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All you need to know about geste check step by step!
He is currently signed in germany on Equinox Records.
“Jaw Breaker EP” has been featured in Trax Magazine (biggest electronic music Magazine in France), Vice Magazine (Germany), and the video has been brodcasted on MTV Pulse. He is actually working on the next EP.

download Geste – jaw breaker EP

1. jaw breaker (4:45)
2. ohm sick (3:13)
3. andré (part ii) (4:45)
4. octobre (clouds gone) (3:58)


“Jaw Breaker” directed by Vincent Bitaud. and “Octobre” directed by Charlotte Gonzalez from Paris.

Geste – Jaw Breaker from vincent bitaud on Vimeo.

Here are some REVIEWS
by soul seduction BUY HERE
What we have here could easily be the most adventurous IDM / electronic EP release this year. Before creating the glitchiest electronic music known to computers and men, Geste aka Francois-Charles Domergue was already an accomplished bass player in various bands, playing music from hardcore punk to post rock. Those influences are still alive in the ferocious energy of the music he does today, leading to a completely unique sound and approach that results in an astonishing 4 track debut. Introduced by a lullaby-like melody, the title track on this EP soon turns into a “Jaw Breaker”; in Geste’s own words: “a sweaty dance to save your life”. This is the one track that will make your speakers scream “LOUD!!!!”. While “Ohm Sick” continues in the same vein of “Jaw Breaker”‘s astonishing synth work, it takes Geste’s hardcore approach to song programming to a new level: the beat builds up tension second after second and every DJ will hear the crowd yearning for more. The next track “André (Part II)” is pure and raw beauty. Its edgy bassline challenges the spheric keyboard melodies to make it another incredible song. Finally, the new revised version of the thrilling “Octobre (Clouds Gone)” (previously released on the “One Year & A Day” compilation) was mixed differently, puts more focus on the drums and makes up a perfect ending for this EP. All four tracks prove that musically and technically Geste is at the forefront of today’s IDM producers and one of the most promising artists of the European electronic scene.

Germany’s leading electronica magazine De:Bug has just written a few nice words about Geste’s “Jaw Breaker“ release. It’s written in German and kind of difficult to translate, but here go with a portion of the review:
“Eleborately designed 12″ in milky transparent vinyl with a poster and tracks that live up to it’s name. Brutal breaks, mean baroque synth melodies, burring basslines and an exuberant terror flair which is almost making one weep for joy… Monster.”
If you can read German, check the original review right here:
Geste is featured on the new CD Compilation of the French Trax Magazine with one tune of his Jaw Breaker EP. Here is what they wrote about “Ohm Sick”:

“Electronica, post rock, résidus de rock noisy et de hip hop instrumental: geste navigue avec aisance entre les genres, évouqant parfois le talent d’un nathan fake.”

« Electronica, post rock, noisy rock & instrumental hip hop : Geste sails with ease around the styles, reminding somehow the talent of Nathan Fake »
Le calme avant la tempête et la tempête en elle même…Dj Scientist a trouvé avec cette formule, une accroche efficace pour qualifier la musique du producteur Geste, signé sur son label Equinox Record. Attention toutefois, si la tempête, de manière grossière, dévaste tout sur son passage, Jaw Breaker, le 1er Ep du français, tape fort et vise juste. Electroniques mais surtout électriques et survoltés, les morceaux voient mélodie et rythmique se courir après comme pour mieux s’entrelacer. Autant vous prévenir, pas le temps de s’ennuyer à l’écoute de ce ep prometteur…

the calm before the storm and the storm itself…
Dj Scientist found this moto to describe the music done by Geste, signed on Equinox Records. Be careful though, because if the storm destroys roughly everything on its way, Jaw Breaker, the first EP for the frenchie, hits hard and precisely. Eloctronic but really electric & wild, the songs show melodies and beats running after each others, in order to entwine themselves. Promising EP.

About the last London gig in Bardens Boudoir, 20th of August :

EXPERIMENTING : the RoundHouse

A contemporary art collective is organizing his “Premiere” transdisciplinary and transcultural event happening on two nights at the RoundHouse in London.
Chinese & European artists have been invited for this live improvisated night.
Based on their various skills and previous creations, each participant will bring his own brick to the experiment.
As Geste, I will be participating as well, for something brand new and impredictable.

(date to be confirmed : either mid-november ’09 or mid-january ’10)


A serie of 5 remixes have been confirmed for the end of the year for a set of various artists from plural music scenes and country.
Names are remaining secret at the moment.

A new EP will be released in March 2010 by Equinox Records. The release will be digital in a first place. But another vinyle is planned for later.


the 7th of October in Paris, at a brand new place called the 4elements. Last minute performance in the context of Vincent Bitaud’s next exhibition.
check out his works : http://laritournelle.com

the 5th of December in Lille, at le Biplan

the 13th of January at the SONOR FEST 3, in Chaville (Paris southern Suburbs). Suprising program set up by the SONOR ASSO, more known for their events
happening usually in the alternative hardcore and underground scene.

End of March 2010 at Le Motel, in Paris

other gigs in negociation : France, Belgium, UK, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Russia…
If you know any place where you’d like to get some vibes : feel free to contact: gestemusic(at)gmail.com

work in progress with James Reindeer, James pHoney, Cocon, Ranelagh Strives, Jahan, etc…
watch out !

check for more
Promotional stuff arrived via email ,send your stuffs via e mail or soundcloud,promote yourself…!!!

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