Relation’s Single ‘Optimistic’ Out Now, With Remixes For Download

Urban Torque Recordings
April 26th 2010

‘Optimistic’ is Relation’s second single from their debut album ‘Fear Of Night’. Critically acclaimed in Electronic music industry circles and buoyantly welcomed in the Indie sphere, Essex boys Andrew Leary and Oliver Keech have developed an alternative, unique sound by combining meaningful lyrics with synth-pop to create both emotional depth and electronic rhythms. Although the compositions are truly progressive and they embrace a futuristic approach to their productions, their music has brought comparisons to New Order and the Pet Shop Boys as well as a wink to Depeche Mode.

“How can we play the rent when the money’s spent?”

‘Optimistic’ melds contemporary and classic electronic pop sounds, entwining bubbling synths into a social criticism of bankrupt modern Britain where meritocracy is dead and financial and emotional hardship can be all pervading. Oliver’s pleading and compelling vocals give the track a stand-out edge that should instantly provoke genuine interest and emotion in the listener. Cassette Club’s remix is a storm of soft electro combined with delicious disco while the Diogenes Club stay true to their sound and deliver a smooth remix with their uplifting Balearic signature. The band Eat More Cake gives a powerful resonance to the lyrics with atmospheric sounds and exoticism. Laserdisco, one of Andrew Leary’s experimental projects, is class dub with a dark eerie feel and Stephen Lopkin provides a kooky tech-house remix with heavy underground influences. Last but not least is Soundexile’s bouncy deep house remix that echoes the original’s thoughtful lyrics – perfect for dance floor warm-ups.

Part One
On part one, stream of Original and Cassette Club, Stream and free download of the Diogenes Club Remix and Eat More Cake Remix

Part Two
On Part Two, Stream & Download of Laserdisco Remix, and Streams of Stephen Lopkin and Soundxile mixes


‘Relation’s real charm lies in the confessional beauty of tracks like ‘Optimistic’ – one listen will leave you swooning’. Tillate’s Top 25 albums of 2009

‘Forget all your cheesy Lady Gagas and Little Bootsies, when it comes to reviving electro pop, Relation are the daddy’. Sound Advice

‘England has once again produced electro pop genius! I haven’t heard anything this polished and true to its nature in a very long time’. Off The Radar

‘Impressive stuff’. Mixmag

‘Warm and elegant electronic pop music… Popjustice readers are going to love this album’. Pop Justice


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