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Natalia Clavier New Album Release May 28th ‘Lumen'(Preview)

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Natalia Clavier New Album Release May 28th 'Lumen'On May 28th, Nacional Records will release the new album from Natalia Clavier (long-time vocalist of Thievery Corporation). The album was produced by Grammy-winning producer Adrian Quesada (Ocote Soul Sounds, Grupo Fantasma, Brownout).
Here is a sneak peak of Natalia Claviers’ New album ‘Lumen’.


With a sultry mix of jazz/soul-inspired vocals in both English and Spanish, electronic textures and global influences, ‘Lumen’ further develops the sound Natalia Clavier cultivated while recording and touring with both Thievery Corporation and her husband, Argentinean singer-songwriter Federico Aubele. Natalia Clavier was ESL Music’s first female artist and the touring vocalist for Thievery Corporation, giving her opportunities to tour the globe performing at the world’s largest festival stages.

Louie Vega/Elements Of Life new album on Fania

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Louie Vega And Elements Of Life Featuring Josh Milan, Anané, Lisa Fischer, Cindy Mizelle Ursula Rucker, Luisito Quintero, Oveous Maximus




Fania Records announced today the release of Elements Of Life ‘Eclipse,’ a 2-disc album from Louie Vega’s critically acclaimed live orchestral project.  The album is set for a worldwide release date of March 19, 2013, and is the first new artist album Fania is releasing in years.  The first disc showcases 17 brand new tracks from Elements Of Life that tastefully traverse the sounds ofAfrobeat, Jazz, Latin, R&B, Gospel, Soul, Blues, Brazilian and World Music all woven with the golden touch of Grammy Award winning Producer/Artist/DJ Louie Vega.  The second disc includes “EOL Soulfrito” an homage to Fania Records through interpretations and remixes of classic Fania songs performed by the Elements Of Life in a 33-minute sound collage as well as six more bonus tracks.  Louie Vega connected with the legendary Fania Records after doing the smash club remix of his uncle Hector Lavoe’s “Mi Gente” track back in 2008.  Louie elaborates, “At that time I started working on my new Elements Of Life album. Fania was already aware of my previous E.O.L. albums and when they got wind, they wanted to hear it. Once they heard it, they were very interested in signing it. I was in awe of the idea. Things really would go full cycle being on Fania Records.”




Free Download: 20-song Nacional Records Label Sampler

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The sampler features songs from Astro (who were featured in this Sunday’s New York Times), Mexican Institute Of Sound (new video recently debuted at LA Weekly), Tom Tom Club (new video just launched atRolling Stone), plus two 2012 Latin GRAMMY nominees (which were announced yesterday): Ana Tijouxand Kinky.



Full track listing:

1.    Tom Tom Club “Kissin Antonio”
2.    DJ Raff  “Sudakaizbeautiful”
3.    Ana Tijoux “Sacar La Voz”
4.    Diego Garcia “You Were Never There”
5.    The Pinker Tones “Loulou Stardust”
6.    Alex Anwandter “Cómo Puedes Vivir Contigo Mismo?”
7.    Fidel Nadal “Yuh Dont Know”
8.    La Vida Boheme “El Sentimiento Ha Muerto”
9.    Astro –  “Ciervos        “
10.  Ritmo Machine  “Maestro”
11.  Loquat  “Time Bending”
12.  Monica Lionheart – “Rocks to Ankles”
13.  Mexican Institute Of Sound – Es-Toy
14.  Nortec Collective Presents: Bostich + Fussible “One Night”
15.  SMOD  “Ca Chante”
16.  Andrea Echeverri “Mis 32 Dientes”
17.  Kinky “Alma de Neon”
18.  Banda de Turistas “Cada Día”
19.  Señor Flavio “Dulce Babalu”
20.  Los Auténticos Decadentes “Distrito Federal”

Ana Tijoux – Sacar La Voz (ft. Jorge Drexler)(Video)+US Tour Dates

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Ana Tijoux’s brand new Video debuting Thursday 4/26,from La Bala album check below.
La Bala is Ana Tijoux’s new album, the highly anticipated follow-up to her 2010 GRAMMY nominated breakthrough debut 1977. La Bala recently debuted at #2 the Billboard Latin Rhythmic Charts and #1 on the iTunes Hip-Hop y Reggaeton charts.

