Soundstream (Soundhack) – Good Soul

RE-PRESS!!! The legendary Hardwax series (with Soundhack at one end and MMM at the other) gave up by far it’s most revered dancefloor moment with this utterly classic twelve. There are 4 killer disco cut-ups on offer, and if you know the Soundhack releases you’ll have some idea of wehat to expect : utter genius.. All 4 tracks exhibit soulful, sweating funk, the minimal but superbly crafted loops are perfect, the beats are jacking and to hear Soundhack rip it up house style is almost too much. Check the Chic-esque vibe of the opener ‘Good Soul’ with its killer padding bassline that runs under the drums, and cut up keys that get the jack factor rolling, or the more bassline heavy ‘Love Town’ which revolves around a classic slap bass filtered to bits throughout the track. Proper jacking material from Soundhack, killer!!(boomakt,buy here)

Released: Jul 2004
Catalogue Number: SST01

1. Soundstream (Soundhack) – Good Soul – Original Mix (5:00)
2. Soundstream (Soundhack) – Motion – Original Mix (3:28)
3. Soundstream (Soundhack) – Let’s Break – Original Mix (4:00)

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