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Luke Slater releases album as L.B. Dub Corp on Ostgut Ton

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L.B.DUB CORP - UNKNOWN ORIGINOstgut Ton presents “Unknown Origin” the debut album from Luke Slater’s L.B. Dub Corp moniker. The ten tracks recorded at Spacestation Ø form a hymnal intent on transporting you back to the roots. Digging deep into the history of dance music, “Unknown Origin” dares to ask the big questions and offers no easy answers. Instead, deep spiritual dubs are side- by-side with slices of piano house, and handsome slabs of techno contrast with the words of the silver- tongued poet Benjamin Zephaniah.

In L.B. Dub Corp’s capable hands this examination of what has gone before is in absolutely no way nostalgic. These are tracks informed by the past and rooted firmly in the present. The euphoric early days of house make themselves apparent on “Turner’s House” and the jubilant “Nearly Africa”. They are also the key to the building piano line on “Ever and Forever”. But house’s ability to sooth a mournful soul is far from forgotten and “No Trouble in Paradise” should be kept close when everything’s far from blissful.

Artist L.B. Dub Corp
Title Unknown Origin
Label OstGut Ton
Release Date 11-Nov-2013
Format Vinyl, CD & Digital

Tracklist CD

01. Take a Ride feat. Benjamin Zephaniah
02. Nearly Africa
03. Ever and Forever
04. L.B’s Dub
05. No Trouble in Paradise
06. I Have a Dream feat. Benjamin Zephaniah
07. Turner’s House
08. Generation To Generation
09. Any time will be OK
10. Roller feat. Function

MASSE music by Henrik Schwarz, Dettmann | Wiedemann and DIN

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masseA whole evening of contemporary dance which has been set up by three different choreographers is in need of three different sound producers. That’s the set-up of “MASSE“, the sound underlying the gesamtkunstwerk. “MASSE“ as a whole event has been triggered by renowned state ensemble Staatsballett Berlin and Club Berghain right in the centre of the german capital. Plus there’s even more to it: The Staatsballett and Berghain access new territory by staging “MASSE“ at the huge “Halle am Berghain“, a former combined heat and power station besides the club. The painter Norbert Bisky has been chosen to create the stage design. At the core of the dance night lies a tryptichon made out of pure sound: the music of Henrik Schwarz, Dettmann | Wiedemann and DIN was taken as the starting point for developing the choreographies.

Henrik Schwarz – Balletsuite #1 – Masse
Henrik Schwarz opens his suite with “Unknown Touch”, a dense exposition made from acoustic guitars and pizzicati strings floating on an atmosphere. The subsequent tracks let the bass lines wander amongst throbbing electrified guitars, both characterized by their clearly structured arrangements.

Creating a narrative break a synthesizer cuts into the groovy moves of “But Then I’m Different”, accompanied by a sighing violin. To top things off in the final track of “Balletsuite #1 – Masse“ a dreamy and summing-up house piano is aired. The solo piano ends with a quiet closing sequence slowing down the keys more and more to a final nothing.

Dettmann | Wiedemann – Menuett
Marcel Dettmann & Frank Wiedemann are also close associates of the Ostgut Ton family and are in charge of the second part, “Menuett“. Theirs is a 25 minutes long sonic-tryptichon: “Accelerando“ sounds like two space observation centers having a chat, while “Martellato“ is juggling the filters until the polyrhythm somehow transform into a circling movement. A syncopated beat and some shrewd filters bring light into “Spiritoso” – like fundamental electronic research into sound.

DIN are Efdemin (Phillip Sollmann) & Marcel Fengler who created this new alias for “MASSE“. Similar to Dettmann | Wiedemann, the Berlin musicians utilize ever new parts of their machine park to create musical abstractions. Out of the humming virginal cosmos of “Creation” & “Variation” mid-range bass drums take shape until they poke a rattling rhythm pattern. In a similar way “Oscillation” first takes a bath in the primeval soup until the drums of an unheard-of tribe are arranged by an invisible hand to engineer a gentle flowing movement. This progression becomes more delicate in “Division” & “Generation” until it unwinds at the stage of “Conclusion” to fade out as a nocturne, urban touch. Given the different aesthetics of the producers that built “MASSE“, it’s uncanny and a pleasure to hear how its music as a whole shapes a fine sonic entity.

