Relentless – June 2009 Promos

San Francisco, CA

//// June 2009 Releases ////

Relentless – William of Ockham (Original Mix)

Relentless – Ur Fired (Original Mix)
//// About Relentles ////

Harnessing the power of old and new technology, Relentless produces aggressive, dramatic house music that comprises an intelligent balance between pop and underground styles. Using advanced theories in sound design and completely exclusive sources, theyʼre able to deliver what moves people.

Outside of the studio, Relentless uses a fresh approach to live electronic music and performance. With the original concepts of stereo-typical mixing and deejaying, Relentless adds on-the-fly, live remixing and production for an unprecedented, peak- hour dance floor experience. Their influences can best be described if you mixed Gabriel & Dresden, Sebastian Leger, Deadmau5, and Erol Alkan together.

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