SVET002:Teebs & Jackhigh – The Tropics EP+free download

Svetlana Industries is proud to announce their second release, SVET002.

This release is something quite different and something quite special. The Tropics EP is a seven track mini album, the product of an 18 month collaboration between LA based beatmaker Teebs and UK producer Jackhigh, and is already attracting serious praise from some esteemed figures.

Free Download Clutch

Both are young producers, and yet both have been involved in the ‘wonky’ or beats scene since it first came to public attention. Moreover, despite long respect and recognition in the scene, this is the first major release for both artists. Previously, Teebs had a track featured on the prestigious Wild Angels compilation from Mary Anne Hobbs on Planet Mu Records, while a 17 year old Jackhigh was featured alongside Rustie and 1000names on the genre-defining Beatnicks Vols. 1 & 2 EPs from Germany’s Up My Alley, which went through a number of represses and were most people’s first introduction to the scene in Europe.

The record is also a physical symbol of the origin of the beats scene as a possibly the first truly international online music scene, not based around a club or a record shop or a neighbourhood but of a network of pioneers from across the world.

Back in the day, London based Jackhigh had already been featured as 17 year old on the genre-defining Beatnicks EPs from Up My Alley label and started to get involved in collaborations, producing remixes and so on, while an equally young Teebs found himself living in LA with Flying Lotus and Samiyam for flatmates. As Teebs remembers it, Jackhigh put a snippet of a tune he liked on Myspace and Teebs asked him to send it over. “I flipped it, sent it back. He added strings, sent it back to me again. I flipped it again” And so it continued, in a slow organic way, loops becoming processed and degraded and altered and added to, and tracks slowly emerging.

The first piece to come out of this process was Clutch, also the first track on the record, and the first to ever get a public hearing as part of Flying Lotus’ legendary Essential Mix for BBC Radio 1 in November 2008 (voted the best Radio 1 mix of the year).

Over time a total of seven tunes emerged. These tracks were produced in a unique way: they never existed as arrangements laid out in software on someone’s computer, only as a single stereo file, passed to and fro, and endlessly worked and tweaked and eroded.

The resulting tracks are musical archaeology: a bit of distortion that crept in there, a digital blip here, becomes encoded, processed, incorporated into the tune. What’s remarkable is how coherent the whole record actually sounds, given the lengthy long-distance process and the fact that to this day Teebs & Jackhigh have never met. This is truly a mini-album, an opus. All the pieces fit together like variations on a theme, and the record has a unique hazy, waterlogged sound: organic aquarelle nostalgia, simultaneously happy and sad. Sonically it’s as much connected to the compressed blessed out worlds of Toro Y Moi and Washed Out as it is glitchier beatmakers such as Hud Mo or Dorian Concept.

The artwork features Teebs distinctive abstract painting style which is increasingly in demand – he’s just finished some album cover commissions and his first large-scale exhibition. He often uses the technique of painting on top of vintage record sleeves he picks up, and as part of the release we’ll putting out an ultra limited edition of 25 unique hand painted sleeves by Teebs which will be available directly from us. We’ll also produce a limited run of 25 of our high quality undyed cotton made in Serbia Svetlana t shirts based on Teebs’ design.

This is the start of big things for both artists: Teebs will release an album on Flying Lotus’ Brainfeeder label later this year, while Jackhigh has signed projects to both Rush Hour and Ghostly International in addition to Svetlana. Still early into 2010 The Tropics EP is a very different record and a sign of things to come: fresh, organic, mature, holistic, unified, and totally next level.

“Absolutely amazing” – Mary Anne Hobbs

“Gorgeous” – FaltyDL

“This EP is stunning, i think it sounds beautiful.” – Alexander Nut

“this is great. loads of atmosphere! & the artwork is sick!” – Floating Points

“I really like Splash” – Hudson Mohawke

“This is a great release…very special…” – Architeq

“Vibes that I dig…” – Mono/Poly

“I love this.” – Mr Beatnick

“much gratitude for sending this my way! gorgeous gorgeous sounds.” – Shlohmo

“nice one… been listening to the promo all evening… peace” – Dorian Concept


Svetlana Industries:


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