*Review* Bassnectar COZZA Frenzy Remix pack vol.1

Bassnectar COZZA Frenzy REMIX pack vol.1
*Review* By Caveboot

Is a big, bursting, filthy bag of tricks.By now you must have seen Loren play live, and if yes you know what a difficult time it is for him to leave the decks. crowds panting and possessed are held up only by the quaking air that Bassnectar brings, limber and abandoned to the thrall of sound. This is a man that hates to leave his crowd,knowing that that would only bring silence, and collapse, two things entirely opposed to his mission as a certified floor burner.
Consider the cozza remix package to be the after party,then, to the dynamic and popular LP, a denser room packed with Nectar and pals determined to wring that last shiver and sweat from you with more stomping stomp, more wobbling whomp, and some fresh new angles.
Front run by versions by the man himself, expect the expected from the luminous
list of remixing artists; Vadim, Noah D, RJD2, all turn in efforts worthy of their weighty names without veering too far from the name brand itself, in their own turns
crisp, ferocious, and head-noddic.Must haves on the e.p. are tacked at the very back, a harrowing voodoo-crunk campaign from taste maker’s crack habit Robot Koch spools out of the speakers like glass taffy, brittle and smooth, while Stagga whips it to the finish with a jumpy stepper full of dizzying mid range hoovers, feeding air back into the raging burn of branching breaks, carnival ride lights pulsing and arcing on this whirling trip.
If somehow you haven’t seen Bassnectar, you can grab this remix pack and get ourself a quick ticket to the late night version, suspended in that stream of bass until you force yourself to turn it off.

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Bassnectar’s Remix Pack v.1 feat. Robot Koch, Stagga, RJD2, DJ Vadim Remixes + More

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