tuesday November 1, 2011 Marley Carroll will release Our Chimes/Our Piano, a digital 12”. Our Chimes/Our Piano will be available via Autonomous Music. This is the first release from Autonomous Music—who recently expanded beyond management and booking to include a free label–after Array Vol. 1, a compilation of Autonomous Music artists.

Marley Carroll is a prodigious multi-instrumentalist, producer and DJ from Asheville, North Carolina. The beginnings of his musicianship sprang from training in piano, percussion and scratch DJ technique. His 2007 debut album, Melanaster was the result of meticulous bedroom alchemy, sounding like a lost Radiohead LP submerged in ten feet of salt water. The smeared, melancholy pop songs tethered to abstract, electronic rhythms is what NPR called “gorgeously subdued glitch-pop”.

Recent buzz for Marley has been around his landmark abstract house remix of Emancipator’s “Bury Them Bones”. The track was included on Emancipator’s June 2011 release Remixes and became a favorite of the artist’s to play out on tour during summer 2011. Marley was invited to join the Beat Prodigies showcase at the 2011 Decibel Festival, alongside Shigeto, AraabMUZIK, and DJ Krush. While at Decibel Festival, it was announced that Marley would join the 2011 Moogfest lineup–as one of the only local Asheville musicians on the bill.

Taking some existing sketches in a spontaneous turn toward the direction of the “Bury Them Bones” remix, Our Chimes/Our Piano is a departure from Marley’s pop tendencies, for the purpose of exploring the house dynamic. With these purely instrumental tracks, he takes on a brighter sound. Relying on small gestures over long sequences and utilizing acoustic samples, Marley brings us a truly organic sound that is for fans of Four Tet, Caribou and Gold Panda

“Our Chimes” samples chimes from outside Marley’s home. It’s a warm and playful track that keeps you engaged with every small change.

“Our Piano” samples the piano in Marley’s childhood home. Delicate and grimy while still upbeat, the track is the perfect B-Side.

Our Chimes/Our Piano will be available for FREE at

Track listing:
1. Our Chimes
2. Our Piano

Marley Carroll Promo

Track of the Day(free download):Fancy Mike- Ramachandran #1337 (Satanicpornocultshop’s Bleep Bloop Blorp Refix)

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Sigma Chi Primavera, Fancy Mike’s follow up to last year’s Madison Square Gardner is coming out April 19 on King Deluxe Records.
It was very hard for us to choose one track from album for you today,thanx to King Deluxe,we choosed this, as one of our fav.tracks,if you like Autechre,you should check this refix too!
Stay tuned for album

Download:Fancy Mike- Ramachandran #1337 (Satanicpornocultshop’s Bleep Bloop Blorp Refix)

KiloWatts: The Right Words EP Teaser

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KiloWatts – The Right Words EP preview

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Released by: KiloWatts Music
Release/catalogue number: KW-013
Release date: Sep 28, 2010

***Available on September 28th at:
.SAMPLER : KiloWatts – The Right Words EP

About KiloWatts:

(Mothership, Dirtybird, Om Records, Thoughtless, Native State, Proboscis, Somnia)
The Right Words EP from KiloWatts
James Watts has an impressive and expansive discography of styles and collaborations that dates back to the early 90s demoscene and has steadily progressed forward towards making some of the most influential electronic albums to date. His work embraces the bulk of electronic genres, including breaks, IDM, techno, and downtempo. His albums are full of visionary dimensions, fusing together a dexterous knowledge of sound synthesis, deep emotional articulation, and solid melodic intuition.

On The Right Words EP KiloWatts expands his sound palate into uncharted territory. It is clear that with this release he boasts the infinite creative possibilities within electronic music. All five tracks evolve, blossom and reveal themselves as masterfully crafted works of art rooted in the sounds of tech house, idm, and garage. KiloWatts’ signature sound shines through, but new influences of swinging drum patterns, subtle, smooth synth work, powerful bass lines, and faster tempos give this music a forward flavor. Additionally, the harmonic and melodic content on this EP is unparalleled to any other current release in dance music at the moment. These tracks will certainly find themselves on the dance floor energizing and captivating club audiences.

“The music is meticulously arranged and comes to life on a dance floor.” – Vivki Siolos, Resident Advisor

“Magical, complex and interesting—and yet…altogether really catching and approachable.” – Tom Rhea, Moog Manuals // Berklee College of Music

“In terms of technique, KiloWatts is an extremely accomplished producer; he knows how to make music that sounds great.” – Headphone Commute

“KiloWatts is original, unlike anything anyone else is doing at the moment… for the first time in my reviewing ‘career’ I can only give a perfect score. Essential listening.” – Connexion Bizarre

“[KiloWatts’] production is nothing short of breathtaking.” –eightyeight DC

Upcoming KiloWatts Dates:
October 1 – Ghost Ranch Saloon :: Steamboat Springs, CO
October 2 – Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom :: Denver, CO
October 9 – The Opera House :: Toronto, ON, Canada
October 29 – Love :: New York, NY

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Gold Panda – Lucky Shiner debut album(October 11/12th)+free download

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This October, UK-based artist Gold Panda will release his debut album, Lucky Shiner via Ghostly International and his own imprint, Notown Records.

