Live : The Herbaliser. At Jazz à la Villette,

September 09 2009, Live (Opening for De La Soul): The Herbaliser. At Jazz à la Villette, Paris, France

Live (Opening for De La Soul)
1. Same As It Never Was 00:03:26
2. Mr Chombee has the Flaw 00:03:27
3. Can´t Help This Feeling (ft Jessica Darling) 00:03:26
4. Another Mother 00:06:55
5. Geddim 00:04:47
6. Sensual Women 00:05:24
7. Sensual Women 00:03:22
8. Clap Your Hands (ft Jessica Darling) 00:05:09
9. Moon Sequence (if memory serves) 00:04:59
10. Stranded on Earth (feat Jessica Darling) 00:06:52
11. On Your Knees (ft Jessica Darling) 00:04:53
12. The Missing Suitcase 00:06:05

Grandcrew Review

The Herbaliser is a patchwork of musical influences: from Jazz to Hip-Hop, and including funk and soul. The english band electrified the Grande Halle, honoring the Festival that brought them to Paris – Jazz à la Villette. Generous & enthusiastic, The Herbaliser was a high class opening band for De La Soul, …special mention to the delicious Jessica Darling that set the stage ablaze!

The Herbaliser est un patchwork d’influences musicales: du Jazz au Hip-hop en passant par la funk et la soul, le collectif anglais électrisa la Grande Halle, honorant avec brio le Festival qui les conviait à Paris : Jazz @ La Villette. Généreux et enthousiaste, The Herbaliser a parfaitement ouvert la soirée entre grâce à la délicieuse participation de Jessica Darling !

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