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Thomas Blondet – FutureWorld +New Video Premiere

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thomas blondet

FutureWorld, the debut album from acclaimed Washington, DC DJ/producer,Thomas Blondet, is out now on Rhythm & Culture Music.

FutureWorld is genre bending, multicultural, and forward thinking aural journey that defines the Rhythm & Culture sound. Furthermore, Blondet’s project highlights his production sensibilities and widespread vision garnered by the multitude of influences living in the nation’s capital. His impeccable ability to mesh melody with infectious rhythms makes this a dance release as well as an insurmountable task in itself.

FutureWorld blends together Jamaican toasters with Indian musical traditions, fusing harmoniously within a landscape of swirling synthesizer lines over a terrain of modern dance rhythms (Chan Ve). Gentle Spanish vocals float alongside cinematic Middle-Eastern melodies (Un Amor) evoking images of streaming water flowing from a fountain in an ornate Andalusian palace.

Blondet, playing the roles of artist, producer, and curator achieves this hybrid by carefully selecting a host of vocal collaborators including reggae legend Monsoon, Carol C (of SiSe), Tina M, and French vocalist Leyla Chatti. Blondet’s creative collaborators also include Kiran Gandhi (of M.I.A.) who played percussion on Curry Flava and Croatian musician, Fillip Novosel, with whom he teams up on Savo Vodo, resulting in powerful Baltic vocals and virtuosic musicianship. Combined with Blondet’s DJ-friendly beats, the result is a statement of how small the world has truly become.

Comprised of 13 compositions, FutureWorld carries the dialogue of a modern global community as it creates the future of a world together.

1. Chan Ve
2. Un Amor
3. Check One
4. Dil Da Jani
5. Beyond the Balkans
6. Tu Va Partir
7. Curry Flava
8. Savo Vodo
9. In This World
10. Dil Da Jani Reprise
11. Supreme Dub
12. Son of Fakir
13. In This World Dub

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TOP 25 Promo Chart V/A February 2014

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art decade
Some of the best tracks from albums,ep’s,compilations…arrived at our mailbox extramusicnew(at)
Indie,Rock,Alternative,Downtempo,Experimental,Etno,Nu Jazz,Folk,Funk,Soul,Progressive Rock,Cumbia,World,…,

1. Art Decade – Need You Yesterday (3:56) INFO
2. Nick Pride & The Pimptones – Hex On My Soul (3:04)
3. Zo aka La chauve-souris – Stars (3:32)
4. Ahmed – Dhiyaanaage-huvafen (6:18)
5. Hurray For The Riff Raff – St. Roch Blues (5:09)
6. John Adorney – Never Alone (5:08)
7. Club America – Mary Did (3:56)
8. K I T (Kuenta I Tambú) – Jackhammer (3:31)
9. Sara feat. Bosta – Tounkan (Captain Planet Remix) (5:49)
10. Adrian – In My Hands (4:06)
11. Beth Neilsen Chapman – 12 Almost (4:10)
12. Nistha Raj – Shivranjani (5:45)
13. Diggs Duke – Sweat Like Sieves – DIGIMASTER (2:51)
14. Tiécoro Sissoko – Fatou – Soli (6:15)
15. Fox and the Bird – Wreck of the Fallible (4:04)
16. Jaro Milko & The Cubalkanics – Cumbia Griega (3:49)
17. The David Liberty Band – End Of Story (3:45)
18. Mainland – - Shiner (2:27)
19. Adrian Raso Fanfare Ciocarlia – 10. Spiritissimo (3:34)
20. Mark Morriss – Its hard to be good all the time (4:06)
21. Happyness – Montreal Rock Band Somewhere (5:04)
22. Jarabe De Palo – 01 Somos (4:06)
23. Jef Gilson – Chant Inca (5:43)
24. Sound Menagerie – Stay With Me (4:18)
25. NØMADS – Disguises (5:32)

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Frànçois & The Atlas Mountains release new album on Domino USA( February 14, 2012)

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Pensive indie pop, delicate electronica, as well as North African guitar stylings and percussion combine on the forthcoming release by Frànçois & The Atlas Mountains. The new album, entitled E Volo Love (Domino USA) releases February 14, 2012.

