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It’s Time:Bobby Evans "Freak-A-Zoid Robotz" Video in 3-D plus Free Download!

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Delicious Vinyl rides the Fine Line between Booty Dames & Video Games

Bobby Evans “Freak-A-Zoid Robotz” video reaches the 3rd dimension + Free download of Them Jeans Remix

“Freak-A-Zoid Robotz” – THE MUSIC VIDEO
Directed by Marcus Herring
Produced by Rick Ross (Delicious Vinyl)

Watch here in all its Robot Glory:

Then…Download the Them Jeans Remix:HERE

It’s time…to put your quarters up and check out the hottest video on the planet: Bobby Evans’ smash hit Delicious Vinyl single “Freak-A-Zoid Robotz”, directed by Marcus Herring. Enter an arcade game world where a Tron state of mind and fly moves preside, where metallic Sorayama-inspired robots do choreographed dances and fight 8-bit battles to the death.

Director Marcus Herring: “The visual look of the video was inspired by the beauty of low resolution pixel art in classic arcade games. I was intrigued by the idea that a face can still look beautiful even when it is scaled down to a resolution of 12 pixels tall.” As Delicious Vinyl Curator Rick Ross, who produced the video, says: “We really aimed to break that proverbial fourth wall in the gaming universe — the fine line between man, woman and machine.”
The video’s concept was based on an original arcade game specially designed for the 12-inch artwork for Bobby Evan’s “Freak-A Zoid Robotz.” Herring expanded upon that arcade game concept, fleshing it out with a video full of players/gamers including L.A. Rap duo The Keyishe, Team G, performance artist Yasmine Kittles, dancer/choreographer Amanda Furches, dancer Erin Beneze, Anthony Julio (creator of the golden robot mask seen in the video) and the world famous KXLU DJ, Bianca Bracho.

“Freak-A-Zoid Robotz” is the lead track and theme song from Delicious Vinyl’s critically lauded RMXXOLOGY album. The song itself is inspired by a truly obscure cut from deep in the Delicious Vinyl catalog: an electro-bass number called “The Fine Line Between Hyper And Stupid” that appeared on the b-side of Tone-Loc’s 1990 single “I Got It Going On”. With “Freak-A-Zoid Robots”, Bobby Evans (half of L.A. hip-hop duo Brother Reade) has taken it back to the real pioneers of Miami Bass, with whip-it-good drums, ass-clapping bass, and synapse-snapping synthesizers…all perfect for robot booty shaking.

To increase the freak factor a full-on 3-D version of the video is set to drop in the coming weeks. If you have 3-D glasses (maybe dust off the pair you got at Disneyland from Michael Jackson’s EO attraction?) you’ll be able to put them to freaky use. We’ll be in touch again soon about that the 3-D version of the video. In the meantime, enjoy this great music video and a space disco remix of “Freak-A-Zoid Robotz” by L.A. talent Them Jeans (Dim Mak). It’s time!
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Engine Room Studios (Mixing and Mastering Division) – June Update – 30% Off Promotion

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Kelly Clarkson
My Life Would Suck Without You
Chriss Ortega Dance Radio (Remix)
Record Label RCA/Sony BMG

Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind EP

MYNX is a dynamic combination of punchy lyrics, infectious hooks and fierce vocals that make for a sound that calls up imagery of an Electro rebirth of Sonny & Cher or The B-52s-meets-Goldfrapp. Just a few years ago, the fashionable duo burst onto the scene with the satirical, I’m So L.A. Last month, they released their first official EP; debuting at #55 on the iTunes Electronic Albums chart.


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Boom! Launch in Brixton – Dj Yoda & Beardyman

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4 July
@ Brixton Jamm

In Association with LTD Edition Clothing & Goods
On Saturday 4th July, Brixtons Jamm will host the launch party for a new exhilarating and adrenaline filled night in London aptly named… Boom! with DJ Yoda and Beardyman as the headline guests in what will prove to be an event that brings back that proper rave vibe. Expect the crowd be bouncing off the walls, swinging from the rafters and letting the bass will well and truly roll!
The amazing DJ Yoda has been drafted in to set the venue alight as he continues to show the world his immense technical talent for DJing and his undeniably unique approach to music itself and of course the dance floor. His recent Fabric Live compilation and international bookings have showcased his show-stopping talent and with Jamm such an intimate venue containing a great sound system ready to rumble, this performance will be up close and personal and maybe one of the only opportunities you will ever have to see DJ Yoda in this type of setting.


