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New project from Maxim of The Prodigy: We Are Noize ‘Dollar Flick’ – Released 12th May 2014(Preview)

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We Are Noize

We Are Noize
‘Dollar Flick’
(We Are Noize)
Release Date: 12th May 2014
Preview HERE


An exciting new project is emerging under the name – We Are Noize. A group of friends fronted by Maxim of The Prodigy have joined together in a collective to create music outside the norm, without limits or boundaries. Their first single ‘Dollar Flick’ is set for release on Monday 12th May through their own label also named We Are Noize.

Their sound, you can hear within ‘Dollar Flick’, is bouncy and bassy but edgy and cool, with many minds working together in order to create really forward thinking and unique music.
Never caring about people not getting it, We Are Noize strive to create their own following and get people jumping around the club.
We Are Noize are a group of friends who all share the same passion for music. Whether it’s experimental, or a sound that just doesn’t follow trends, they realised that they all had the same vision – to write and produce good music.
A new side project by Maxim from The Prodigy who plays a big part in the creative direction of the group, his thoughts and ideas are reflected in the music and from there We Are Noize build on them to create something never heard before. An exciting new project to keep an eye out for, We Are Noize firmly believe that if you create your own lane, there is no traffic!

Worthy -Disbehave

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One of the four founders of Dirtybird Records, Worthy is a San Francisco resident who creates bass-driven electronic music thats breaks all the rules. From his anthemic collaboration with Eats Everything on Dirtybird to solo hits on labels such as Leftroom, Trapez, Discobelle and his own Anabaticrecords, Worthy has forged a unique musical identity that is infallibly enforced by the release of his debut album.

‘Disbehave’, is a genre-defying rebellion against the house producers status quo. This album cannot be confined to a category, nor can Worthy be caged in with his colleagues. You will find some homage to the Dirtybird sound on tracks like ‘I Get’. But this album departs from his usual booty tech beats, into a broader sonic experiment as he forges new alliances with future bass, downtempo, breakbeat and deep house. You can hear the broadness and complexity of sounds on tracks like ‘On The Floor’ featuring Kevin Knapp (Off, Hot Creations) with its heavy bass to the beauty of swelling chords and swirling vocals on tracks like ‘The Words’featuring Audio Angel. Reminiscent of the early days of the electronic sound movement that were less imbued with genre stereo-typing, ‘Disbehave’ is an emotional departure into a complex cavern of atmospheric rhythm, eluding to the many moods of the dance music sphere.


Label: Anabatic
Cat no: AB54‎
Released: Tuesday June 10th, 2014


  1. All our souls (intro)
  2. The Words feat Audio Angel
  3. Dark Bridges
  4. Burned
  5. Disbehave
  6. On The Floor (Feat. Kevin Knapp)
  7. Infect
  8. Dusted Smoke
  9. I Get
  10. Damm Fine
  11. Can’t Handle It
  12. Stars Attack
  13. Luna
  14. Free From The Night
  15. All our souls (outro)

Silverbird With The Spirits(Stream)

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Silverbird formed when frontman/songwriter Tim Barr, whose past musical endeavors include a short stint performing with Lizzy Grant aka Lana Del Ray as well as playing and studying with Dizzy Gillespie’s longtime pianist Mike Longo, caught the attention of producer Kristopher Harris (Smoke Fairies, Story Books, Matthew and the Atlas), who then began working with Barr’s initial demos. Shortly thereafter, Surface Life was born. Silverbird is rounded out by bassist Corey Davis, guitarist Dan Whaley, and drummer Jacob Schaub.