In a centuries-old French church high on a hill, Malian-style finger-picked guitar riffs bounced off cabaret-ready piano lines. Whispering calabash brushed against shimmering minimal techno. All in service of a dreamy set of songs that became E Volo Love (Domino USA; release: February 14, 2012), tracks that straddle the catchiest of indie rock and electronica and the lush borders of globally inflected experimentation.

This is the world of Fránçois and the Atlas Mountains. Fránçois has opened for incandescent Afrobeat scion Femi Kuti, and he has played with effusive retro-rockers Camera Obscura. He’s leaped unexpectedly onto the indie scene in an English industrial town and learned to embrace the sounds of his native Southwestern France. He’s gotten lost in the outskirts of Fez and dug into the complexities of Senegalese mbalax’s rolling club beats.

Shaped by the quiet influence of West and North African sounds and by the gritty yet friendly vibe of Bristol’s underground arts scene, Fránçois and the Atlas Mountains make a return to roots—hometowns, lost loves, Western pop transformed in the crucibles of the Sahara or Dakar—utterly engaging and fresh.

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Fránçois & the Atlas Mountains – Be Water (Je Suis De L’eau)(preview)

Fránçois was raised on Serge Gainsbourg, Jacques Prévert, the classics of French pop and poetry. He also grew up hearing tales from Cameroon, where his mother spent her girlhood. Yet the rural French kid’s mind was blown when he first heard grunge and pounded on a distortion pedal, and he started making his own tapes.

When work took him to Bristol, England, Fránçois immediately jumped into a thriving scene, one that included both the speed-of-weed trip hop of groups like Portishead and Massive Attack, and a DIY-loving arts underground where experimentation and collaboration were welcome. Fránçois, merrily collecting a menagerie of instruments and accompanying himself live on keys he played with his feet, fit in perfectly and soon connected with bands from The Pastels to Movietone to Camera Obscura, who invited him to join.

Yet there are other currents that run through Fránçois’s music and that flow across North and West Africa, back to Europe. Things clicked for Fránçois when he heard the brilliant African blues of Ali Farka Touré and the gritty Sahara rock of Tinariwen. He found himself wandering through Morocco, shadowing groups of Senegalese drummers, trying to master the polyrhythmic spree of Dakar’s dance music (mbalax, made famous by singers like Youssou NDour).

On E Volo Love, these fascinations get folded back into indie rock and electronica in an organic way. Inspired by Touré—and constantly mislaying his picks— Fránçois figured out how to touch the electric guitar strings and approach the bare fingered, rippling sound of Mali’s guitar greats. He invited Tinariwen engineer Jean-Paul Romann to add his imprint to the album.

And almost accidentally, E Volo Love gained an African pulse. As Fránçois was spending some time in his hometown of Saintes, he wound up playing a gig at the old church where the album was eventually recorded, with versatile drummer Amaury Ranger. A dance class had left behind a hand drum and a calabash, and the duo picked them up spontaneously during the show.

“The sound had a power and drive, but was gentle enough not to overwhelm what I was doing,” explains Fránçois. This sound, rich with the church’s natural resonance, blends seamlessly with the drum kit and beats of tracks like the album’s otherworldly opener, “Les Plus Beaux.”

“As we were putting the album together, the idea of return, of palindromes, kept popping up, which was perfect because I recorded the album where I grew up, around things I knew so well but was re-experiencing from the point of view of an adult,” Fránçois reflects. “It’s about things that never move, or things that return: sounds, people, feelings.”

