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Chris Kaz-Chris Kaz

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Chris Kaz-Chris KazThere are no barriers with Chris Kaz, nothing too personal for him to share, and no emotion he doesn’t feel comfortable expressing through his music. Whether he’s composing for himself, as his dance alter ego “Boofi”, or producing for other people.

Kaz’s self-titled debut album is made up of ten tracks that push the boundaries of typical electronic music. Chris’ album is a logical extension of everything else he has done up to this point. While he has successfully released dance music under the alias Boofi (slang for boy toy), working with Ministry of Sound amongst others, he has saved his more personal work for his own nomenclature.

Every artist has two faces. Chris Kaz, to me, is deeper than Boofi, and more how I am feeling today. Boofi is fluffy, crazy, sexy dance music. The music I am making as Chris Kaz is totally different.

Listening to artists such as Skinny, Tricky, Massive Attack, Portishead, The XX, Fink, Jai Paul, Nicolas Jaar and others has informed the direction of Kaz’s music. Emotional, relationship-based, and full of self-disclosure, Chris says the overwhelming theme of this debut release is love – being in love, yearning for love, running from love, obsessing about love.

The tracks come from a place of love. It’s very deep and sincere to me. I have waited a long time to release this album, and feel that, as an artist, I’ve been building up to it.

Kaz’s sound is part of an innovative subgenre of EDM music; unlike some of the younger EDM kids who jump around at all night shows, Kaz’s music is meant to be enjoyed with all of your senses. Composed with an intellect combining time and space, the album sounds almost like a live recording, allowing the listener to fully absorb this set of deeply personal songs.

RELEASE : Aug/Sept
LABEL: Cujo Records
CAT NO: cujo001


1. Tumbling Hobbsdon
2. Time Fails All
3. Clifford Bounce
4. The Way Formula
5. Little Dreamer
6. Marcel McCalla – Steal Me Away (Chris Kaz Remix)
7. Try Safe
8. Tempered Oxy
9. Radio Jingle Shop
10. Turbulance

Valentin Stip – ‘Sigh’ (Other People)

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OtherPeople_OP006_Valentin Stip_Sigh_LP_Cover_1600_FrontThe first full length album from Nicolas Jaar’s Other People imprint comes from Valentip Stip. Familiar for his releases on Jaar’s first label, Stip was taught to make music by the prolific electronic producer himself and now comes of age (at a ripe 21 years old) with his debut long player ‘Sigh’.

Several years ago, Valentin Stip was sitting alone by a harbor in the small French town where his parents grew up. “I heard all the sailing strings hit the masts, and I realized that every sound you hear is potentially music,” he says. “The only thing that makes sound into music is the mind, arranging it.” Since then, Valentin Stip has been building a bridge between the sounds that live inside and outside his head. On Sigh, the 21-year-old producer´s full-length debut on Other People, Stip organizes classical piano, lightly sputtering grooves and intimate found sounds into an album of compositional grace and emotional honesty.

Label: Other People
Cat no: OP007
Released: Monday February 24th, 2014


  1. Tableau II
  2. Pendule
  3. Aletheia
  4. Correlation
  5. Aveu
  6. ****
  7. Regards sur l’Enfance (I et II)
  8. Sigh

other people

Vtgnike – Dubna LP

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Vtgnike - Dubna LPThe next album on Nicolas Jaar’s Other People imprint comes from Vtgnike. Hailing from Moscow, this unique artist pits the cool swagger of American import electronic music against a cold and distinctly Russian organicism.

Vines around a concrete base, a shattered window, a road from here to Moscow. The sound of wind, or cars and a train. ‘Dubna’ is a place of opposition: electronic and organic, frenetic and meditative, hot and cold. Its sound is all its own, so complex and particular as to be irreplaceable.

Label: Other People
Cat no: OP004
Released•: Monday February 17th, 2014


Campaign Refix
Jimmy Dub
Panarama Bar Shitt
Hi Fashion
Rewind Ioseliani

Acid Pauli – ‘Get Lost V’ (Crosstown Rebels)

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- Acid Pauli is a musical genius and tastemaker who plays in three bands, released a track on a Björk album and went out for a tea with Michael Nyman to discuss future projects

- His debut album ‘MST’ came out on Nicolas Jaar’s Clown & Sunset label earlier this year to great acclaim

- Get Lost 5 features exclusive unreleased material from Nicolas Jaar, NU, The Band That Never Met, Tempo Di Roma and Acid Pauli

- One of the most adventurous Get Lost episodes to date, Pauli treads deep into more weird and wonderful waters in this two disc odyssey for the fifth instalment in the series