Tijoux made her U.S. debut performing at SXSW in 2010 and has since toured the U.S. and Europe, with stops at New York’s Central Park Summerstage, San Francisco’s Outside Lands and Chicago’sLollapalooza, plus a very special live performance during GRAMMY weekend with The Roots as her backing band.
See below for dates for her upcoming US tour:

May 4 – Las Cruces, NM – New Mexico State University
May 11 – San Antonio, TX – Echale at Pearl Amphitheatre
May 12 – Austin, TX – Pachanga Festival
May 15 – San Francisco, CA – The Independent
May 17 – Los Angeles, CA – The Echo
May 18 – Salt Lake City, UT – Living Traditions Festival
May 19 – Miami, FL – PAX

Also check
Ana Tijoux’s previous single “1977” (with 2 million views on YouTube)
Recently interviewed on NPR’s All Things Considered.

Funkyloco – So Sweet EP (So Sound Recordings, SSR049) (Preview Clips)

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So Sound Recordings and Funkyloco join forces once again for the majestic new ‘So Sweet EP’. Label partner Pablo ‘Funkyloco‘ Varela delivers some of his hottest tracks to date on the label, from down tempo moods all the way through the house spectrum.  Previous outings have received support from the some of the most established names in the industry.

The EP serves up four tracks, from the sensual tropical warmth of‘So Sweet Baby’ and ‘Samba Jazz’ to the trippy fairy tale of psychedelic utopia rounding on ‘Wonderful Place’; a track that has drawn comparisons to Marshall Jefferson’s iconic ‘Mushrooms’.  Working as A&R at So Sound, Funkyloco has also been responsible for spotting some of So Sound’s greatest new talent, includingToomy Disco and Les Loups.

This EP also includes a stellar remix of ‘So Sweet Baby’ by the resurgent house music legend DJ Ra Soul, who recently hit back hard with a big release on So Sound.  The ‘Take It Slow’ EP gathered praise from a wide range of DJs including James Zabiela, Justin Martin and Fred Everything and marked the great man’s return to the scene.

Artist: Funkyloco
Title: So Sweet EP
Remixers: DJ Ra Soul
Label: So Sound Recordings
Release date: 02-12-11

1: So Sweet Baby
2: So Sweet Baby (DJ Ra Soul Remix)
3: Samba Jazz
4: Wonderful Place

Tommy Guerrero -Lifeboats and Follies +Free Download & Vans Syndicate Shoes Announced

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 Raised on the colorful and gritty streets of San Francisco and steeped in the dark brew formed by the perfect cultural storm where skateboarding, music and art smashed right into each other, Tommy Guerrero was destined for greatness of the soulful sort.  Adapting to his hilly local environs with speed and style, TG was a bonafied pioneer of modern street skateboarding, turning pro and traveling the world while still just a teenager.

His casual flow was material for the skateboarding pantheon, and is endlessly compared to what would come out when he focused his attention on stringed things.  The early four-track tunes he offered were heavily groove-based, with obvious blues, Latin and soul overtones, but as time and albums went by the music became more layered and eclectic, incorporating jazz, hip-hop and funk elements, as well.

More than a decade of tirelessly working his craft has passed since, and has resulted in the album you now behold- “Lifeboats and Follies” is by far Guerrero’s most fully realized sonic collage. The tide of groove remains, but is formed by the far denser and complex interplay of an expanded quiver of instruments and sounds. The simplicity of Tommy’s early work was catchy, but the expansive compositional skill that has shown itself amongst the tracks here is cinematic in scope, offering a richer, more muscular tone and greater depth of emotion. The soup has been thickened, the fire is smoldering, and Tommy is sweating it out all night, every night.

