EMN pres. blit – Sano & Salvo (2009)

We are very happy to presents this album and artist from Chile,take a listen and say what you think,i hope that you will like as much as we do!
Thanks blit for contacting us!

blit – Sano & Salvo (2009)

1 1000 cc
2 Al final del dia
3 Sepa Moya
4 Devuelve la llamada
5 Descombre
6 Medica la melodica
7 Nueve
8 Otra vez
9 Temp
10 Haznos un favor
11 No te estreses Benito
12 El miedo de la mano de las expectativas
13 Ca re nada
14 Porfavor, porfavor, porfavor
15 Un Punto (con Sebastian Korenblit)

Introduce Yourself!
-Well, my name’s Cristobal Korenblit but i go as “blit” as my alias for making electronic music. I started this around 2004, playing with a few softwares like Fruity loops or Reason, learning how to make music by myself. At first I tried to get the sound like Prefuse73, Aphex Twin, Cepia but then with all the access the internet gave me, i discovered a lot of artists that dont get played here in Chile so my musical richness started to grow, in the way that i dont know how to classify my music. It got some parts of idm, other from hiphop, breakcore, dubstep, a little bit of free jazz but if you ask me what my music genre specific is, i would not know what to say, but it really doesnt matter. The only thing that matters is to make music and have fun with it.
At first i was releasing in a label called Neurotyka but then i changed to a netlabel called Modismo, which is only about electronic musicians.
In 2007 i released an album called “Tu Segunda Razon”, which is a compilation of all the “good” tracks i made since 2004, mostly sample based. I started making ep’s by myself and with other people. Also i started remixing people from here: rock bands, hiphop, pop, electronic, etc. And also from the states. I got a electribe es1 in those days, so some of the tracks i make are based on that machine.
A month ago i released my last album called “Sano & Salvo” which is like a grown up from the previous one, in terms of producing songs, because of all the knowlodge i got from using music software and instruments. It uses a lot of samples from everywhere and instruments too, like synths, melodicas, mbiras, etc. In this album i was really into Four tet, Dosh and Amon Tobin, so those artists really influenced in the music of it. The Artwork was created by my girlfriend, a visual artist, who likes to work with photography and toys and put them in different scenarios.
I got a blog where i keep all my stuff: guassap.blogspot.com

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