Artist Henrik Schwarz, Dettmann | Wiedemann, DIN
Label Ostgut Ton
Release Date 10-June-2013
Format CD/ digital


Henrik Schwarz – Balletsuite #1 – Masse
01. Unknown Touch
02. Affect Structure
03. I Am Not Responsible For That
04. But Then I’m Different
05. When Things Are Difficult
06. Couple Are Strong

Dettmann | Wiedemann – Menuett
07. Part 1 – Accelerando
08. Part 2 – Martellato
09. Part 3 – Spiritoso

10. (prelude)
11. Creation
12. Variation
13. Oscillation
14. Division
15. Generation
16. Conclusion

01. – 06. written & produced by Henrik Schwarz
07. – 09. written & produced by Marcel Dettmann & Frank Wiedemann
10. – 16. written & produced by Marcel Fengler & Phillip Sollmann (DIN)

Barker & Baumecker album ‘Transsektoral’ on Ostgut Ton+Free Download

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Techno comes in all shapes and sizes, and few recent outfits embody that truth more obviously than Berlin’s Barker & Baumecker. One operates as Barker/Voltek and the other as nd_baumecker. Both solo projects exhibit unconventional takes on techno inflected by the influence of other genres, from glitch to dubstep to ambient and beyond. Judging from their output so far on Ostgut Ton, one gets the idea that these fellows know a lot about electronic music; their label debut “Candyflip” was a 9-minute opus spelled out in broken beats and trancelike tones, the kind of track that seems to reference a million different things in one coherent, confident statement.

It should come as no surprise then, that their debut album together is a many-sided prism reflecting different iterations of techno from all angles. Titled “Transsektoral”, the album name refers to the duo’s ambition to travel across the entire spectrum of electronic music. That’s what they do on the LP, bridging a seemingly impossible gap between the dubby blobs of ambient opener “Sektor” to the effervescent bubbling of the epic closer “Spur,” like happy hardcore unravelled and disassembled into a soothing afterword worthy of someone like Dntel.

artist Barker & Baumecker
title Transsektoral
label Ostgut Ton (Distributed by Kompakt)
date 10.09.2012
format CD/LP

Tracklist CD:
01. Sektor
02. Trafo
03. Schlang Bang
04. Crows
05. Tranq
06. No Body
07. Trans_it
08. Databass133⅓
09. Buttcracker
10. Silo
11. Spur

Yves De Mey and Peter Van Hoesen release as ‘Sendai’ the full length sonic experience ‘Geotope’

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Sendai is the collaborative project of Yves De Mey and Peter Van Hoesen. Both artists are longtime friends and share a deep passion for exploring the outer limits of the electronic music spectrum. Sendai combines De Mey’s skillful extraction of deep and dynamic sounds from his modular synthesizer system with Van Hoesen’s keen sense of digital composition and sound design.

Peter has previously released his music has been released on his own labels Time To Express and Foton as well as Exone, Ostgut Ton, Ann Aimee, Komisch, Meakusma and several others. His 2010 album ‘Entropic City’ was considered as one of the defining techno albums of that year. He is a DJ, producer, sound designer and composer for contemporary dance and theatre.

Yves De Mey’s interest in experimental sound design found its way into his music through working for theater and dance performances and doing large scale sound installations. He’s released albums on Line and Sandwell District, who found the time right to widen their dance-floor techno-scope and released De Mey’s Counting Triggers, a 6-track album that interprets club music in a downtempo electrified fashion. He has a new solo release coming up for Time To Express in 2012.

After two 12″ releases for Time To Express in 2009 the duo took some time out to reflect on their joint musical path.The result is ‘Geotope’, a no-compromise experimental album that sees the duo moving away from the dancefloor into an altogether more varied and daring sonic domain.The album shows a clear sensibility for stripping things down to their bare essentials.
It is the result of a road travelled together without straying from their heartfelt path. In essence Geotope combines both artists’ influences and experience into a dynamic, ever-evolving sonic environment.

