Dudley Perkins: Unconditional Love-XLR8R Podcast

“Do not attempt to adjust your radio dial,” proclaims Dudley Perkins, and with that, he kicks off the Unconditional Love podcast, over an hour’s worth of smooth, sultry soul jams concerned with matters of the heart. No need for much elaboration though. Dudley walks us through the 21 tracks here, which were mixed by the one and only DJ Romes.

Unconditional Love:

01 Intro

02 Roy Ayers – Sunshine

03 Barry White – Playing Your Game

04 Denise Williams – Got to be Free

05 Harold Melvin & the Blue Notes – Let Me into Your World

06 Dudley Perkins Interlude

07 The Moments – Girls

08 Curtis Mayfield – Makings of You (Live)

09 Pleasure – Thoughts of Old Flames

10 Eddie Kendricks – Intimate Friends

11 Harold Melvin – Hope That We Can Be Together Soon

12 Heat Wave – Sing This Song for You

13 Dudley Perkins Interlude

14 Heat Wave – The Star of a Story

15 Kool & The Gang – You Don’t Have to Change

16 George Duke – Some Day

17 Isley Brothers – Highways of My Life

18 Norman Conors – You Are My Starship

19 Marvin Gaye – Feel All My Love Inside

20 Stylistics – Mine All Mine

21 Kool & The Gang – Summertime Madness

XLR8R TV: Ghislain Poirier

Musicians and artists have it good in Montreal, as we found out when we spent a day with Ghislain Poirier. Not only do 70-year-old women sip wine in cafes and nod their heads as you and Face-T play your latest murder-lyric soca jam, but the police are totally chill when you set up an illegal 1,200 person party under an overpass! Definitely worth braving -20 degree Celsius winters for.

Feature: Julien Vallée

A piece of paper is worth a thousand words for this rising Canadian design star.

Inbox: Flunk

For this week’s Inbox, XLR8R catches up with Ulf Nygaard, producer for Norwegian trip-hop group Flunk, while he sails on a fjord outside of Oslo (no, seriously).


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