Download:”Que S’est-il Passe” 320
Tommy Guerrero – Que S est-il Passe by extramusicnew


-Saturday, February 5th @ Cafe du Nord / San Francisco, CA (CD Release Party)

In addition to being a prolific musician and legendary skater, Tommy has also found the time to design his own signature shoes for Vans Syndicate. Two Vans classics, the Old Skool and Slip-on in monochramatic black leather just the way TG likes ‘em. Check out the collection here along with a day with TG in SF (video), plus a chance to win a pair of your own here.

Introducing OMBLIGO, new label debuts album from dubstep and electronica artist Guajira+free download

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OMBLIGO proudly presents…Guajira – Aguardiente LP
A powerhouse of dubstep, rock, and Latin music

ARTIST: Guajira
TITLE: Aguardiente LP
LABEL: Ombligo
RELEASE DATE: October, 18th 2010

Formed last Christmas after an impromptu studio jam, Guajira kicks off the newly formed Ombligo imprint with a debut album that defies comparisons. The core of the band includes the best of the Mexico City techno scene – Signal Deluxe’s Jerga and Valeria as well as Monopolar and Razz of Pantamuzik. Together they’ve concocted a hybrid of electronica, Latin music, and guitar psychedelia that combines the forward thinking elements of techno music with the grittiness of an alternative rock band. According to Monopolar, the main idea [was] to deliver an honest album from Latin-American musicians that love USA/European electronic music. We want to be really rooted on what we are, to show that we come from a musically rich part of the world, to reflect the music we hear everyday in our everyday life. But at the same time we reject all kind of clichés associated with the “latino” rhythmic thing. So basically our compositions try to show that balance. We invited singers and lyricists that belong to very authentic underground scenes in Peru and Mexico, so the lyrics also speak about identity, fears and hopes of our society.” The result is an album that stretches beyond national boundaries and taps into the timeless universal that is music’s greatest gift and still manages to grab listeners by the rump and shake it.

“Guajira is something really blended. Mexico and Argentina are (along with Chile) the least African-influenced countries in América, so it’s natural that Signal and Razz have no black elements in their compositions and playing. What I brought to the Guajira’s sound as a Peruvian is the syncopated use of cajón and its very recognizable wooden sound on the tracks “Colibrí “and “Perla” and the “reggaeton/cumbia” pattern on “Atiza”, “Guajira”, and “Isadora”, heavily processed through the electronic sensibility of Jerga and Valeria [SIGNAL DELUXE]. Besides that, a lot of elements from Peruvian music show up along the record (the voices and the lyrics, the use of charango, a little Andean guitar on “Colibrí” and “Tamarindo”). “Tierra Roja” samples a Brazilian Amazonic Indian speaking about deforestation and “Atiza” and “Macondo” both sample Zapatista leaders. In the end, Guajira is really a tight mix of many, many elements that reflect actually how different we are among Latin Americans from different countries and how Mexico can become a sort of melting pot.” – Humberto Polar

Download Title track HERE Guajira -Guajira (Featuring Licky Moreno y Solar) by extramusicnew

1. 21 Utopias (Featuring Grace)
2. Guajira (Featuring Licky Moreno y Solar)
3. Macondo
4. El King De La Sala (Featuring Eric El NIño)
5. Tierra Roja
6. Aguardiente (Featuring Eric El Niño)
7. Isadora
8. Perla
9. Atiza
10. Silk Also
11. Colibri (Featuring Sofía Butrón)
12. Bonus track: Aguardiente (Dubmix)

GUAJIRA is an electronic band hailing from Mexico City featuring Humberto Polar (Monopolar) (guitar), Jerga (Signal Deluxe) (bass), Valeria (Signal Deluxe) (keyboards and electronics), and Pablo Orsolini (Razz) (percussion). GUAJIRA is a word that can be understood anywhere in Latin America, even though its meaning can change from country to country. GUAJIRA is also the name of a new project in which four talented musicians from three different countries join their skills.
Introducing OMBLIGO

OMBLIGO is a brand new digital label based in Mexico City, an international conduit for a wide spectrum of alternative musics with Latin American roots – ranging from electronic forms such as dubstep and techno to post-modernist expansions of current folk forms, and even some blistering indie rock to keep things diverse.