- A unique download code in the purchased CD version unlocks a lost third part of the mix to complete this epic 4 hour continuous mix


Crosstown Rebels ground breaking Get Lost series reaches half a decade with Damian Lazarus’ favourite DJ and one of Berlin’s most recognised figures, Acid Pauli. Pauli may not be a household name but he is coveted by those in the know as an enigmatic genius and pioneering figure who understands how to touch and play with the feelings held within music. Victorious in his efforts, Pauli bears a contender for mix of the year or even decade. Rummaging deep, he indulges in his archetypal strange and rare musical pleasures and packages it in a captivating two hour excursion into his reality.

For Get Lost 5 he writes daring new scripts and moulds new boundaries altogether. Beginning with the twisted mechanics of his own production asConsole providing the intro to another Berlin secret and Acid Pauli collaborator, NU whose brooding humming works contribute two tracks to the journey. Throughout Pauli continues to wrestle with promiscuous drum patterns amidst sweet harmonic instruments in his quest (note the haunting violin solos of Kadebostan’s ‘Love in Looxor’). He consistently maintains clandestine tones and preserves the earthy shadows of electronica with contemporary underground dance heroes Move DdOP, SIS and Stimming making appearances alongside more idiosyncratic choices such as Jan Turkenburg’s ‘In My Spaceship’.

Lazarus is such a fan he marked his 40th birthday celebrations at a private party with an epic all night set from Acid Pauli and it’s easy to see why. They share much musical territory and explore the murky waters of their minds in psychedelic patterns and furtive codes. They also cosset a deep love for popular music channelled through unusual interpretations. Pauli includes many eccentricities such as the as yet unheard The Band That Never Met’s rendition of the Bruce Springsteen classic, Gonzalez cover from Pauli & Laura Weider titled ‘Oregano’ and Calico Horse’s take on Radiohead’s ‘Idioteque’. A dextrous wizard akin to the unbounded talents of Matthew Herbert and Aphex Twin, his choices become playful souvenirs that testify to his power to astound.

As the first episode draws to a close it continues to warp and mystify with a bubbling collage of echoing voices and organ synths from Nicolas Jaarwith an unreleased production named ‘Play The Drums For Me’. The final moments come from Acid Pauli’s own ‘Farewell Fred’ and are reminiscent of Kraftwerk. Its mischievous conclusion features a traffic light sample insistently calling“Wait”.

Get Lost’s second act can only be heard with a unique download code given to those that purchase the CD, unlocking the lost middle section of this continuous four hour opus.

It’s third act and grand finale takes a more dancefloor course with Pauli’s own ‘Music Is Silence’ opening the curtain. Yet it is still peppered with charms and dim hallucinations such as the textured worlds of Autechreand the spectacular anthemic Monkey Maffia ‘I Know You N.m.s’ that characterise Pauli’s unconventional nature.

Label: Crosstown Rebels
Cat no: CRMCD020CRMLP02
Distribution: Above Board Distribution
Released: Monday November 19th, 2012


  1. Ammer & Console (feat Reinhard Furrer) – Dann ist elektronische Musik an meinem Ohr
  2. NU – MAN O TO
  3. Normal Brain – M-U-S-I-C
  4. Soulcenter – What you\\\\\\\’re doin (Acid Pauli edit)
  5. Kadebostan – Love in Looxor
  6. Raz Ohara – El Zahir (Acid Pauli’s Acid Dub)
  7. Günther Lause – Mountain
  8. Console – Grüner Raum
  9. Jan Turkenburg – In My Spaceship
  10. Acid Pauli & Laura Weider – Oregano
  11. Move D – Things Will Come (…for Those Who Wait)
  12. Ian Simmonds – The Wendelstein Variations
  13. Stimming – November Morning
  14. Juno6 – Dead Cities (Douglas Greed Remix)
  15. Nicolas Jaar – Play The Drums For Me
  16. NU – EARTH
  17. Stephen Brown – Cane’t 2
  18. Acid Pauli – Farewell Fred
  19. Acid Pauli – Music Is Silence
  20. Pele & Nico Stojan- Belladonna
  21. dOP feat. Sibiri Samaké – Foly
  22. dOP – Ikarus
  23. Acid Pauli & Nannue Tipitier – Zeit Löschen
  24. Gunjah, Niconé – Peaz, Luv & Harmonium
  25. Taron Trekka – G.Samsa
  26. SIS – Machiste
  27. Kabale Und Liebe – Una Y Nada
  28. Tempo Di Roma – Move Your Bones
  29. Dirty Doering – Eté Pluvieux
  30. Amirali – Hear Me
  31. Calico Horse – Idioteque
  32. BlackIsBeautiful – Pergamon
  33. Francesca Lombardo – Is It True
  34. Metrika – Aok ot
  35. Console – Trainset
  36. Monkey Maffia – I Know You N.m.S.
  37. Rayon – Libanon 7
  38. Lou Kasard feat. Benno – Once upon
  39. Autechre – Overand
  40. The Band That Never Met – I’m On Fire
  41. Lake Powel – Bright Eyes, Dirty Hair

