The undisputed doyen of LA boogie Funk lays down the second installment of his ‘Toeachizown’ sessions for all the digital cats. Part 2 warms up for the forthcoming full album with six straight-up mean boogie tracks from the burgundy squeals of ‘Flying V Ride’ to the fluttering synth drones and electro-sex riffage of ‘Candy Dancin’ designed to immediately make anyone with a copy 10 x times cooler than they were previously. ‘Burn Straight Thru U’ features some immense soloing over buttered machine beats, while ’10 West’ soaks up heated late-night moonray synths, ‘I Wanna Know’ scarily approximates prime-era Prince and ‘Rollin’ proves his serious West-Coast G-Funk credentials. Slip this in your portable 8-track and go pick up some honeyz down the strip. Dâm HOT!(boomkat)

DAM FUNK – Toeachizown Vol. 2: Fly
Stones Throw
Released: Sep 2009
Catalogue Number: STH2226


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