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Victor Maximiliano

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Just like jericho(just for me private)via soundcloud,
probably month ago arrived loud silence,it was late night -perfect journey,…finally i decided to post …for all deep house lovers…
victor is here,maybe, he will say something more about tracks

Victor Maximiliano
Victor Maximiliano is a house music/underground producer, known for throwing down some heavy deep tunes. He brings up experimental synth sweeps and beeps with a slide touch of mellow grooves. Victor grew up in the city of Amsterdam where house music became a part of his life (the good old RoXY years!). Victor started as a radio & club DJ and was influenced by Cowley, Nick Straker, Tantra and Klein & MBO.


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The undisputed doyen of LA boogie Funk lays down the second installment of his ‘Toeachizown’ sessions for all the digital cats. Part 2 warms up for the forthcoming full album with six straight-up mean boogie tracks from the burgundy squeals of ‘Flying V Ride’ to the fluttering synth drones and electro-sex riffage of ‘Candy Dancin’ designed to immediately make anyone with a copy 10 x times cooler than they were previously. ‘Burn Straight Thru U’ features some immense soloing over buttered machine beats, while ’10 West’ soaks up heated late-night moonray synths, ‘I Wanna Know’ scarily approximates prime-era Prince and ‘Rollin’ proves his serious West-Coast G-Funk credentials. Slip this in your portable 8-track and go pick up some honeyz down the strip. Dâm HOT!(boomkat)

DAM FUNK – Toeachizown Vol. 2: Fly
Stones Throw
Released: Sep 2009
Catalogue Number: STH2226

Scuba-Speak (NL004)

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Ireland’s premiere dubstep outlet follows up their releases from TRG, Jus Wan and Instra:mental and Breakage here with two tracks from Paul Rose that present all the hallmarks of the Hotflush Recordings boss’ work under the Scuba moniker.

It’s clear that Rose has progressed since A Mutual Antipathy. His flair for stark synthesis and apocalyptic atmosphere seep into his newer productions, and “Speak” ultimately personifies that. Rose uses the delayed cold synthesizer stabs of dub techno under his punchy drum work, layering on echo and reverb to the point of immersion. His synth work feels brittle at the top end—as if the vinyl crackles could splinter into shards at any moment—while the delayed lower frequencies create a black hole-like atmosphere that sucks you in to a meditative state.

“Negative”‘s synthesis gets paired with coursing 2-step drums and the kind of emphatic snatched female vocals that will undoubtedly win Rose new fans, but it’s when the beat stutters itself up a touch and the chiming bells come careering in at the second drop that the track really swells into a Scuba production. Rose uses the bells so sparingly that it drives you deeply in the rolling basslines, apprehensive that they may not reappear again to flesh out the drum crunch.(RA)

Artist: SCUBA

Title: Speak

Label: Naked Lunch

Cat: NL 004

Format: 10″ promo

Released: 5 October, 2009

Genre: Dubstep/Grime

Death By Dub – Way I Are Remix

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few days ago this guys send us new battle katz,i didnt post any promotional stuff yet,now via soundcloud again…
Death By Dub – Way I Are Remix by deathbydub


Calibre – Let Me Hold You(SIG015)

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