*ExtraPromo 200* Sleep Whale-Little Brite

Yes yes its lucky number 200-posts PROMOtions!We choosed this one to be lucky number its something very special for us-atmospheric electroacustic,mood,modernclassical…stuff.
Thanks to Western Vinyl crew we have for you in advance track “Josh Likes Me” by the Denton, TX group Sleep Whale, download here and have a nice sleep!

SLEEP WHALE – LITTLE BRITE (Western Vinyl, 7/14/2009)

1. Sleep Whale – Skipping Stones (4:30)
2. Sleep Whale – A Pebble Garden (3:28)
3. Sleep Whale – Josh Likes Me (5:04)
4. Sleep Whale – Sleep Whale (4:44)
5. Sleep Whale – Airplane Arms (3:52)
6. Sleep Whale – Little Brite (4:31)

Much like a handmade quilt, Sleep Whale’s music is filled with collected scraps of material, beautiful patterns and meticulous crafting. Though the possibilities for both quilts and music are many, the ultimate purpose is to keep one warm. For guitarist/cellist Joel North and violinist/sequence programmer Bruce Blay, the melding of traditional live acoustic sounds of violin, cello, and guitar with vanguard electronic processing is the most natural thing in the world. Woven throughout the infectious melodies of violin, cello, and guitar you’ll find music boxes, shortwave radios, tape machines, field recordings, and much more. The six songs on Little Brite conjure a universe whose ancient forbears include Steve Reich, Penguin Cafe Orchestra, Eno’s looping ambiences, Brit-folk guitarist Bert Jansch, gamelan ensembles and Hindustani hand percussion, however, the wall-to-wall beauty of the proceedings is anything but reverential ear candy. Engaging, melodically rewarding, and sophisto-whimsical, Sleep Whale’s cerebrally atmospheric marriage of the luddite and techno worlds makes for essential listening

“We’ve been impressed by everything we’ve heard from them.”
Gorilla vs. Bear

“so stirringly beautiful you almost drop your jaw the first time you hear it….You’ve gotta hear them. See them too.”
Dallas Observer

“Every track on this record is full of surprises, textures and effective broad strokes, but it’s the intangible quality of the songcraft that takes these “electro-acoustic” pieces beyond merely interesting and thrusts them into the realm of celebratory emotional resonance.”
We Shot JR

“Taking a page from the Books, Denton’s [Sleep Whale] weaves mesmerizing audio collages.”
Austin Chronicle


Western Vinyl
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