Dayzone – BSDD Podcast003 On the Raod

The Belmar Sol record label is our musical outlet to produce and release our own music, as well as the music of others that we enjoy. Belmar Sol is also the recording trio of Larry, G and Zach, which primarily focuses on releasing sounds defined as MEDITRONICA; a new genre of music that fuses meditation music, ambient soundscapes, electronica, world grooves and down-tempo beats into a funky brew.

I was sitting around going through my records and my files from last year. This time last year I remember there were so many good tunes out. You know me…I like it deep…..doesn’t matter if it’s house, techno, dubby or all the above. This mix has all those things. Anyhow, I just started playing some of last years favs and I made this mix. So many good tracks on here. Looks like none of my newer tracks will make it to a mix until next month.

DayzOne – On the Road BSDD Podcast003 7.15.2009
Here is the tracklisting:
001 Solomun & Stimming – Eiszauber (Lawrence Remix)
002 the dining rooms-free to grow (quarion remix)
003 grit-homage
004 sven weisemann-amity
005 ane brun-headphone silence (henrik schwarz remix – dennis ferrer noizy edit)
006 Deetron – Lets Get Over It
007 andres garcia – no more tears (quarion_remix)
008 Quarion – Takin’ no shorts (Original mix)
009 sven weisemann-kiss of abana
010 robert babicz-afterhourbasar
011 Skylark – Who Cares (Stryke’s Respect Remix)
012 Jona – Altiplano
013 babyfunk-african_android
014 deetron feat. ovasoul7-i cling (yoruba soul mix)
015 Skylark – Blocked In (Funk D’Void Remix)
016 manuel tur and dplay-portamento
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