Over the past year or so, Gold Panda has pushed a dreamy, IDM-inspired electronic sound that calls to mind artists like Four Tet and Caribou. He’s been an active producer for years, having gotten his start remixing Bloc Party, HEALTH and Simian Mobile Disco among others, but his own records just started appearing in shops last year, mostly via underground labels and on CD-R. Lucky Shiner will be his second release on Ghostly International, following the You EP from earlier this summer, and his first full-length aside from Companion, an extremely limited compilation of his early 12-inches.

“I didn’t want to write ‘beats.’ I didn’t want bangers. I wanted songs with structure,” says Gold Panda of the album, which was recorded over two sessions at his grandparents’ home out in the English countryside. “They went away over Christmas for two weeks and asked me to look after their dog,” he explains. “I’d walk Daisy in the morning and then make tunes till she pestered me to take her out again, I’d bounce down what I’d done, stick my headphones on and walk her; get ideas and repeat the process.” To get a feel for what Lucky Shiner holds in store, head over to the album’s official website where you can download and stream the track “Snow & Taxis.”

01. You
02. Vanilla Minus
03. Parents
04. Same Dream China
05. Snow & Taxis
06. Before We Talked
07. Marriage
08. I’m With You But I’m Lonely
09. After We Talked
10. India Lately
11. You

Lucky Shiner will be released in the US on October 12th, 2010 via Ghostly International. Notown will release it in the UK on October 11th.


VibeSquaD New Creatures EP , out June 23rd 2010

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VibeSquaD, aka Aaron Holstein, is Colorado’s most beloved bass music producer/performer/innovator. His trained musical background contributes to his unique take on bass music, which carries him around the country playing packed clubs coast to coast.

Since VibeSquaD’s inception in 2007, he has released three full-length albums, two previous EP’s, as well as remixes and singles for Interchill, Multi Music and Proboscis. The New Creatures EP is his next release, showcasing his top-notch production skills and originality over the course of six tracks. The EP is charged with the energy and positivity that has come to define VibeSquaD’s signature sound and vibrant stage persona.

In addition to his deep electronic production abilities, New Creatures shows the influence Aaron’s twenty plus years experience playing live music in various touring groups has on his sound. As a trained multi instrumentalist with a jazz background, VibeSquaD adds melodic sensibility to these gems of bass music and truly delivers on this six-track EP. Equipped with tweaked vocal samples, polyrhythmic textures, and trunk rattling bass, these tracks grab hold and refuse to let go. Swirling, soaring synth textures weave throughout hard-hitting drum patterns on top of crushing bass thick enough to send any dance floor into a frenzy.

This six-track EP will be digitally released worldwide on June 23rd, 2010

1. Aristocratic Static 03:37
2. Boosters 04:48
3. Bunch 05:20
4. Clumps 04:46
5. Double Dutch Oven 06:06
6. New Creatures 04:34


You Can Expect our fav.track from ep Double Dutch Oven at our June Chart!!!
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Ital Tek -Midnight Colour (out now(available 3 days early)) +free download Arashiyama

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Brighton-based producer Ital Tek will release his second album, Midnight Colour, June 7th, 2010 on Planet Mu.
New Album Midnight Colour is available 3 days early exclusively at Juno Download today!!!
CD And LP format also arrived at Boomkat shop,preorder now HERE
Check Free download Arashiyama released via Atom River

01. Neon Arc
02. Talis
03. Moon Bow
04. Babel
05. Satellite
06. Subgiant
07. Black and White
08. Strangelove V.I.P.
09. Moment in Blue
10. Heliopause
11. Midnight Colous
12. Infinite
13. Restless Tundra feat. Anneka

JUNO Review

Following on from his debut artist album Cyclical in 2008, Brighton based producer Ital Tek brings us his sophomore outing, Midnight Colour on the highly respected Planet Mu imprint. Since Cyclical first landed two years ago, other notable productions from the man otherwise known as Alan Myson include the Massive Error EP (also on Planet Mu) and the Mako EP (released on his own label, Atom River in October 2009).

Kicking off with “Neon Arc” – a deliciously fuzzy broody number, with a nod to the Joker-style ‘Bristol Sound’ in the synths – it’s a promising start to what soon unfolds into a magnificent album. Moving through the melodic, reflective Mount Kimbie style “Talis” with its evocatively drawn dripping and chiming, and hollow textured soundscape, to the more abrasive “Moonbow” and “Babylon” (a personal favourite), it’s easy to see why Ital Tek has garnered such a reputation for himself in such a short time.

Keeping versatility at its core, the album moves effortlessly on to “Satellite”, “Subgiant” and “Black And White”, through darker, sparser sounds and lilting whispering patterns, to “Strangelove” – an incredible exploration with a deep, throbbing b-line and unnerving poignancy. In contrast, “Moment Blue” employs some quirky instrumentation and upbeat whinnies of vocal, before the darker, more synth-led vibe returns for the grand finale, spearheaded by the title track. The album closes with “Restless Tundra” – a calm, contemplative number, featuring the lustrous vocal skills of Anneka. Midnight Colour picks up on the sound that has come to define Ital Tek, taking the whole ‘post-dubstep’ tip to new lengths, weaving 2-stepping garage rhythms round sonic textures with plenty of moody atmospheric melancholy.

Review: Belinda Rowse


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