LTJ Bukem – Fabric Live Promo (12-Jun-2009)

LTJ Bukem – Fabric Live Promo (12-Jun-2009)

The mix is just me on two turntables doing what I do. Secondly, I wanted to represent people on the mix that I am working with on Good Looking, who I have a strong belief will have some longevity in what they are doing, and are going to be prolific artists in their own right. So you’ve got people on there like Greg Packer from Australia, Tidal a new guy from Birmingham, you’ve got about four or five tracks from Furney who is rapidly becoming a massive name worldwide, a new guy I found from Vienna called Paul SG, another new guy called Locksmith, Eveson who is making waves in the scene, a track from Tayla on there, a track from a guy in Syncopix who have been releasing on Hospital for a few years. For me, it doesn’t matter who the artist is, it’s just about good music. That’s been my ethos since day one.
1 Redeyes / Battle Sweet Things*(Spearhead)
2 Redeyes & Mutt / Ode To The Ghetto*(Good Looking)
3 Calibre / Alien*(Unknown)
4 A-Sides / Tokiado*(East Side Records)
5 Paul T / Beautiful Girl*(Fizzy Beats)
6 Zero T / Make It Home*CIA)
7 A-Sides / One Love*(East Side)
8 J- Layze / Memoryz*(Looking Good Records)
9 Calibre / Out The Box*(Signature)
10 Mutt / Era Draft*(Unknown)
11 Furney / Pipez*(Good Looking)
12 Ink and Perpetuum / Say Never*(Colours Audio)
13 Redeyes / The Science Of Sleep*(Unknown)
14 Furney / You Were There*(forthcoming Good Looking)
15 Furney / Missing Her Missing You*(Good Looking)
16 Utah Jazz / Cloud 9*(V-recordings)

LTJ Bukem – Exclusive 30 Minute Mix For Drum&BassArena (08-Jun-2009)

credits 2 doddi
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