Surefire Sound 002 – Headhunter, DJG, XI, Djunya

Surefire Sound (SFS002)
Format: Vinyl / Digital
Release date: vinyl out now, digital release on April 5th

Surefire Sound’s second single release features four heavyweight producers representing the UK and North America. This innovative tag-team set brings together dub-tech pioneers collaborating on a pair of earth-moving tracks.

Leading off the release is the UKs Tony Williams, a.k.a. Headhunter, a veteran Bristol producer with numerous releases on Tempa, alongside Joseph S. Hanks Jr, (Djunya to his mates) a stalwart SF artist whose tracks on Narco.Hz, Lo Dubs and Eight FX have established him as a major player. Combing the best of their respective spacious and spacey sounds, “El Presidente” is a luminous, rolling track, equipped with pulsating bass and reverberating synth stabs. It’s truly King Tubby-style dub for the 21st century. The track is getting massive advance play from artists like Jus Wan, F and Mary Anne Hobbs, to name a few.

SF’s Dean J. Grenier, a.k.a. DJG has risen quickly in the electronic ranks via singles on Tube 10, Subway and Narco Hz that showcase his potent techy tracks. He links up with Toronto, Canada’s XI, whose releases on Formant and Immerse have lead to mixes for Sonic Router and a growing international following. “Putney Says” features an intricate, percussive rhythm that lumbers like a giant, each step punctuated by mountainous bass thumps. Sizzling analog synths, vaporous filtered pads and well-timed drops round out this effective and tension-building work.


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