Martyn and Micky – Maximal Techno Mixtapes 2007

Everyone knows Martyn and Micky Pressure are making waves on the fringes of Dubstep with their labels 3024 and Naked Lunch.

These guys were part of the 10–years-running Red Zone drum & bass crew in Effenaar, Netherlands alongside Fragment (Micky’s partner in Naked Lunch), Nymfo (who’s still keeping the BPMs high), Erosie (artist and Martyn’s partner in 3024), and probably some other way talented people who the world is gonna find out about sometime.

Back in 2007 Martyn sent us some mixes showing his take on techno. His mix is from the archive. I don’t think Micky’s was ever on here, but it’s good… enjoy!(lower depths)


Martyn – Maximal Techno Mixtape February 2007
01 dimensions 6 – living in the sunshine ame ohio dub
02 franck roger – warriors
03 inner soul – culture club
04 hemman & kaden – corroboree
05 ame – rej pastaboys dub mix
06 guido schneider – halo
07 franklin de costa – edgy
08 jackmate & oz – short live
09 luciano – bla bla bla
10 marcus hartmann – wolkenbruch
11 onur ozer – orion
12 ray valioso – get the strings?
13 wighnomy brothers – hankkofloppe
14 zander vt – dig your own rave
15 dachshund – your bitch
16 rob mello ft. stella – critical dub mix
17 rob mello ft. stella – critical vocal mix
18 ame – basic track
19 bang goes – danser
20 wighnomy brothers & robag wruhme – 1974

Micky – Maximal Techno Mixtape March 2007
Tracklist None


can – future days (carl craig blade runner mix) (white label)
martyn – vancouver (3024)
martyn – hear me (3024)
2562 – old town (unreleased)
pangaea – router (unreleased)
martyn – twenty four (3024)
flying lotus – roberta flack (martyn’s heart beat mix) (warp)
martyn – vancouver (2562 off dub) (3024)
martyn – natural selection (acapella) (3024)
martyn – natural selection (flying lotus conference clense mix) (3024)

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