Daydreaming with The Long Lost-XLR8R podcast

Alfred and Laura Darlington released their first album under The Long Lost guise earlier this year, surprising the music world with dreamy, orchestral pop songs that strayed from the experimental beats we’re used to hearing from Alfred (under his Daedelus moniker). For the latest installment of the XLR8R podcast, the two continue surprising us, with 28 tracks of indie-pop, folk, and ambient compositions from the likes of Jogger, Caribou, Lali Puna, and Fleet Foxes. It’s a mix bound to brighten anyone’s day.

Daydreaming with The Long Lost-XLR8R podcast
01 Raymond Scott – When Will it End? – (Basta)
02 Raymond Scott – Bufferin: “Memories” – (Basta)
03 Computer Jay – 1000 Fold Feat. The Gray Kid- (Milan)
04 Barbara Morgenstern – Aus Heiterem Himmel (Dntel Remix) – (Monika)
05 Masha Qrella – I Want You to Know – (Monika)
06 Lali Puna – Nin-Com-Pop – (Morr)
07 Cate Le Bon – O Am Gariad – (Demo)
08 The Long Lost – Amiss (Tunng Remix) – (Ninja Tune)
09 Portishead – The Rip – (Island)
10 Blonde Redhead – Slogan – (Touch & Go)
11 Perrey & Kingsley – Umbrellas of Cherbourg – (Vanguard)
12 Clara Rockmore – Carnival of the Animals: The Swan – (Delos)
13 Carlos d’Alessio – Duo – (Remark)
14 The Long Lost – Finders Keepers – (Ninja Tune)
15 Aphex Twin – Nannou – (Warp)
16 Björk – Scatterheart – (One Little Indian)
17 Daedelus – Now And Sleep Feat. Laura Darlington- (Mush)
18 Stereolab – Baby Lulu – (Elektra)
19 Broadcast – Minim – (Warp)
20 Daedelus – Astroboy – (Plug Research)
21 The Long Lost – Past Perfect – (Ninja Tune)
22 Jogger – Falling Up into the Sky – (Demo)
23 Department of Eagles – Sailing By Night – (Melodic)
24 Caribou – Melody Day – (Merge)
25 The Beach Boys – The Warmth of the Sun – (Capitol)
26 Fleet Foxes – Heard Them Stirring – (Sub Pop)
27 Mia Doi Todd – Amor (Adventure Time Remix) – (Plug Research)
28 Flying Lotus – Auntie’s Lock-Infinitum Feat. Laura Darlington) – (Warp)

Photo by Laura Darlington.

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