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Lorn – ‘Diamond'(Video)

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Lorn – ‘Weigh Me Down’ (Official Video)

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Lorn – Mary Anne Hobbs XFM Mix 09/06/2012

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Lorn – ‘Ghosst(s)’ (Official Video)

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Lorn – Ask The Dust

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Released 18/06/2012

Lorn returns with a new full-length album, his debut on Ninja Tune, and it’s a huge stride forward since Nothing Else (released on Brainfeeder, June 2010). Listening back to his first album, Lorn says it now seems “cold and strict.” Ask The Dust, on the other hand, is “haunted, oily, smeared,” and with this description he captures something of the intensely felt, visceral aliveness of the music.

If Lorn began his musical career as a poet of alienation, then Ask The Dust(named after the 1939 proto-Beat classic novel of the same name by John Fante) sees his music develop a more human energy. In particular, the use of his own singing voice (a process which began on the last track of Nothing Else, “What’s The Use”), which has added a new dimension to his often crunching and brutal but never less than beautiful electronic music.

Take “Weigh Me Down,” where Lorn comes surprisingly close to glitched-out soul music. It would be easy to overlook while reaching for muscular superlatives, but his music is also supremely melodic, where a tune like “The Well” (ostensibly “a soundtrack to being buried alive”) is memorable for a melody that nags at your brain long after the music has stopped.

“Dead Dogs” combines spectral choirs with explosive drumming, (one of three tracks with live drumming). “Chhurch” combines the feel of early electro with Lorn’s own highly developed aesthetic (originally written on tour, GonjaSufi came up with lyrics to accompany it, but never recorded them anywhere else save his iPhone). But it’s on a tune like “Ghosst” that he shows the sheer energy and raw drive he commands. It is exhilarating and slightly terrifying all at once.

Other highlights include, “This”, a wipe of a hand across a chalkboard, so to speak. A simple sequence to reset things, a mantra to calm the nerves. “Diamond”, was among the first written for Ask The Dust, while Lorn was still up in northern Wisconsin, the last surge in his isolation, over the expanse of the lake in the house his grandfather built

Since the release of Nothing Else, Lorn has toured the world alongside the likes of Mary Anne Hobbs, Amon Tobin, and GonjaSufi to name a few. He became a devout owner of a B5 A4, and much like his dedication to music and art, wasted no time tearing it apart in order to learn how to put it all back together again. Ask The Dust suggests he’s learnt to do much the same with his emotions.

Download:Om Unit x Lorn – Obsidian

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Download:Om Unit x Lorn – Obsidian

Download:Lorn – Self Confidence Vol. 2

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Hour and fourteen minutes of unfinished / unreleased / demo / don’t remember music from Lorn.

Lorn – Self Confidence Vol.2 Download
Lorn – Self Confidence Vol.2 Download (Alt)

Download:Super Chocolate Black Simian

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Brooklyn based Elucid opens 2011 with part one of Super Chocolate Black Simian, a two-part mixtape representing hip-hop’s voice of the future present. Over production by Breakage, Lorn, El-P, Jamie Vex’d, Mexicans With Guns, Skream and more, Elucid thrashes out with facemelting lyricism. Heavy warped dub textures complement Elucid’s sonic assault which touch on themes of fear, terror, control and desire in the information age.   

The project is mixed and mangled by Concrète Sound System’s Primus Luta, pushing what Gutta refers to as “noise terrorism” to its glorious breaking point.  

Super Chocolate Black Simian Part

It is available as a free download exclusively on the Concrète Sound System website HERE


01. No Standbys- Produced by 12th Planet
02. Fuck the Dumb – Produced by 12th Planet
03. Together- Produced by Breakage
04. Dream On- Produced by Chasing Shadows
05. Counteract – Produced by Sensei
06. Pain Parade- Produced by Jamie Vex’d
07. MEANR- Produced by El-P
08. Braking For Zombies- Produced by Mexicans with Guns
09. Brainwaver- Produced by Lorn/Samiyam
10. Nigga -Produced by DVA
11. Self Destruct- Produced by Leonard Dstroy
12. Evol Ill – Produced by Skream

Teebs free downloads from debut album ‘Ardour’

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Teebs ‘Why Like This’, from the forthcoming debut album ‘Ardour’. Get a FREE download of this track at FACT magazine.

Teebs – ‘Arthur’s Birds’

Taken from the forthcoming Teebs album ‘Ardour’, released on Brainfeeder on 11 October. Free download of this track at LA Times.