Expect releases this year from the new electronic supergroup GUAJIRA – featuring members of Monopolar and Signal Deluxe, red-hot Mexican rock band CAPO delivers the goods on Un Corazon Se Quema, while underground techno and dubstep sensations SIGNAL DELUXE drop their long-anticipated full length A Morning Filled with One Hundred Million Suns.


Monopolar ‘Camila’ on Pantamuzik +free download

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Pantamuzik proudly presents… Monopolar- Camila EP [PNTMZK 010], a three track techno extravaganza!

Monopolar – Camila EP

Free download of  “Camila”

Pantamuzik is happy to introduce the new release of one of its biggest artists, Monopolar. After a busy year producing other musicians and working with his dubstep band, Guajira, Humberto Polar returns to the dancefloor with this EP.
Camila (PNTMZK 010) is a clear statement of the constant evolution and hard work of this multifacetic artist. A hypnotic, deep vibe runs across the three tracks.

Camila, the title track, is inspired on his young daughter and the happiness of partying. A killer bassline keeps the groove all along the way and a myriad of tiny microsounds builds a subtle landscape.
Enanos is a stripped down, lean piece of techno. Again, the deepest bass groove acts as the vehicle for a ghostly melody with hypnotic effects.
The last track, Lobo, features a voice sample by the hip hop mexican star Eric El Niño and builds on great rhytmic latin patterns that evolve

Pantamuzik bio:

Pantamuzik is a tribute name to Pantaleón Pantoja, Humberto Polar’s childhood dachshund dog. He lived 20 years and refused to die though everyone wanted him dead and buried. That’s attitude!!!

In 1999 we started Pantamuzik in Bogota, Colombia. Our first album was made for Peru. It was called “Delahouse” Vol. 1 and 2 and it had a 25,000 copies release. Yeah!!! It was mixed by H. Polar, founder and for a while the only member of Pantamuzik.

We released three more albums in Bogota: “Musica de Panta”, a compilation featuring colombian musicians, “Electrodaca” and “Corte Unisex”, all of them DJ mixes by Mono & Camila (La Sala Club´s resident DJs).

From the very start, we focused on finding great house and techno music produced by latin-american musicians, that reflects the vast cultural heritage that we enjoy in this part of the world as well as the best influences of quality dance music.

Then H. Polar moved to México. México City is our home since 2003.

In 2006 H. Polar released his “Micrometrías” EP, under the ST42 moniker. Around that time, Pantamuzik started producing the ALTEREGO parties, having H. Polar as resident DJ and many first-class guests: Matt Nee, from Kompute Music Chicago; Richie Hawtin: Bill Patrick, from Robots New York; the great Diego Ro-k, one of the true pionners and finest techno & tech-house DJs in Argentina, and Samim.

It was good to know the meaning of “success” from the very beginning, just to tell the difference between the simpler cooler “well-being”.

Summarizing, we produce and deliver original latin american dance music. We make remixes. Eventually, we do some parties. We DJ. We live for the music, and we make our living through the music. Music is what we really love, the music that stays in our hearts when we go to sleep and is still there when we wake up.

What we like: everything that is done honestly. Everything that respects the fact that music is an ART form and a CRAFT as well. Music has to be well done, showing respect to thousands of great musicians that preceded us. We love house music. We love techno. We love good sense of proportion. We love to party. We love electronic boldness. For the dance floor or the concert hall, or the bedroom.

For more info on Pantamuzik:
Monopolar on tour video
Promotional stuff arrived via email (extramusicnew(at) ,
send your stuffs via e mail or soundcloud, promote yourself…!!!

Debi Nova – Luna Nueva+Drummer Boy

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Watch Debi Nova make her American television debut on “Dancing With The Stars.”

