2562 -Unbalance

Dave Huismans is set to release his sophomore 2562 album later this year.

The Dutch producer’s Aerial album of last year managed to excite both techno and dubstep fans with its synergy of rolling rhythms and sublow frequencies, becoming a touchstone for DJs who were attempting to blur the boundaries between the two genres. While a fully realised micro-scene never seemed to materialise, Huismans has continued to mine this particular sound, although with more of a focus on his A Made Up Sound moniker, which was created to showcase a broken house and techno vibe.

His latest 2562 full-length is titled Unbalance, and although we’re still to hear any of the tracks on the record apart from the wonky halfstep of “Love In Outer Space” (which featured on this year’s Tectonic Plates Vol 2 compilation), we’re assured by Tectonic boss Pinch that his second album will eclipse the template set out on Aerial. “I’ve worked closely with 2562 over the last few years,” he states, “and I can honestly say that Unbalance is an incredible album – it’s one of the most exciting releases that Tectonic has seen to date – it vastly exceeds the already high standard he set himself with Aerial.”(RA)

01. Intro
02. Flashback
03. Lost
04. Like A Dream
05. Dinosaur
06. Unbalance
07. Superflight
08. Yes / No
09. Who Are You Fooling?
10. Narita
11. Love In Outer Space
12. Escape Velocity [digital only]

Tectonic will release Unbalance on November 2nd, 2009.

Cant wait for this!!!
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