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What do you think about dubstep,i almost had enough,to popular now,hyperdub compilation(we didnt post bcause we had complaint when we post mark pritchard)i checked through search,you can find it at blogs,sites…they probably dont even heard or listen dubstep.I know a lot of you are here just for dubstep,thats why we are so popular,we discovered a lot of artists and labels(as you said so many times)…
all i want to say is that i need to discover something new,there is no inspiration,no creativity,too much lame.Some journalists are tryin to make some changes -funkstep,first they started with future garage now funkstep…
If you remember our chart best of 2008 -i said it was year of dubstep,so many good albums and eps,this year too much ..dont even try to ask me- what is my fav.album for 2009,in this moment i dont have.
I was very happy to discover jericho,they sent crevice via soundcloud on private just for me,so i told them what i think just like i told you …
What is gonne be next,if you know or heard something different say it
but dont drink beer and make mistakes like i did:))