RA.173 Modeselektor

Gernot and Sebastian crank up the bass on this week’s RA podcast.

As far as modern Berlin-based acts go, Modeselektor are an anomaly. While others may be content with forging a path down one particular aural avenue, Gernot Bronsert and Sebastian Szary have managed to incorporate myriad styles from their beginnings as Fundamental Knowledge in the mid ’90s. Be it electro, techno, dubstep, electronica or hip-hop, the duo can be found meshing it all together (and more) in both their original productions and live shows.

After spending two years touring heavily off the back of 2005’s Hello Mom! album with their Ableton-aided live show, Gernot and Sebastian committed their fast and furious mixing style to CD with the third volume of the Boogy Bytes series. Containing a staggering thirty-three tracks, the pair proved that it was possible to traverse from experimental hip-hop through to Radiohead in just over an hour without sacrificing the smooth and natural flow of the mix, and they’re set to do it all over again with Body Language Vol. 8.

While their RA podcast might not contain the poppy curveballs featured throughout their latest commercial effort, you can rest assured knowing that the Modeselektor lads have conjured up a cracking selection of techno, dubstep and UK funky—most of which is hot off the presses.(more…at RA)

Published / 21 September 2009
Filesize / 75.14 MB
Length / 01:02:36
Status / Available

Download RA.173 Modeselektor

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