Signer – Next We Bring You The Fire

New Zealander Bevan Smith returns as Signer for a fourth album of dream-scape electronics, but at the centre of the record lies a very definite sense of song structure, perhaps something carried over from his work as one half of folk-tronic duo Skallander. From the immaculate digital miasma of ‘Nord All Black Keys’ this album comes up with rethought, sonically beguiling ways of presenting song formats, presenting lavish drone assemblies (‘Break My Arms Around You’) and forward-thinking 4/4 tracts (‘Don’t Be A Forest Cow’), all the while deftly integrating vocals – you can hear a kind of super-hi-tech take on Panda Bear’s vocal layerings in here too, as if Animal Collective were genetically modified by a Max/MSP patch. Ace.(boomkat,listen,buy here)

SIGNER – Next We Bring You the Fire
Car Park
Released: Sep 2009
Catalogue Number: CAK050

1. Signer – Nord All Black Keys
2. Signer – +Kicks And Kicks
3. Signer – Break My Arms Around You
4. Signer – Languidly Toot
5. Signer – The Glass Ceiling
6. Signer – We Should Touch Teeth
7. Signer – Don’t Be A Forest Cow
8. Signer – Unprotected Walls

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