XLR8R Presents Circlesquare -Podcast

Anyone not familiar with Berlin-based producer Klimek will be by the end of this mix. His track “True Enemies and False Friends,” which appears on Kompakt Records’ Pop Ambient 2009 compilation, is obviously a piece of music Jeremy Shaw (a.k.a. Circlesquare) has been caning recently. Shaw spliced the track into several excerpts, which he weaves through his exclusive, hour-long mix that, despite the aforementioned track, is not all mellowed-out drone-ambiance. There’s a substantial helping of danceable tracks here, from Konrad Black’s remix of Paul Ritch to Ben Klock’s minimal techno, and, of course, not to be forgotten are the David Bowie and Leonard Cohen cameos, which fit surprisingly well into the mix.

Shaw also includes a track from his Songs About Dancing and Drugs release here. Pick the full album up now from !K7.

01 Klimek – “True Enemies and False Friends (Excerpt)”
02 Tones on Tail – “Twist”
03 Klimek – “True Enemies and False Friends (Excerpt)”
04 October – “Invitation”
05 Paul Ritch – “Evil Laff (Konrad Black Remix)”
06 Leonard Cohen – “Who By Fire”
07 Klimek – “True Enemies and False Friends (Excerpt)”
08 Rational Youth – “City of Night”
09 Klimek – “True Enemies and False Friends (Excerpt)”
10 Virtual Boy – “X & Y”
11 Ben Klock – “Subzero”
12 Audio Soul Project – “Reality Check (Vincenzo Remix)”
13 Repeat Repeat – “Homestop Welcome”
14 Folk Implosion – “Raise The Bells”
15 David Bowie – “A New Career In A New Town”
16 Klimek – “True Enemies and False Friends (Excerpt)”
17 Circlesquare – “Stop Taking (So Many)”
18 Klimek – “True Enemies and False Friends (Excerpt)”

Feature: David Horvitz
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XLR8R TV: Episode 102 – Tune In An Afternoon: Jel and Odd Nosdam
XLR8R gave anticon. co-conspirators Jel and Odd Nosdam 40 bucks and challenged them to come up with a track in a single afternoon made solely from records they found at a junk shop in West Berkeley, CA. Here, we follow them from junk shop to SP-1200 and, finally, to debuting the breezy, psychedelic afternoon masterpiece at their regular DJ night.

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