Audio Drummer Boy (Windows Media)
Already a massive star in her native Costa Rica—plus six Grammy nominated projects, a No. 1 dance single, and performances as a featured vocalist on tours with Ricky Martin and Sergio Mendes under her belt—singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Debi Nova is ready to make her mark on the rest of the world with the upcoming Decca/Surco release of her hybrid, Spanish/English debut album Luna Nueva. The record is an electrifying combination of irresistible Latin rhythms and potent pop smarts that showcases this vivacious artist’s considerable musical gifts (she plays piano, guitar, bass, and more) as well as her rich Latina heritage. It’s a genre-defying blend that anyone can enjoy, whether they’re Anglo or Latino, young or old, and proof positive that pop music really is a universal language.

The cultural brew comes naturally to Nova, who explains that “because Costa Rica is in Central America, we had Bossa Nova coming from Brazil, Afro-Cuban rhythms drifting over from the Caribbean, and, of course, all the great rock and soul from the U.S.,” she says. “It was a real melting pot and I wanted my album to capture that.” Nova’s heritage is echoed not only in the album’s steamy rhythms, but also in the songs’ lyrics themselves. A resident of Costa Rica and the U.S., who has split her time between the two countries for the last seven years, Nova sings in both English and Spanish, combining her native tongue and the language of her adopted homeland, often in the same song. It’s a colorful hybrid that Debi affectionately refers to as “Spanglish.”

“The idea of singing in both English and Spanish on the album wasn’t planned,” Nova says. “As I was writing the songs, I found myself naturally blending the two because it’s something I do every day. As a Latina who lives between U.S. and Costa Rica, I speak Spanglish with my friends and family. My music reflects my being part of a generation of young Latinos who use both naturally. The world is becoming smaller and I’m proud to represent that.”

Nova is releasing a hybrid album at a culturally significant time. According to the Los Angeles Times, U.S.-born Latinos now account for more than 60 percent of all Latinos in the country. Bi-lingual entertainers and performers across all media have become breakout stars thanks to such television channels as MTV Tr3s, mun2, SiTV, and LATV, which seek to reach Latinos who are raised with American pop culture who want to hold onto their roots.

Those people may be Nova’s natural audience, but Luna Nueva will appeal to anyone who appreciates vibrant, passionately performed pop. Alternating between emotionally resonant ballads and upbeat, danceable tunes, the album kicks off with “Need 2 Be Loved,” a stomping Brazilian samba (complete with Nova’s reggaeton rap) that she describes as “a pep talk to myself to let go of fear and celebrate the moment.” From there, the acoustic guitar-driven love song “We Were Young,” segues into the soulful, flamenco-flavored “Corazón Abierto” and the playful, soca/hip-hop-inspired first single “Drummer Boy.” Other highlights include the sprawling R&B number “Something to Believe In” (a song about one’s relationship with faith and featuring vocals by Citizen Cope) and the evocative, electro-tinged “Ashes & Pearls,” which the environmentally minded Nova says is about greed. “It’s about how we’re not conscious of what we’re doing to this planet because of our desire to make more money and be powerful—so in the end we’re swimming in ashes and pearls.”

Nova’s thoughtful lyrics play out amidst a richly textured backdrop of acoustic and electric guitars, piano, Wurlitzer, percussion, strings, and inventive electronic programming—a sonic landscape she conjured up with the help of her producers, including British studio veteran Marius de Vries—a five-time Grammy Award nominee and two-time BAFTA award winner known for his work with Madonna, Björk, Massive Attack, and Josh Groban, and Oscar-winning Argentinean film composer, multiple Grammy and Latin Grammy-winning producer and founder of Surco Records, Gustavo Santaolalla, who has scored a host of critically acclaimed films including Brokeback Mountain, Babel, and The Motorcycle Diaries, and produced multi-platinum and Latin Grammy-winning artists such as Juanes, Café Tacuba, and Julieta Venegas. When Nova began writing the songs that appear on Luna Nueva, the two men were on her wish-list of producers.