Tour Dates

28th September – Berlin – Watergate
30th September – Paris – Le Trianon
6th October – London – Rebellion party
12th October Berlin – Kater Holzig
19th October – Hamburg – Docks
26th October – Munich – Rote Sonne
30th October – Halle – Charles Bronson
31st October – Stuttgart – KimTimJim
10th November – Leipzig – Distillery
11th November Berlin – Kater Holzig (Get Lost 5 release party)
23rd November – Munich – Rote Sonne
30th November – Melbourne – New Guernica

Shlohmo – Rained The Whole Time (Nicolas Jaar Remix)(Stream)

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12″ with remixes including Airhead, Salva, Nicolas Jaar and Groundislava officially IN STOCK:

Sónar 2012 Barcelona: line-up

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Sónar Barcelona, which will take place on 14, 15 and June 16, presents its first confirmed artists, including The Roots, deadmau5, Hot Chip, Modeselektor, James Blake dj, Fatboy Slim, Richie Hawtin, Amon Tobin’s ISAM, Squarepusher, Nicolas Jaar, Luciano, Azari & III, Jacques Lus Cont, Friendly Fires, Metronomy, John Talabot, Mouse On Mars, BBC Radio 1 presents Annie Mac & guests and showcases from Hyperdub, Brainfeeder and 100% Silk, among others.


Among the artists confirmed to date are: 

The USA’s The Roots, probably the best hip-hop band in the world today.

Top-drawer technological shows with a massive impact on the senses, likeISAM by Amon Tobin, and the shows by deadmau5 and Diamond Version (the new project by Alva Noto and Byetone).

Major names in electronic dance music, including Fatboy Slim (for the first time at Sónar), Richie HawtinAzari & IIIJacques Lu Cont,ModeselektorItalJohn TalabotLuciano and Laurent Garnier(presenting his latest show, LBS).

Some of the leading standard bearers of today’s freshest and most danceable pop, like Hot Chip (who have a new album under their belt)MetronomyFriendly Fires and Austra.

Undeniably talented young artists like James Blake (wearing his dj hat),Nicolas Jaar (returning after his success at Sónar 2011), Maya Jane ColesJacques Greene, Julio BashmoreThundercat, Cooly GThe Suicide Of Western CultureUner and Blawan, among others.

Top drawer adventurous and experimental artists such as Mouse On MarsSquarepusherPeaking Lights, Maria MinervaLA Vampires,Plapla Pinky and Supersilent, who will be performing with the legendary British musician John Paul Jones.

The major showcases by HyperdubBrainfeeder and 100% Silk (three of today’s most important labels, champions of cutting edge dubstep, the fertile Los Angeles beats scene and the new batch of underground house producers in the United States, as well as the BBC Radio 1 show with Annie Mac and her guests.


The Roots (US)
Hot Chip (UK)
James Blake dj (UK)
Fatboy Slim (UK)
Richie Hawtin (CA)
Amon Tobin ISAM (BR)
Squarepusher (UK)
deadmau5 (CA)
Nicolas Jaar (US)
Luciano (CH)
Azari & III (CA)
Friendly Fires (UK)
Metronomy (UK)
Modeselektor (DE)
Mouse On Mars (DE)
Laurent Garnier presents LBS (FR)
Hyperdub presents Kode9 + Cooly G + Scratcha DVA (UK)
Austra (CA)
Jacques Greene (CA)
Jacques Lu Cont (UK)
John Talabot (ES)
Diamond Version featuring Alva Noto & Byetone + Atsuhiro Ito (DE-JP)
Brainfeeder presents Thundercat + Kutmah + Lapalux (US)
Maya Jane Coles (UK)
Mary Anne Hobbs Vs Blawan (UK)
100% Silk presents Ital + Maria Minerva + LA Vampires + Magic Touch (US)
Peaking Lights (US)
Julio Bashmore (UK)
BBC Radio 1 presents Annie Mac & guests (UK)
Trevor Jackson (UK)
When Saints Go Machine (DK)
The Suicide Of Western Culture (ES)
Darkside (Nicolas Jaar & Dave Harrington) (US)
Plapla Pinky (FR)
Psilosamples (BR)
Dago (BR)
Uner (ES)
Supersilent featuring John Paul Jones (NO-UK)