Available on double vinyl in a full-colour gatefold sleeve. 500 copies worldwide.

artist: Sendai
title: Geotope
label: Time To Express, BE.
date: 26.03.2012


1 Terminal Silver Box
2 Following The Constant
3 A Refusal To Celebrate A Statistical Probability
4 Win Trepsit/Brief Delay
5 FurtherVexations
6 EP2010-4
7 Geotope
8 Emptiness Of Attention


Marcel Dettmann mixes timeless techno on ‘Conducted’

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Music Man Records is proud to present the long awaited second mix-cd from Marcel Dettmann, resident at the notorious Berghain club in Berlin since it’s oldest incarnation as Ostgut and a key artist on their label Ostgut Ton.

Marcel Dettmann’s previous mix-cd was named best mix-cd of 2008 by Resident Advisor and last year he released his debut album ‘Dettmann’ to high critical acclaim. In the meantime he’s also built the profile of his own label MDR, and is a hugely in demand remixer for the likes of Emika, Ellen Allien, Radioslave, Scuba and O/V/R.

The tracklist of ‘Conducted’ includes a mixture of new to be discovered talents, alongside older ready to be re-discovered gems, and those you may expect such as Sandwell District, Redshape or Shed. ‘Conducted’ is simply a timeless mix from one of the most important DJs and producers of the current techno scene.

artist: Marcel Dettmann
title: Conducted
label: Music Man, BE. (Distributed by N.E.W.S., BE.)
date: 14.11.11

1. Sandwell District – Immolare (First)
2. Signal – Wismut
3. Roman Lindau – Sub Suggestion
4. Mono Junk – Channel B
5. Reel By Real – Sundog
6. Bluemoon Productions – Night
7. The Analogue Cops – Why You Love Me
8. Vril – V3
9. Milton Bradley – Don’t Phonk
10. Silent Servant – El Mar
11. Morphosis – Too Far
12. Redshape – The Lesson
13. Shed – Hello Bleep!
14. Cheeba Starks presents The Toupe Committee – GoGo Bop (A Trip To The Bodega)
15. O/V/R – Post-Traumatic Son (Ben Klock Wave Mix)
16. FBK – Nanomal
17. Answer Code Request – Escape Myself
18. Shed – 44A (Hard Wax Forever!)

Tracklist 12’’ sampler

12” sampler 1:
A1. Bluemoon Productions – Night
A2. Morphosis – Too Far
B1. Signal – Wismut
B2. FBK – Nanomal

12” sampler 2:
A1. Cheeba Starks presents The Toupe Committee – GoGo Bop (A Trip To The Bodega)
A2. Answer Code Request – Escape Myself
B1. Vril – V3
B2. The Analogue Cops – Why You Love Me

Planetary Assault Systems -The Messenger on Ostgut Ton, Oct.24th

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The Planetary Assault Systems project has been active for some 15 years now, channeling an exploratory theme into cutting edge, non-conformist techno for the clubs but also for listening at home. His previous album for Ostgut Ton, “Temporary Suspension”, re- instated that classic P.A.S sound and found the dextrous artist touring even more with this tougher, purist techno aesthetic.

And yet again Slater maintains his prolific output with the announcement of “The Messenger”. In his own words it’s a project that stays very true and honest to the Planetary Assault Systems goal: a journey of discovery, to create new sounds which are not otherwise present in club music at this time.

From the album’s beautiful introduction track “Railer (Further Exploration)”, which floats through the bubbling ether before leading into the mysterious depths of “Beauty In The Fear”, it is clear that Slater’s role as sound explorer and adventurer has been dutifully fulfilled. With the sense of timing that can only be expected from such an experienced DJ and musician, we are led through a series of stand out tracks, where no one feels less pure, yet each has their own voice.