Things that loop back transformed echo throughout E Volo Love, whether it’s the mysterious marimba sample from a field recording that merges into the bittersweet Afro-indie rock of “Edge of Town,” or the overwhelming nostalgia of the electronica-inflected “Bail Eternel.”

Opposites attract and coexist: a French cabaret piano line goes Congotronic on “Piscine,” horns add grit to a gentle indie ballad on “Azrou Tune.” The landscape on the cover looks like a blazing desert, but is actually a freezing morning: “The cover was shot at 7 AM in February on the coldest day you can get,” Fránçois recalls. “It has this strange feeling of things being the opposite at the same time.” Much like tension between airy and earthy that makes E Volo Love shine.

Fanfare Ciocarlia vs. Boban & Marko Markovic, Balkan Brass Battle (Asphalt Tango)

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East European Heavyweights Fanfare Ciocarlia vs. Boban & Marko Markovic on ‘Balkan Brass Battle’
Release Date: July 12, 2011

Finally, the two titans of East European Gypsy music go head to head in a Balkan brass encounter of epic proportions. Following the tradition of brass battles from Serbia’s legendary Guca Brass Festival to New Orleans’ mean streets, the Balkan Brass Battle showcases the wit, passion and musical genius of Europe’s Romany Gypsy people.

In the left corner: Fanfare Ciocarlia, the Romanian rockers who rose from rural obscurity to international fame as one of the world’s most explosive live bands. Their fierce groove helped fuel a global beats revolution: Fanfare Ciocarlia tearing the roof off the sucka night after night!
In the right corner: Serbian trumpet legend Boban Markovic & Orchestra – survivors of the Yugoslav civil war, Guca Festival’s greatest champions, immortalized in Emir Kusturica’s maverick films, Boban’s Orchestra now feature young gun Marko Markovic, the fastest trumpet in town!

The Balkan Brass Battle CD was recorded across a feverish, sleepless forty-eight hours in a Transylvanian hotel right outside Graf Dracula, the castle of Vlad Tepes. Both bands laid down their hottest grooves then shaped up for a battle royal in the studio. Your ears won’t believe these Gypsy mavericks turbo charged takes on Duke Ellington’s ‘Caravan’ and John Barry’s ‘James Bond Theme’. Also recorded were Balkan folk tunes, original compositions and a surreal take on ‘Gummy Bear’ from the McDonalds’ Kids Menu


AfroCubism – ‘Nima diyala’ live

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Filmed during the first live performance ever of the band at Festival Mar de Musicas, Cartagena, Spain, 9th July 2010

For more information HERE

FELA! Cast Music Video for “Water No Get Enemy”

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Fresh off 3 Tony wins and continued buzz from around the globe, we’re excited to present the music video for “Water No Get Enemy” from the FELA! Original Broadway Cast Recording.

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World Circuit pres. AfroCubism(new all-star project) teaser -album will be released in Autumn

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AfroCubism: This is World Circuit’s dream project – the original intention for Buena Vista Social Club was a stellar collaboration of musicians from Mali and Cuba. Now the original plan has finally been realised with an incredible line-up including Eliades Ochoa, Bassekou Kouyate, Djelimady Tounkara, Toumani Diabaté, Grupo Patria, Kasse Mady Diabaté and Lassana Diabaté.
This is the first take of the first track recorded by AfroCubism

AfroCubism(new all-star project)
Eliades Ochoa – acoustic guitar & vocals
Djelimady Tounkara – electric guitar
Toumani Diabaté – kora
Bassekou Kouyaté – ngoni
Kasse Mady Diabaté – vocals
Lassana Diabaté – balafon
José A. Martinez – double bass
Jorge Maturell – bongos & congas
Osnel Odit – guitar
Eglis Ochoa – maracas
Lennis Lara – trumpet
Alain A. Dragonit – trumpet
Baba Sissoko – tama

An album will be released in Autumn.

The band will perform live for the first time at la Mar de Musicas in Cartagena, Spain on Friday 9th July, and at the North See Jazz Festival in Rotterdam, Holland, on Sunday 11th July.

