Wireblock -RA Exclusive mix

The trio behind Wireblock, Jack Revill (AKA Jackmaster), and brothers Neil (AKA Nelson) and Calum Morton (AKA Spencer) have cooked up this exclusive mix for RA

Exclusive Wireblock mix(right click + save target as)
Filesize: 75.8MB Length: 55:12


Part 1, Mixed by Nelson
Redinho – Boy Racer [Wireblock/Numbers]
Cajmere – Percolator [Cajual]
Cooly G – Narst [Hyperdub]
Ghosts on Tape – Predator Mode (Roska remix) [Wireblock]
Lil Silva – Pulse vs Flex [White]
Emvee – Glitch Dub [Wireblock]

Part 2, Mixed by Spencer
Roska – Feeline VIP (Stop Start remix) [Roska Kicks and Snares]
Shake – For The Lamented [Frictional]
D Malice – Gabryelle Refix [White]
Shystie – Pull It (Ill Blu Remix) [It’s Funky]
Waxmaster – Going Down [Dance Mania]
Apple – Siegalizer [Slimting]
Manix! – Special Request [Reinforced]
DVA – Nasty Nasty Nasty [Earth 616 White]
Rustie – Bad Science [Wireblock]

Part 3, Mixed by Jackmaster
Radioactiveman – Goodnight Morton [Rotter’s Golf Club]
Rich Boy – Throw Some D’s Accapella [Interscope]
Untold – It’s Gonna Work Out Fine (dub)
DJ Deeon – Freak U Rite [Dance Mania]
AFX – PWSteal.Bancos.Q [Rephlex]
Human Action Network – Eating Angelic Diamonds [Alphabasic]
DJ Assault – Ass N Titties [Assault Rifle]
Drexciya – Digital Tsunami [Tresor]
Mr. De’ – Y2K Bug [Electrofunk]
Redinho – Pitter Patter [Wireblock]
Ghosts On Tape – Kryptonite (Dub)
Ginuwine – Pony [550 Music]

Label of the month: Wireblock

Be it techno, electro, dubstep, house or UK funky, Glasgow’s Wireblock have got it all after just three years in the game. RA’s Richard Carnes tracked down the trio behind the label’s diverse and consistent output to discover more.

Despite their short history, Wireblock have already established themselves as a go-to imprint for lovers of idiosyncratic and forward thinking club tracks; a label with a wide remit and high quality control. Wireblock founders Jack Revill (AKA Jackmaster), and brothers Neil (AKA Nelson) and Calum Morton (AKA Spencer) all have professional jobs in vinyl distribution, web and graphic design and music marketing respectively, so it’s no surprise that everything about their label seems so clinical.

They’ve certainly come a long way from their teenage beginnings listening to “cheesy, Ibiza style house.” It was one album in particular that nudged them in the right direction when they started to get serious about buying vinyl: Daft Punk’s Homework. “Me and Calum went to school together and he taught me how to DJ in his house one day on a pair of old battered out Gemini decks and a Numark mixer,” Revill explains. “That album was basically the one that we were playing when we first got our turntables,” Calum adds. “All the Roule records and connected labels, and all that French stuff.” …read more

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