Indeed there’s a strong club element present here – Slater play-tested all the tracks and employed a careful editing process to make sure they all fit the description. Highly playable works of club-intended sound art, early heavy moments like “Bell Blocker” or the playful “Wriss” give way to even more severe messages as “Kray Squid” pulses onto the radar with magnetic energy. The drum barrage of “Rip The Cut” speaks directly to the dancefloor, perhaps the most rhythmically intense moment of the album, which is not to be put lightly as the rolling, filtering tones of “Cold Bolster” and “Black Tea” urge us further into perfectly frenetic moments.
“The Messenger” is a great tribute to all true explorers out there, striving to find enlightenment or chasing what Slater describes as the “undamental wave”.

artist: Planetary Assault Systems
title: The Messenger
label: Ostgut Ton, DE
format: OSTGUTCD20/LP10
date: 24.10.2011


01. Railer (Further Exploration)
02. Beauty In The Fear
03. Human Like Us
04. Bell Blocker
06. Movement 12
07. Call From The East
08. Kray Squid
09. Rip The Cut
10. Motif
11. Cold Bolster
12. BlackTea

A1 Beauty In Fear
A2 Bell Blocker
B1 Wriss
B2 Call From The East
B3 Motif
C1 Rip The Cut
C2 Human Like Us
D1 Black Tea
D2 Cold Bolster


Oct 29th, Berghain/Berlin
Planetary Assault Systems live,
James Ruskin
Norman Nodge

Download:tobias. Free No 2

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free track to teas tobias. album ‘leaning over backwards’ on ostgut ton. out now!
‘free no 2′ is a new version of the cut ‘free no 1′ which is part of the underwater techno album tobias

Download:tobias. Free No 2

Marcel Fengler -Berghain 05

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Berghain’s Marcel Fengler presents the fifth installment in the club’s expanding mix series. A central resident at the club since its early days, Fengler continually and consistently fires up the Berghain floor with his vast and exemplary collection of techno, house and electronica.

Opening with the eerie echoes of Emika’s ‘Count Backwards’ – treated by Marcel Dettmann - we quickly discover the first exclusive gem of the mix as Peter Van Hoesen’s incredible ‘Axis Mundi’ sets the tone from here on in: full, lively and not short on drama.Pushing into darker zones, Regis’ typically haunting mix of Tommy Four Seven’s ‘G’, or Luke Slater’s L.B Dub Corp mix of Fengler’s own ‘Thwack’ segue with more classic cuts from Secret Cinema’s ‘Timeless Altitude (Minneapolis Mix)’ and Ratio’s ‘Doublefeature’. Fengler keeps the surprise element alive while maintaining tension and pressure throughout. Gerd’s tripping ‘Time and Space (Duplex Southside Mix)’ mixes wonderfully with UK bass veteran Seiji’s ‘More of You’ in a glorious mid point throw- down. The mighty Claude Young teams up with production partner Takasi Nakajima on ‘Think Twice’, which then swells to pick up the tension in a beautiful piano-led hypnotising moment.

With the focus on more current developments in more edgy techno and house, combined with a hearty nod to the past, the mix continues with newcomers like Puresque showing promise, alongside a weighty new Ben Sims track, and the pounding filtered glory of Vril’s ‘UV’ – another exclusive for the mix. Marcel includes a new track that heads straight for the floor with ‘Sphinx’, while men of the moment Skudge put forward ‘Man On Wire’. The slow burning house of Reagenz’ ‘The Labyrinth’ leads us into a psychedelic game of funk, dub and abstraction as the mix winds down.Before drawing to a close with Convextion aka E.R.P’s stunning ‘Vapor Pressure’, we’re treated to a UK house classic by 20:20 Vision’s ‘Future Remembrance (Livestyle Mix)’, in all its analog glory.

In Berghain 05, Marcel Fengler has proved filling floors doesn’t have to be about ticking boxes. This mix is a perfect example of the type of dexterity, sensitivity and scope he possesses as a DJ.