More concerts will follow in November in Europe and North America.

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FELA! Cast Recording Free Download

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11 Tony Award Nominations!

“The only acceptable excuse for not going to see this show is if you’re DEAD!!!”
- Roots drummer, Ahmir (‘?uestlove’) Thompson

On June 8, Knitting Factory Records will be releasing the FELA! Original Broadway Cast Recording. The album features the incomparable Sahr Ngaujah as Fela singing with members of the irrepressibly funky Antibalas. This cast recording, produced by four-time Grammy nominee Robert Sher, truly captures the magic of FELA!.
For a taste of the album’s sound, check out “Water No Get Enemy” from the new FELA! Original Broadway Cast Recording in the Soundcloud player below.

Receive a free MP3 of the song by emailing yeahyeah(@)

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Fela! Original Broadway Cast Recording June 8th(Video Preview)

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“There should be dancing in the streets! There has never been anything like this on Broadway.”Ben Brantley, The New York Times

“Riveting, surreal, hip, outstandingly sensuous!”Jennifer Farrar, Associated Press

“More than a musical. An ecstatic phenomenon!”David Cote, Time Out New York

“FELA! is glorious!”Misani, New York Amsterdam News

Knitting Factory Records is excited to announce the June 8th release of Fela! – Original Broadway Cast Recording. The record documents the magic of the hit Broadway musical that Ben Brantley of the New York Times called “hot (and seriously cool).” He went on to say that “there has never been anything on Broadway like this production,” and Elysa Gardner of USA Today called it “this decade’s most exhilirating new Broadway musical.” The album will be available for pre-release order on April 20th at 
Fela! – Original Broadway Cast Recording features the incomparable Sahr Ngaujah as Fela singing with members of the irrepressibly funky Antibalas. A version featuring Kevin Mambo will be available for download and for sale at the theater. All 16 of the Fela compositions that are peformed on stage each night, leaving sold-out audiences astonished and breathless at the end of every show, are on the record as are several songs peformed by Funmalayo (Fela’s mother) as played by the Tony-award winning Lilias White, and Sandra Izadore (Fela’s American girlfriend) as played by Saycon Sengbloh. The record was produced by the Grammy-nominated Robert Sher.
“We worked incredibly hard, and have had amazing and talented people on board to create what we think is one of the hottest, sexiest, entertaining and unique Broadway experiences today,” says the show’s producer Stephen Hendel. “We’re working equally hard to make sure that’s captured in the cast record.”
Based on the life of groundbreaking African composer and performer Fela Anikulapo-Kuti, FELA! is the critically acclaimed Broadway musicalthatuses Fela’s music to explore his life as an artist, political activist and revolutionary musician. 

 Watch a video of the musical

 Directed and choreographed by Tony® Award winner Bill T. Jones, with arrangements by Aaron Johnson and Jordan McLean, FELA!is a provocative hybrid of concert, dance and musical theatre. The cast recording captures the electricity and joy that thousands have experienced at the Eugene O’Neill Theater every night since the play opened on November 23, 2009. The record is a document of that experience, yet at the same time is a musical statement in its own right.
Says Hendel, “There are three great bands in the world that can capture this music with the thrill and intensity of Fela Kuti himself: Femi and Seun Kuti live and play in Nigeria and tour around the world; members of Antibalas live in Brooklyn. We are priviliged to have these members on our stage every night, bringing this music to a world that has, to a large extent, only recently understood what they’ve been missing.”
The tracklisting for Fela! – Original Broadway Cast Recording is below:
Everything Scatter
Yellow Fever/Ikoyi Blindness
Trouble Sleep
Teacher Don’t Teach Me Nonsese
Upside Down
Expensive Shit
Water Get No Enemy/Egbe Mi O
Na Poi
Sorrow Tears and Blood
Dance of the Orisas/Shakara
Coffin Head of State
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