robert logan – accurate remix boy ep

Still only 21, Robert Logan is a producer who has already drawn comparisons to the likes of Amon Tobin, Massive Attack and Autechre. Already championed by the likes of Mary-Anne Hobbs, Logan’s recent CV includes opening for Grace Jones at Massive Attack’s Meltdown, co-writing the score for the Oscar winning documentary feature ‘Taxi to the Darkside’ and ongoing collaborations with the likes of Grace Jones, Skye [Morcheeba], Brigitte Fontaine and Brian Eno.
His acclaimed debut ‘Cognessence’, was followed by a couple of 12″s [‘Grinder EP’ and ‘Accurate Spit Boy EP’] and his album ‘Inscape’, released earlier this year has been described as one of the strongest records of the year so far.
“Accurate Remix Boy EP” is a collection of remixes of material from Logan’s recent releases on Slowfoot and features the stellar and diverse talents of Red Snapper, Bass Clef, Snorkel, Gagarin and DJ Coghk. The EP also contains an unreleased Logan track taken from the album sessions.
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robert logan – accurate remix boy ep
label slowfoot records/gb
style nujazz / headz / groove
released 21/9/2009
item# B310127
catalog# SLODIG011

1. Robert Logan – Accurate Spit Boy (Red Snapper Remix)
2. Robert Logan – Accurate Spit Boy (Bass Clef Remix)
3. Robert Logan – Turbine
4. Robert Logan – Inscape (Snorkel Remix)
5. Robert Logan – Cranes (Gagarin Remix)
6. Robert Logan – Rat (Dj Coghk)

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