The O-Ton 51 12″ with tracks from Peter van Hoesen/Reahenz/Vril will be released 15.08.11
Artist: Marcel Fengler
Title: Berghain 05
Label: Ostgut Ton, DE.
Release: 29.08.11


01. Emika – Count Backwards (Marcel Dettmann Vocal Edit)
02. Peter van Hoesen – Axis Mundi (Exclusive, previously unreleased)
03. Terrence Dixon – Tranquility (Octagen Remix)
04. Byetone – Plastic Star (Dr. Walker Remix)
05. Tommy Four Seven – G (Regis Remix)
06. Marcel Fengler – Thwack (L.B. Dub Corp Remix) (previously unreleased)
07. Secret Cinema – Timeless Altitude (Minneapolis Mix)
08. Ratio – Double Feature 09. Gerd – Time and Space (Duplex Southside Mix)
10. Seiji – More Of You 11. Claude Young & Takasi Nakajima – Think Twice
12. Puresque – 001A (previously unreleased) 13. Ben Sims – Slow Motion (previously unreleased)
14. Vril – UV (Exclusive, previously unreleased)
15. Marcel Fengler – Sphinx (previously unreleased)
16. Skudge – Man On Wire (previously unreleased)
17. Reagenz – The Labyrinth (Exclusive, previously unreleased)
18. 20:20 Vision – Future Remembrance (20:20 Livestyle Mix)
19. Convextion aka E.R.P. – Vapor Pressure (previously unreleased)

Line up for the Berghain 05 release party:

Saturday 3 September
Ratio LIVE
Marcel Fengler
Norman Nodge

Alex Dallas & Soultourist

tobias.-‘Leaning Over Backwards’ out July 4th on Ostgut Ton

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Underwater techno. That could be ‘Leaning Over Backwards’ in just two words. Tobias Freundʼs debut album for Ostgut Ton also serves as the long player introduction for his tobias. moniker, giving a fascinating and profound insight into his special world of music and sound science. Having been involved in the music industry since 1980, you could easily fill tomes with his work and creations. Formerly based in Frankfurt am Main and for a few years now happily living in Berlin, tobias. started his quest in sound as a synth experimentalist with a Korg MS20, worked a day job as a studio engineer (for acts as diverse as Milli Vanilli and more recently Aerea Negrot, Ellen Allien, Nina Kraviz and Heartthrob amongst others), remixed, released as Pink Elln or in collaborative projects Sieg über die Sonne and NSI. (together with Max Loderbauer) and runs his own label Non Standard Productions. But thatʼs beside the point, even if tobias. does bring friends, old and new, on his debut album. Named after a lyric from a Wire song, ‘Leaning Over Backwards’ suggests the feeling one gets when doing exactly that, bent over a rail, testing how long you can possibly do it before gravity takes hold, toppling you over. In this case it can last forever. Amongst other things, tobias. renounces the ubiquitous dictate of computer sequencing. Reduced to a plain recording device, the computer makes way for the classic drum machines Roland TR 808 and a Korg Mini Pops. Known for their stubbornness, the character brought by unpredictability wins over standardised convenience. Tobiasʼ sound is rewarded with a dynamism that doesnʼt forego attention to detail, accuracy of sound or thoughtfulness.

Rooted in jam sessions with just beats and FX units, the mood and sound of the tracks on ‘Leaning Over Backwards’ follow these parameters. The results are sometimes unswerving club tracks (‘Skippy’, ‘Party Town’, ‘We Stick to the Plan’), occasionally an ambient or drone-like atmosphere (‘Zero Tolerance’, ‘Observing The Hypocrites’) or a hybrid of the two, as in the title track. All united by the imagery of “being underwater” that is apparent from the start with ‘Girts’. Take ‘The Key’ for instance; produced in Santiago by Tobias and his long standing colleague Uwe Schmidt aka AtomTM, you can listen to splintered beats and gloomy pads submerging into the Drexciyan depths. It all comes full circle with ‘Now I Know’. Both fantastical and fey, tobias. once again makes use of Aerea Negrot’s (from Hercules & Love Affair) powerful vocals. As before on ‘Party Town’ or ‘Zero Tolerance’, Negrot is the icing on the cake, turning the album closer into a yearning slice of Blade Runner-esque pop.