“Teebs has such a unique and tender magic, as an artist, as a producer and as a human being…He’s a gifted and rare kind…”
– Mary Anne Hobbs

“Everything he does is gold, he does HIS thing, always has and I suspect, always will.”
– Dimlite

As music from the Los Angeles area thrives and swells across the globe, one of it’s most beloved and deeply rooted members steps out with an LP full of infectious melodies, subtle hip-hop and a kaleidoscope of sound. Music for the imagination.

Ardour is the debut album by long time running My Hollow Drum, Dublab, and recent Brainfeeder artist, Teebs. Born in New York to Malawi and Barbados origins, Mtendere (pronounced “ten-
de-ra”) (Chichewa for “Peace”) Mandowa, is a 23 year-old producer who bounced around the East Coast before finally planting his feet in the Southern California suburb of Chino Hills.

A city known for it’s rolling hills and FBI ranking of one of the safest in the United States, Teebs developed his artistry right outside Los Angeles’ county line and just south of the Orange County beach community. Music may have come by accident, literally. A skateboard injury sidelined Teebs, which led to a concentration on art.

Through great focus and vision, Teebs made a name for himself as a skilled painter. His artwork found on canvases of all form, from walls to record covers, become imbued with vibrant color, energy, and shape.

From paint and brush, Teebs slowly found himself in the world of music making.

Early in his musical pursuits, Teebs joined a group of like-minded friends and producers who went by the name ‘My Hollow Drum’. Within this crew, he was able to build new ideas, share works and perfect his production craft. Intrigued with what was going on in Los Angeles’ evolving electronic scene, he never expected to fall directly into it.

He began interning for the acclaimed online radio stream, Dublab. This sparked his self-expression, spirit and growth as an artist. Being around music, art and a creative atmosphere while brushing shoulders with the artists he admired from the area.

Teebs was accepted into the Red Bull Music Academy for their 2008 edition in Barcelona, Spain. Upon arrival back home, Teebs became even more focused on his music and art. A chance meeting with Flying Lotus led to his involvement and joining of the newly founded Brainfeeder collective. Having previously heard from local producers and DJs about this new up and comer, Lotus didn’t hesitate to take Teebs under his wing after hearing some of his earliest beats. Ardour began to bloom.

Ardour was made during two major periods of his life. Having just lost his job and with little to no money, Teebs moved into the same apartment complex as Flying Lotus and shared living quarters with another Brainfeeder affiliate, Samiyam. It was here that the beginning stages and one-half of Ardour were created. Before Teebs was aware his album was showing itself, his father who had been terminally ill, passed away. He moved back home and stopped making music.

Back home, Teebs finished were he left off.

Ardour, two years in the making, is the result of Teebs’ journey thus far. More than the music, it’s the feeling he wants to convey. The idea of hearing something you really love, the moment you know something is really special. Flying Lotus said, “Teebs music sounds like an island vacation…The way Avatar looks.” What’s often said about Teebs’ sound is the warmth it has on the listener. It’s only fitting that a title like Ardour, which is defined as “great intensity and warmth” is used to represent this essential chapter to the ever-growing puzzle of Los Angeles.

Released by: BRAINFEEDER
Release/catalogue number: BFDNL011
Release date: Oct 4, 2010


More Teebs at EMN Free Downloads
All City pres. Daedelus / Teebs – LA 6+free download
(download)Teebs-Svetlana Shortcast vol.1
(donwload)Teebs: XLR8R Podcast 140
SVET002:Teebs & Jackhigh – The Tropics EP+free download

LORN – “None An Island” Out 13th September

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LORN – “None An Island”

Out 13th September 2010.

Lorn aka Marcos Ortega returns with a new EP from his critically acclaimed debut album, “Nothing Else.”

One of the standout tracks from a breakthrough record, “None An Island” combines Lorn’s trademark overt emotionalism, brutality and bleakness into something transcendentally beautiful. Brainfeeder labelmate Samiyam then takes “Brainwaves” and converts it into a lowriding, limping journey into paranoia and fear. Lorn ups the ante yet again by returning with two new original tracks, “Never Enough,” which uses a distorted, rasping, alien voice to syncopate its rhythms, and “Until There Is No End,” which shows that Ortega’s grasp of melody is never compromised by the sheer heaviness of his tracks.

A fantastic accompaniment to his album and a further delving into his sound, “None An Island” strongly suggests we’ll be hearing much more from Lorn for a long time to come…



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