Download:Shlohmo – wen uuu (Teebs Remix)

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Download:Shlohmo – wen uuu (Teebs Remix)

Bonus remix from Brainfeeder’s Teebs!!
Check out Shlohmo’s ‘Vacation’ 3 track EP out now on Friends of Friends…
12″ with remixes including Airhead, Salva, Nicolas Jaar and Groundislava will be out 2/14


Kaskade Announces ‘Fire & Ice’ Double-CD Album Details/Co​llaboratio​ns – Ultra Music Nov 8

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2011 has been an incredible year for producer and America’s number one DJ, Kaskade. The November 8 release of his seventh studio album, the double CD ‘Fire & Ice’, on leading dance label Ultra Music, is a perfect tail-end to the year, and an insightful prelude into what promises to be an even bigger 2012 for Kaskade.

Kaskade (aka Ryan Raddon) has spent the last twelve months creating the double disc album in his Santa Monica studio, following on from his 2010 album ‘Dynasty’ which debuted at no.5 on the iTunes Overall Album chart. A conceptual first in dance music, ‘Fire & Ice’ explores both sides of Kaskade’s personality, with the two discs serving as a soundtrack for a total nightout.

The Fire disc contains ten original songs geared firmly toward the dancefloor. From lead single ‘Eyes’, which BBC’s Pete Tong used to open his Essential Selection show, to ‘How Long’ and ‘Llove’, Kaskade’s signature anthemic lyric-driven house is displayed at its best. His collaboration with Skrillex, ‘Lick It’, serves up a growling slice of electro, but never forgets the musicality and melody that underpin Kaskade’s productions, qualities that are re-affirmed in the disc’s closing track, his collaboration with Skylar Grey, ‘Room For Happiness’.

On the second disc Ice, Kaskade chooses to remix all ten songs from Fire himself. Designed to serve as a counter-point to the first disc, Ice provides the perfect down-tempo post club experience, showcasing his musical versatility. The remixed ‘Eyes’ draws on sparse, sonic textures akin to James Blake and Nicolas Jaar. Kaskade transforms his Skrillex collaboration ‘Lick It’ into slow-burning electronica, perfect for a late night drive home. Most of all Ice serves to emphasize the emotive lyrics that underpin Kaskade’s songs, easily missed at high-tempos. Ice offers the perfect chance to observe an artist who builds his music from the words up, a rarity in contemporary dance music.

“The first thing I think about when I make music, is the melody and the lyrics,” said Kaskade. “Production styles come and go, but good songs can stand the test of time. People might know ‘Eyes’ as a big-room dance music anthem, but underneath it’s a beautiful song. The ‘Fire & Ice’ concept allowed me to present my music to people in a new way, and show that my music can work at many different tempos and styles outside a club setting.”

From his ground-breaking double residency in Las Vegas at Marquee and Encore Beach Club, to headlining the 20+ date amphitheater tour IDentity this summer, curating a legendary BBC Essential Mix, and being named America’s Best DJ by DJ Times and Pioneer, the renowned producer Kaskade has simply not stopped in 2011. With the release of ‘Fire & Ice’ his incredible rise to the pinnacle of dance music shows no sign of slowing down.

Full support for his Roseland Ballroom ‘Tricks Or Beats’ show has been announced. On October 28 KAskade will be joined by Alesso, Le Castle Vania, MNOR, Sleepy & Boo and on Saturday October 29 Theopholis London, Alvin Risk, David Waxman.

Full track list:

Disc 1 – Fire
1. Kaskade feat. Mindy Gledhill – Eyes
2. Kaskade with Rebecca & Fiona – Turn It Down
3. Kaskade feat. Neon Trees – Lessons In Love
4. Kaskade & Skrillex – Lick It
5. Kaskade feat. Haley – Llove
6. Kaskade feat. Marcus Bently – Let Me Go
7. Kaskade feat. Quadron – Waste Love
8. Kaskade & Dada Life with Dan Black – ICE
9. Kaskade & Inpetto with Late Night Alumni – How Long
10. Kaskade feat. Skylar Grey – Room For Happiness

