Heyoka – Gate Code Promo Mix June 09

Heyoka – Gate Code Promo Mix June 09 (right click save as)

One of Muti Music hottest new artists makes his mark again after a very successful debut year in 2008, this time with an album of his signature sounds of dubbed out, glitchy bass tracks and instrumental Hip Hop.

Mostly composed while on a trip to Uruguay in Jan 2009 Heyoka has delivered a trippy , dubbed out sets of tracks that show homage to oldschool dub while playing with modern glitch effects and instrumental hip hop, the result is a listen that could find your mind drifting into unfamiliar spaces that may surprise many.

Heyoka became one of the west coasts most sought after artists last year, which has led to more international engagements in 2009, with festival bookings in Australia and Canada in addition to maintaining a hectic US touring schedule. His early influences in Downtempo, Dub and IDM combined with more recent mid-tempo dancefloor genres have helped create a very unique sound that combines relentless basslines, hip hop and dub rhythms with a lot of musicality and melody.

The continual evolution of Heyoka’s productions and his ability to continue to sound uniquely ‘Heyoka’ is evidence that the road for this young producer is going to be a long and prosperous one.

:: Tracklist ::
1. Sonidas De La Cabesa
2. May
3. Jade
4. The Way Of The Blue Towel
5. Goo w/ Lafa Taylor
6. Phatty Boom
7. Alien Gibberish
8. Fracula
9. Bubble
10. Tangolypto
11. Shmlizl w/ Sound Of Music
12. Swamp Beat

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