Martyn – Great Lengths

Bass addicts take note: Martyn is set to release his Great Lengths album on his own 3024 imprint in March.

Martijn Deykers been making waves in both the techno and dubstep communities with his previous releases as Martyn, impressing Francois K so much, for instance, that he was invited to take over his Deep Space party in New York for the entire night. However you might classify the music that he produces, Martijn is keen to avoid pigeonholing his own material. “I think what makes music interesting is when an artist incorporates his/her influences and translates it into a unique sounding style,” he explains. “Although it might sound a tad arrogant, I’d like to think of my music as ‘Martyn music.’ I try not to think of it as dubstep or techno, or house or drum & bass—it’s not about genres, it’s about music. This way I feel more freedom to make the music I want to make.”

Indeed, the hallmarks that made his previous records stand out so much are all present here: the floating Detroit-esque pads, stuttering broken beats and dubwise basslines—but there are a few surprises. “Little Things” chugs along at a casual 117 BPM, whilst Martijn indulges himself with an epic beatless synth workout on “Brilliant Orange.” There’s even a solo piano piece breaking up the album, as well as two vocal contributions from dBridge and Kode9’s right hand man, Spaceape.

As with all of the previous releases on his 3024 label, the artwork has been done by Martijn’s old friend from Eindhoven, Erosie. Martijn is keen to emphasise their co-ownership of the work, explaining that “because it’s an album, people will focus on the music, but the artwork means just as much as the music does. Erosie’s unique graphic style is 3024, and the music is 3024: Great Lengths represents music for the ears as well as for the eyes.”

01. The Only Choice
02. krdl-t-grv
03. right?star!
04. Seventy Four
05. Little Things
06. Vancouver
07. These Words feat. dBridge
08. Bridge
09. Elden St.
10. Far Away
11. Hear Me
12. Is This Insanity? feat. Spaceape
13. Brilliant Orange
14. Natural Selection

3024 will release Great Lengths in March.

Preorder at triplevision
For more visit my space

Source -RA,Igethype
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