Not content to stop there, the vocally and visually stimulating performer that is Beardyman, will be performing live at midnight to take the party forward into the night. The UK Beat Boxing champion from 2006 and 2007 has become a regular on the festival circuit with trips this summer to Sonar, Glastonbury and Bestival to name but a few. His own YouTube channel has 10,000 subscribers and notched up almost a quarter of a million channel views. Add to this innumerable features on radio and TV and you realize this will be a great opportunity to take in this man’s talents live, as this is currently his only club based performance throughout July or for a number of months beyond, in London or anywhere else in the UK!

Boom! also welcome into the main arena club brand Urban Nerds. Smashing events since 2007 including this year’s London heats for the DMC championships, these guys continue provide a home for genres covering grime, dubstep, hip-hop, reggae and beyond, priding themselves on programming artists who are creative behind the decks and truly love their sound. With previous events featuring artists such as Rusko, Goldie, Jaguar Skills and close friend of Jamm, Congy Natty aka Rebel MC, Urban Nerds not only provide quality but plenty of good vibes.
This event will utilize the Jamm courtyard with an outdoor marquee and Bar-b-q during the evening. Also, to celebrate this launch there will be free shots for all before 11pm and a drink offers. Now add a 6am license, immense sound system and what will only be a full venue and London’s finest clubbers and you have the making of what could be without a doubt, one of the parties of the year!

Brixton Jamm
261 Brixton Road
Tel: 020 7274 5537

Event Details
**Boom! Launch Party**
Saturday 4th July
6pm – 6am
£10 advanced tickets from
Door entrance before 11pm – £10
Standard tickets – £15

Full Line up
Main arena: Boom!
DJ Yoda
Beardyman LIVE
(Midnight set)
Urban Nerds
Seffi B (Rough Tempo/Evil Kitty Records) / Gscratch
The Bar: Milkface
Super Milkmen (Thick Cut)
Jeff Metal (Mutants)
Porge (Spit Kingdom)
Midge (Community Spirit)
Bud (Milk Face)
Outdoor Marquee
Free shot for everyone before 11pm + drinks deals
Independence Day BBQ from 5pm

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RA.160 Giles Smith

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The mustachioed half of secretsundaze takes things deep for RA on this week’s podcast.

It’s not often that we think of Giles Smith apart from James Priestley, but the duo that make up the DJing arm of secretsundaze are very much distinct characters. Smith is the deep house don, Priestley the disco diva in disguise. And while there are clearly common pockets of interest, it’s clear that what they do is complementary—with few overlaps.

Smith’s love of the deep kicked off in earnest via his residency for the legendary Faith parties, where he cut his teeth under the tutelage of X-Press 2 and Terry Farley. He soon left, however, to begin sundaze with Priestley, building up the brand into one of London’s hottest events, and a summertime tradition for clued-up clubbers interested in coming down from a long weekend of partying. Since then, they’ve extended to become a worldwide phenomena, throwing parties in Barcelona, Ibiza and Miami (among other places) in addition to their usual summer schedule in the UK.

And Smith, as many of his DJ brethren have done, has also begun to produce music as well. Martin Dawson, AKA King Roc, and Smith form Two Armadillos and have had a string of releases on Dessous, Buzzin’ Fly and Four:Twenty with much to come in the summer of 2009. Already released this year are remixes on Dessous and Fear of Flying and original productions—the Je Suis Differente EP and Rattlesnake 12-inch—on Sthlmaudio and Motivbank with work on BangBang! (2000 and One’s new-ish house label) yet to come.

The work is, as always, defined by a deep house sound, and that’s exactly what Smith provides on his RA podcast too. Detroit, New York, Paris, Amsterdam and London: Wherever there is house music being created, Smith has found it and put it in the mix… more

Published / 22 June 2009
Filesize / 77.17 MB
Length / 01:20:22

RA.160 Giles Smith

Brawther – Asteriods and Star Dust – Balance Alliance
DJ Qu – Be Who You Wanna – Strength
Omar-S – 02 – FXHE
Fresh n Low – Besos De Los Angeles – Guidance
Keith Worthy – Atlantis – Aesthetic Audio
Osunlade – Pride – Set
Rick Wade – I Believe – F.C.R
Boris Horel – Close To Me – Eklo
Digital Tongue – Deeper – Set
David Duriez – Your Guide – Gourmet
2000 and One – Wan Poko Moro – 100% Pure
Jerome – Boom Bap – Intacto
Jesper Dahlback – What’s The Time Mr Templar? – PND
Cobblestone Jazz – Fiesta – Wagon Repair
Russ Gabriel – Spirits – Pariter
Agent X – Driftin – Planet E

thanks 2 doddi
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