Bodytonic Podcast 044 : DJ 3000

Detroit native DJ 3000 represents hi-tech funk, and then some. His new album, ‘Galactic Caravan’, expands on previous efforts, reflecting a childhood spent in Hamtrack, an ethnically diverse area of the city, his parents’ Albanian heritage and, of course, the sounds of the Motor City. We asked Franki to select some records that inspired the new album. So he did.

Bodytonic Podcast 044 : DJ 3000

Marvin Gaye ‘T Plays It Cool’
The Dramatics ‘Get Up And Get Down’
Curtis Mayfield ‘Freddie’s Dead’
The Ojays ‘Back Stabbers’
The Rolling Stones ‘Under My Thumb’
The Temptations ‘Papa Was A Rolling Stone’
Yarborough and Peoples ‘Don’t Stop The Music’
Divine Sounds ‘Dollar Bill’
Divine Sounds ‘What People Do For Money’
Ice T ‘Reckless’
Captian Rock ‘Return Of Captian Rock’
Whodini ‘Freaks Come Out At Night’
Cameo ‘Word Up’
Soul Sonic Force ‘Planet Rock’
Cybotron ‘Clear’
Nucleus ‘Computer Age’ (Push The Button)
A Number Of Names ‘Sharevari’
Kano ‘I’m Ready’
Prince ‘Erotic City’
The Temptations ‘Cloud Nine’

‘Galactic Caravan’ is out on October 01.


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