Vitalic Live (only show outside of London)+free tickets

Electronic innovator, Vitalic, is doing one very special live show outside of London this year…

We have tickets to give away
If you want to get the chance to win please drop us a mail to
with the subject Vitalic

Winners will be notified by mail!

His debut full-length ‘OK Cowboy’ made waves back in 2005 with its woozy blend of smarter-than-average synths and weirder-than-average samples. Then, last year, Vitalic confirmed himself a great with Flashmob, his second and finest long player to date: an album with a blistering, claustrophobically compressed production, beautifully brutal beats and madly addictive tunes, emotion, invention and melody, all delivered with a wink of its glittery disco eye. The Frenchman’s multilayered productions and sets get him gigs at places like matter, Bestival and Snowbombing and really are something fresher than most producers can ever offer.

His live show is a special one indeed… it’s a retina-scorching, brain-meltingly brilliant live performance which puts the man on a par with greats such as The Chemical Brothers, Daft Punk and Kraftwerk.

Weekly event Fade has secured a huge headline act for their party on March 20th …Gatecrasher has a reputation the world over as one of the foremost clubbing venues in the UK and it will no doubt come alive tonight with such excellent musical offerings, so don’t miss out! Polly and The Chosen Ones also play tonight and provide the sort of varied electronic beats you can’t help but get down to.

Sat 20th March
10pm – 4am £12/10
Vitalic Live
The Chosen Ones

Check at EMN
Vitalic “Second Lives”( The Bloody Beetroots remix for free )
New Hype Video Vitalic “Second Lives”


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