Disc 2 – Ice
1. Kaskade feat. Mindy Gledhill – Eyes (Kaskade’s ICE Mix)
2. Kaskade with Rebecca & Fiona – Turn It Down (Kaskade’s ICE Mix)
3. Kaskade feat. Neon Trees – Lessons In Love (Kaskade’s ICE Mix)
4. Kaskade & Skrillex – Lick It (Kaskade’s ICE Mix)
5. Kaskade feat. Haley – Llove (Kaskade’s ICE Mix)
6. Kaskade feat. Marcus Bently – Let Me Go (Kaskade’s ICE Mix)
7. Kaskade feat. Quadron – Waste Love (Kaskade’s ICE Mix)
8. Kaskade & Dada Life with Dan Black – ICE (Kaskade’s ICE Mix)
9. Kaskade & Inpetto with Late Night Alumni – How Long (Kaskade’s ICE Mix)
10. Kaskade feat. Skylar Grey – Room For Happiness (Kaskade’s ICE Mix)

Tiefschwarz -Watergate 09

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Release date 31-Oct-2011
In a world of ever recycled trends, Tiefschwarz (deep black) is that most classic of shades. Its timeless style is testament to its staying power, and with a DJ and production career spanning over 14 years, this German deep house duo have proven just how apt a moniker can be.

Born and bred in Stuttgart, brothers Ali and Basti Schwarz’s passion for techno and deep house flourished their initial experience as DJs in the early 90’s at the now legendary clubs that Ali ran in their home town, ON –U and Red Dog. This led to the formation of Tiefschwarz in 1997, from which they found rapid success with their debut single ‘Music’ and album Ral 9005. By 2002, this had been licensed to the London label Classic Recordings from where they springboarded to international recognition. They decided to make the move to Berlin, at the time fast becoming the epicentre of a true electronic music renaissance, from where they pursued a hectic touring schedule and remixing the likes of Cassius, Missy Elliott, Kelis and their personal heroes Masters At Work. They then scored a double whammy with their all-conquering crossover hit remix of Spektrum’s ‘Kinda New’ and the single ‘Isst’ off their 2005 long-player, ‘Eat Books’. This was also the year that electrohouse dominated the charts and minimal the clubs, but Tiefschwarz have never allowed themselves to be tied down to a certain sound, staying true to their love of melody as demonstrated on their addition to the Fabric mix series.

A series of high profile mixes in 2006, including Depeche Mode ‘John The Revelator’, Madonna’s ‘Get Together’, Roxy Music’s ‘Rain Rain Rain’ and Booka Shade’s ‘Darko’ saw them continue perfecting their distinctive sound. Yet this was also the year in which Ali and Basti gravitated back to Berlin to found their own label, Souvenir, with their French partner Arthur Vélasquez. Basti explains “We like the idea of seeing music as a souvenir, an impression you take from somewhere. Something intimate that you remember”. After years of constant touring they wanted a place to foster talent, both young and old, with releases from the likes of Riton, Tom Mangan, Ziggy Kinder, Ruede Hagelstein, The Psychonauts, and the brothers Re.You. They haven’t let this slow down their impressive production workload though, with a ten year anniversary compilation and a 2010 follow up album ‘Chocolate’ made in collaboration with Santé, and featuring Cassy, Seth Troxler, and Dave Aju. At a perfect time to take stock of their career, the brothers are proudly contributing the ninth installment in the Watergate mix series, and have chosen a number of tracks that simultaneously pay homage to the beginnings of their career whilst also remaining very much forward looking.


01. WHEN SAINTS GO MACHINE – FALL FOREVER (Nicolas Jaar Remix) – K7!
07. MK – BURNING (Jay Haze Edit) – Defected
08. ALTON M – I LIKE HAVIN’ YOU- Cyren America Records
09. RON & CHEZ D – Untitled – KMS
10. DJ ASSASSIN – A FACE AMONGST THE CROWD (Chris Simmonds’ Intellidred Remix) – Cross Section Records
13. GEMINI – WHERE DO I GO (1997 Mix) – Robsoul Recordings
14. MANUEL TUR Feat. HOLLY BACKLER – MOST OF THIS MOMENT (Isolée Remix) – Freerange Records
15. AFRO CELT SOUNDSYSTEM – RELEASE (Master At Work Remix) – Real World Records
16. MAJOR MAL’FUN’CTIONS – MYSTERIOUS MOMENTS (4-W.D. Motherland Mix) – Djax-Up-Beats
17. G STRINGS – IMAGES – Seventh Sign Recordings

Nico’s Bluewave edits (incl.Missy Elliott – Work It Nicolas Jaar edit)(stream)

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