Burnkane-You Know (ZIQ251)

Planet Mu
Released: Sep 2009
Catalogue Number: ZIQ251

1. Burnkane – You Know
2. Burnkane – You Will Forget (feat. James J K Hughes)

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About burnkane
For most folk the word Beatwife means alot more than the word Burnkane. Beatwife has been decimating the circuit over the last 12/18 months with his unique and instantly recognizable squelched acidcore and awe inspiring live shows, all the accolades for this quite special producer are fully deserved, with releases on Love Love, Wrong music and Meganeural expect alot more in 2009… Burnkane is his dubglitch, breakbeaty trip hoppy alias and is relatively unknown compared with his Beatwife counterpart… Me thinks not for long! With an upcoming release on Love Love as part of the “night surgeons” project his dark and eerie take on all of the aforementioned genres is forward thinking,dancefloor friendly complex minimalism at its best. At times its dark and asks questions of the listener, but at other times there are glimpses of light with the delicate vocals that bring a whole new feel and meaning to the song. This has been none stop playing in my household, whether its first thing in the morning on last thing at night, it hits the spot everytime…
Find out more at Myspace,listen more tracks here

More new experimental music from the best Indie label 2009,there is something that i dislike here(i hate actually)at track 2-kenya west vocoder shit style!

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