*Extra Promo* New Phonat – Set Me Free EP (Exclusive)

Two More tracks,just for you check below!!!

The eagerly awaited new EP from the Italian prodigy paves the way for his debut album release this spring.

The “Set Me Free EP” is a follow up to the innovative and critically acclaimed “Learn to Recycle” which was celebrated as one of the most adventurous pieces of electronic music to be released in 2008 and was described as the ‘Bohemian Rhapsody for the acid house generation’.
Support has come thick and fast for Phonat from top DJ’s such as Annie Mac, Annie Nightingale, Andy George, Rob Da Bank, Herve, Kissy Sellout and Pete Tong.

“Set Me Free”

“Set Me Free” is an uplifting and inspirational club track which draws together three separate themes from current house music – disco revivalism, rave revivalism and wonky fidget. It combines them in a fresh sounding summer anthem that unifies many aspects of underground dance within one, highly accessible track and shows that dance music, so often divided aggressively by sub genre, can unite defined by its similarities more than its differences.

The EP also contains a re-edit of “Set Me Free” by East London Nu Disco outfit, Tasmanian Disco Stampede, re-focussing the track on its more funky elements, for disco based dancefloors.

“Get Down My Dirty Street”

“Get Down My Dirty Street” is a unique and entertaining track, created from tiny fragmented micro-samples of different songs; rock, country, pop, soul, rap and metal, which start off playing as a stark disjointed chaos and slowly coalesce into a cohesive whole and then wonderfully form an upbeat party breaks bomb. Guaranteed to bring a smile to your face!

“Ho Visto Un Quadro Verde” – (“I’ve Seen a Green Picture”)

Finally, “Ho Visto Un Quadro Verde” shows off Phonat’s more minimal side – a trippy yet bouncey stripped back club tool which explores the sparse soundscapes of minimal house, yet doing so with a sense of charm and humour so rarely seen in that field!
The track name translates from Phonat’s native Italian as “I’ve Seen a Green Picture” and is derived from a drunken bet with a friend made when he was living in his native Florence, in which they invented a variety of surreal and ridiculous pretend song names, and bet that one day ‘when they were successful’ they would be able to release an album that actually included one of the names in the tracklisting!

The EP contains 3 unreleased Phonat tracks, all of which will appear on the album, plus a remix of ‘Set Me Free’ from Tasmanian Disco Stampede. Click here for the link to:
Phonat -“Set Me Free”
Phonat -“Get Down My Dirty Street”
where you can download 2-weeks ahead of the Beatport release date.

Here’s the link to the two other tracks
1. Phonat – Ho Visto Un Quadro Verde (extended mix) (6:26)
2. Phonat – Set me free (Tasmanian Disco Stampede Re-edit) (6:44)

NOW Available for download on Beatport

“Phonat has frequently stunned us with his none-more-innovative productions over the last few years, coming across like a hyperactive Daft Punk on happy pills…..You’re exhausted, perplexed, flabbergasted, and left with the feeling that all other music is boring, unimaginative, repetitive trash. Wow.” Data Transmission

“this guy F**ks with all the rules” Norman Cook

A-list DJs already supporting the EP include:

Andy George “Really really like this mate! Definitely going to play tomorrow, were standing in for Kissy Sellout!”
Don Diablo “Love the Tasmanian Disco Stampede re-edit…!”
Grum “I love Set Me Free”
Supermal “Love ‘Set me free’ cant wait to play it out, its totally awesome!”
The Young Punx “Massive for us, as you’d expect!”


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Very unique style electro disco style!
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