*Extra Promo* Tom Dazing -"Wasp Cocktail"

Probably you remember Winx(Josh Wink)Acid Minimal sound from the 90s,Tom Dazing bring us back!Thanks 2 Veryverywrongindeed Recordings we have this just for you!

“Wasp Cocktail”
Tom Dazing
Veryverywrongindeed Recordings – VVWI012
Release Date: 02 Mar 2009

Tom Dazing -“Wasp Cocktail”
1. Wasp Cocktail
2. Microstrip
3. Microstrip [Sierra Sam & Marcus Vector Mix]

He’s one of VVWI’s secret weapons. Belgian producer Tom Dazing’s fans include Hawtin, Wink, Gabriel Ananda, Seth Troxler, Dominik Eulberg, Marco Bailey, Ambivalent, Skoozbot, RedHead – and of course Andre Crom, who introduced Tom to us in the first place. He’s only been releasing since 06 but he’s already had several releases on Belgium’s fantastic Toysforboys, as well as Coincidence, Heimatmelodie, Maison Digitale, MB Selektions, Aesthetik, Red Factory, and now Veryverywrongindeed.

It’s called Wasp Cocktail EP after the acid lead track. But there’s also Microstrip, a take on the jackin’ sound that’s just as rough and live-sounding as Dazing’s live sets (which he describes as “forcing old-school drum elements into subtle, slinky grooves and all-out raving madness”). And then to reverse that, we’ve got a much darker, smoother and more electronic remix from Sierra Sam and Marcus Vector, the head honchos of Toysforboys (we told you it was good), as well as also between them having a residency at Tresor and running Contexterrior, TuningSpork, Nomor and Obsolete.

Written and produced by Tom Dazing.
Remix by Sierra Sam & Marcus Vector.
Published Copyright Control.
Distributed by Discomania.
(P) and (C) Veryverywrongindeed Recordings 2008.

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