D.Ramirez white label remix of Joy Division’s “She’s Lost Control”+August Mix

He’s lost control again:
D.Ramirez Premiere’s his white label remix of Joy Division’s “She’s Lost Control” on URB.com

D. Ramirez Vs Joy Division – “She’s Lost Control”
or via urb.com here

Check out D. Ramirez’s August 2009 mix chock-full-a his brand new productions including “Satur8,” his co-production with Matt Tolfrey “Bounce To Me” and his massive new collaboration (and Pete Tong Essential tune) D.Ramirez & Mark Knight vs Underworld entitled “Downpipe.”


1- D.Ramirez – ‘Satur8’ (Jamie Stevens Tech Dub)
2- Julian Chaptal – ‘Mamdaye’
3 – Cozzy D – ‘Longtime’
4 – Ramirez and Tolfrey – ‘Bounce To Me’
5 – Twotrups – ‘That Cello Track’ (Namito Cello Kebab Remix)
6 – Max Linen – ‘The Soulshaker’ (D.Ramirez 2009 Remix)
7 – Reset Robot – ‘Do The Slot’
8 – Dave Seaman – ‘Attack Of The Abalones’
9 – Freakx Brothers – ‘Ghettoblaster’ (Tony Gomez Dubblaster Mix)
10 – D.Ramirez, Mark Knight & Underworld – Downpipe
11 – D.Ramirez vs. Joy Division – ‘Control’
12 – D.Ramirez – ‘Satur8’ (Original Mix)

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