Coldplay – Midnight (Giorgio Moroder Remix)(Stream)

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coldplay - Midnight (Giorgio Moroder
Coldplay have today announced that “Midnight” - one of the songs from their upcoming new album Ghost Stories - has been remixed by Giorgio Moroder. The legendary Italian electronic music pioneer’s reworking is available to download now, from

The original version of Midnight features on the upcoming Coldplay album, “Ghost Stories” (out 19 May)


Lana Del Rey – West Coast (Official Audio)

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Disciples – Poison Arrow(Stream)

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Enjoying a growing reputation after last summer’s underground hit ‘Remedy’ and their FFRR debut ‘Catwalk’, Disciples continue their momentum with the new single ‘Poison Arrow’ which is out on June 8th as their second release for the resurgent FFRR.

A co-production with underground titan Shadow Child, ‘Poison Arrow’ is house banger with a crossover hook which is propelled by booming, bouncing bassline. Between ‘Poison Arrow’, ‘Remedy’ and ‘Catwalk’, Disciples have already demonstrated an ability to weave between club sounds at will in the space of just three singles.

The original mix of ‘Poison Arrow’ will be packaged with an instrumental version as well as remixes from Redlight and Kilter.

Disciples’ roots were formed when Duvall and Gavin were the only two students on their music tech course who were interested in urban and dance-orientated music. As the duo started to work together, Duvall also started a program to encourage young people to develop their interest in music – one of whom was Luke. But it took another two years and a chance meeting on New Year’s Eve for the trio to commit to a project. They soon found that their individual strengths caused a chemical reaction when mixed together.

Working towards their upcoming debut album, Disciples’ material mixes an eclectic range of references, but shares an infectiously core sound that should infiltrate the mainstream.

MNEK -Every Little Word(Stream)

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Sharam “Tripi” coming soon on Seth Troxler’s Play it Say it label(Preview)

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sharam tripiCheck out one of the most talked about records in Miami, Sharam’s new track “Tripi (feat. Manfred Mann’s Earth Band).” It was heard on Pete Tong’s essential selection April 4th and will be released soon on Seth Troxler’s new label “Play it Say it”

Shinedoe -Illogical Directions

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ShinedoeThe queen of reinvention, Shinedoe’s third album is a culmination of everything she has achieved to date. From the mesmerizing and melodic‘Circle Of Life’, to the dark and brooding ‘Discourse’ featuring The Knife’s Karin Dreijer, ‘Illogical Directions’ is about letting go, about an artist completely liberated in her studio, making music from the heart and processing all her experiences into one impressive trip.

“I don’t want to make rational choices, it’s important that music can move in any direction, even if it doesn’t really make sense. It’s the only way to completely feel free, to avoid getting trapped in some sort of format.”  Shinedoe

The first lady of Amsterdam, Shinedoe shot into the spotlight a little over a decade ago with a string of omnipresent club hits and an imitable style of stripped back techno with a funky edge. Over sixty releases later, her identity is rooted in techno foundations and Dutch notoriety with a pinch of jazz, funk and dub. Her third album, ‘Illogical Directions’ is bold and adventurous, introducing a seductive side to her down-to-earth nature.

Label: Intacto
Cat no: INTACLP003
Released: Monday May 19th, 2014


  1. Release Yourself
  2. Essence
  3. Alto Paraiso
  4. Feat. Karin Dreijer – Discourse my new romance
  5. Panomanic
  6. Pressure Dome
  7. FT. Miss Bunty – Circle of Life
  8. Not So Far
  9. Fe-Male
  10. FT. Jayson Obispo – God’s love
  11. Get Dirty

Mar 22    ALL Night Solo at ParadiSOLO @ Paradiso    Amsterdam, Netherlands
Mar 28    Harry Klein    Munchen, Germany
Apr 04     Weetamix    Geneva, Switzerland
May 03    Bpitch Control @ Panorama Bar    Berlin, Germany
May 23    Illogical Directions Album Tour @ Cafe Gold    Zurich, Switzerland
May 25    Illogical Directions Album Tour @Break Club    Montpellier, France
Jun 07 Illogical Directions Album Tour @ Chocolote Festival     Lausanne


Sabb – Feelings (Original mix)(Preview)

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