Arikan Simba – Power In The Word

The latest Jahtari mission hooks up conscious roots vocalist Afrikan Simba with Rootah for a proper heavy dub session. Afrikan Simba comes to this plate with some heavy credentials, having previously worked with top systems like Channel One and Jah Shaka before lending strong lyrics to Rootah’s reverb spaced and bass-loaded riddim production on ‘Power In The Word’, backed with a powerful version and a truly mammothe digi-bubblers cut on ‘Protect I’, among the deadliest tracks we’ve heard from this German producer. Top-a-top!(boomkat,Listen/buy here)

ARIKAN SIMBA – Power In The Word EP
Released: Sep 2009
Catalogue Number: JTR05

1. Arikan Simba – Power In The Word
2. Arikan Simba – Power In The Version
3. Arikan Simba – Protect I

thanks 2 john
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