‘Leaning Over Backwards’ insists and bewitches with its nonconformity and almost frightening idiosyncrasy. tobias. creates a style of techno that is as far away from the steam roller kicks and traditional rules of functionalism as it is from being purely synthetic. Techno as perpetual motion machine, both above and underwater.

artist: tobias.
title: Leaning Over Backwards
label: Ostgut Ton, DE.
format: CD/ 2×12”
release: 04.07.11


01. Girts
02. Party Town
03. Voices Told Me To Do That
04. Skippy
05. Zero Tolerance
06. Free No.1
07. Leaning Over Backwards
08. Observing The Hypocrites
09. The Key
10. She Still Calls Me Mister
11. We Stick To The Plan
12. Now I Know

Prosumer presents ‘Panorama Bar 03′ on Ostgut Ton

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Prosumer is no unknown quantity anymore. In 2005 he donated Playhouse a veritable hit with “The Craze” and led to the recognition that longing and lascivious house music with male vocals doesn’t necessarily have to come out of the holy trinity (Chicago, Detroit and New York) – although he would never deny his special love affair with these places and house. Prosumer’s music (be is as producer and remixer with Murat Tepeli, Tama Sumo or on his own) and his DJ sets breathe autonomy and individuality as well as preserving the basic ethos of the founding fathers. He follows the primal credo of disco’s deified bastard: to jack the groove of all grooves. Whatever that may be.

Here you have his first officially available mix. Concurrently a document of Prosumer’s symbiotic relationship with the already legendary club, ‘Panorama Bar 03’ wraps all the things up that make Prosumer such an exceptional DJ. Seemingly without any effort, he connects songs and tracks from yesterday, today and tomorrow. Tracks that follow the textbook example of house (DJ Duke’s tribute to Larry Heard) and tracks that need Prosumer’s touch to be identified as such (Lil Silva). Exclusive dubplates from his Panorama Bar fellow Steffi and Berlin’s hotshot Hunee meet well-placed and unreleased skyrockets from Soundstore, T.S.O.S. and Soundso. Theo Parrish jacks with the young and wild Morgan Geist, while secret matters from the Romanthony vaults (“The House Of God”) swing with a fantastic Jeff Mills in disguise (Servo Unique).

On top of it all, evergreens like the affirmative and uplifting “Music Take Me Up” by Mr. Fingers make you wonder why they haven’t got a place in house music’s pantheon. Another classic – at least for Prosumer and his beloved Panorama Bar shifts – is Oracy’s “Bass Mood” and I’s “L.T.B.C.Y.B.“ should certainly become one.
‘Panorama Bar 03’ is teeming with personal tracks that are perfectly in tune with each other and mixed without a false laptop bottom but much needed bravado instead. It just needs a little bit of stamina to create something worthwhile. Prosumer’s steadfastness has already turned him into one of the most interesting DJs of our time. To quote QX-1: a love injection!

artist: Prosumer
title: Panorama Bar 03
label: Ostgut Ton
date: 09.05.11

01. Steffi – Sadness (exclusive)
02. DJ Duke – Heard
03. Hunee – A Leaf For Hand In Hand (exclusive)
04. Soundso – Untitled (exclusive, previously unreleased)
05. Theo Parrish – Twin Cities
06. Morgan Geist – Current
07. Romanthony – The House O’ God
08. Circulation – Sincerely (Creation Mix)
09. Lil Silva – Pulse vs. Flex
10. Soundstore – Take U (exclusive)
11. J.T.Melody presents Tina René – Prove It (Instrumental)
12. Fingers Inc – Music Take Me Up
13. Oracy – Bass Mood
14. i – L.T.B.C.Y.B.
15. T.S.O.S – Over And Over (exclusive, previously unreleased)
16. Servo Unique – Let’s Swing It
17. QX-1 – Love Injection (Inject Me Love Mixx)

Record release party:
30.04.2011, Panorama Bar, Berlin feat. Hunee
Prosumer, Larry Heard, Tyree Cooper, Soundstore, Murat Tepeli


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