Audible – Tesla / Trigger (320 MP3)

Here’s Audible’s latest release “Tesla / Trigger” free for download!

Download EP:

Beatport link:
This is what some of the people had to say about this release.

Kaskade – “The ‘trigger’ track is cool!”

Gianluca Motta – “Trigger is… WOW!”

Sied Van Riel – “Full support on both tracks… love ’em! 9/10”

Ashley Wallbridge – “Promo yet again a smasher. Both tunes are quality! No preferred mix, both 9/10.”

Cor Fijneman – “I really like Trigger. Reminds me a bit of some Pryda tracks. Great stuff!!!”

Topher Jones – “Both tunes are sounding nice! Will support them.”

Mango – “Tesla is massive!”

David Amo & Julio Navas – “Both mixes are amazing!”

Ernesto VS Bastian – “Support on the Tesla track!”

Incognet – “I like trigger. I like the arping synth with the driving bassline which make your body move!”

Carlo Calabro – “I will definitelly pull the “Trigger”! Really like this track!”

Cid Inc – “Trigger is awesome.. Will give it spins for sure!”

Bobby Deep – “Trigger works better for me…like the groove on it! Staright to my set box.”

Luke Porter – “Trigger is my favourite here, charting for April!”

Kris O’Neil – “Trigger is cool stuff, but I think my choise is on Tesla – will support!”

Ben Brown – “Trigger is a great track! Will support. 8.5/10 on the release”

Setrise – “Nice tunes and good feeling. 8/10”
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