“In the studio, it’s so important to break out of your comfort zone,” Nova says, “because we don’t realize what we’re capable of until we try new things. Marius always brought the unexpected. At first I’d think he was joking when he wanted to include singing mice sounds on ‘Vete De Mi,’ but he wasn’t. They sound like birds, but they’re actually mice. It’s just one example of his brilliance and experimental spirit.” For his part, de Vries says: “there’s an intelligence and a musicality in everything that Debi does. I think we’ll be seeing her around as a force to be reckoned with for many years to come.”

Nova met Santaolalla, who serves as one of the album’s executive producers, in London while working with de Vries. “Gustavo and I made an instant connection,” she says. “We saw each other’s eyes and we knew that we were going to do something together.” In January 2008, Nova began talking to Santaolalla about signing to his Surco Records imprint (through Decca Label Group) and making a record. “Gustavo was great at taking all the material I had written, including songs I’d recorded with Marius, and saying ‘I like this song, you should put more guitar on that song,’ and just being the overall visionary. We sat down and listened to everything I had recorded and chose the songs that would be on the album.”

“An artist has to have certain traits to make me want to work with them, like personality, originality, and talent,” Santaolalla says. “Debi is a great musician, singer, and performer and she writes great songs. I also like the fact that she can write in both English and Spanish. All of these things added up make her a very unique and exciting artist.”

Of course it doesn’t hurt that the twenty-four-year-old Nova is also a stunning, high-spirited brunette with a powerhouse voice and hip-shaking dance moves to match. But don’t be misled by her beauty; Nova has serious musical chops. Born in the Costa Rican capital city of San José, Nova began playing piano at age four, at the urging of her mother, whose family members all play an instrument. She studied classical piano throughout her teens and fronted her first band at age 13. At 14, she joined the Costa Rican band Gandhi and got her first experience performing on the big stage when the group opened for such artists as Deep Purple, Aterciopelados, and Mana.

She honed her vocal technique during a five-week program at Boston’s prestigious Berklee College of Music a few years before moving to Los Angeles to study voice at the LA Music Academy in Pasadena. When her year at the Academy ended, she entered UCLA’s Ethnomusicology and Jazz Studies program intending to complete her degree, but fate intervened in the form of an invitation from legendary Brazilian artist Sergio Mendes to be the featured vocalist on his critically acclaimed album Timeless (produced by the Black Eyed Peas’ and to accompany him on his tour of the U.S. and Japan, an experience she describes as “a party on stage.” Not long after, Nova signed her first publishing deal.

But juggling her burgeoning songwriting and performing career and her studies soon proved too much and Nova dropped out of UCLA to focus on her music. Over the following years she racked up numerous credits; she penned songs for Latin recording artists Belinda and RBD, Sean Paul, Mark Ronson and more, including her own single, “One Rhythm,” which reached #1 in Latin America and on the U.S. dance charts. She also co-wrote and performed the standout track, “Latin Girls” on the Black Eyed Peas Grammy-nominated Elephunk She has six Grammy nominated projects under her belt, including nods for her songwriting and/or vocalist work with Mendes, Black Eyed Peas, Sean Paul, Victor Duplaix, and Norman Brown.

Puerto Rican superstar Ricky Martin invited Nova to duet with him on two tracks on his 2005 album Life—“Que Más Dá” and “Drop It On Me”—and to also appear in the videos. At Martin’s invitation, Nova later joined him on a tour of Latin America as a featured vocalist, and made several high-profile TV appearances with him, including a sizzling duet at the Radio Music Awards in Las Vegas.

After seven years of non-stop writing and recording, Nova is thrilled to finally be putting out her own solo album. Luna Nueva is a labor of love long in the making. “I’m just ready to give birth to these songs,” she says. “I feel like I’ve been holding onto them and I need to release them and share them with the world.”

Look for Luna Nueva, coming from Universal’s Decca Label Group/Surco Records in Spring 2010.
For more information, please visit


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